Optional Equipment

starting from 163.060,00 £ *
  900 LX  
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Optional equipmentkg700 LEG900 LEG900 LX
Motorisation / Drive / Gearing / Load Increase
Load increase from 5.000 kg*** to 5.500 kg*** (Dependency: ABH22322, Note: H722)-£922.00-
Extra folding seat, seat position in driving direction (Dependency: ABH9943)14£1,468.00-
Chassis / Climate Control / Multimedia
Crank supports, rear4£361.00
AL-KO HY4 - Hydraulic lifting support system (Dependency: ABH9944)84£7,333.00
Air suspension system (3-axle) - AL-KO Air Premium X2 for rear axles (Dependency: ABH9945)50£5,475.00-
Air suspension system (3-axle) - AL-KO Air Premium X4 for front and rear axles (Dependency: ABH9946)55£12,818.00-
All-weather tyres-£371.00--
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH22323, ABH9949, ABH9950)7£2,323.00--
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), titanium metallic painted in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH22323, ABH9949, ABH9950)7£2,208.00--
17" alloy rims with tyres (235/60R17), black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (3-axle) (Dependency: ABH22322, ABH9952)11£3,484.00-
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), titanium metallic painted in exclusive KNAUS design (3-axle) (Dependency: ABH22322, ABH9952)11£3,311.00-
Air conditioning in cab, automatic (extra charge from difference to manual air conditioning)-£411.00
Steering wheel and gear knob in leather-£190.00
Instrument panel in Techno design (aluminium)-£95.00
AGUTI seats Exklusiv24£1,792.00
Insulating mat for total cab area10£1,100.00
Insulating mat for cab foot area1£232.00
Front shading roller shutters, electric drive11£810.00
"Traction Plus" traction aid, including Hill Descent Assist-£95.00
Exterior mirrors including Blind Spot System with display monitor on the dashboard-£1,337.00
Tyre pressure sensors1£242.00--
Tyre pressure sensors 3-axle AMC chassis1£289.00-
Fuel tank 90 ltr.13£89.00
Additional car key with remote control (Dependency: ABH9953)-£32.00
Windscreen heated1£754.00
230 V socket in driver's cab-£179.00
All-in-one navigation system with 10'' display (Dependency: ABH9954, ABH35079, ABH47074)2£1,738.00
Inductive charging cradle (Dependency: ABH35553)-£231.00
Virtual cockpit-£516.00
Head-up display (Dependency: ABH9957)1£987.00
Trailer hitch, ball bar removable30£1,518.00
Orga-Fix garage organisation system 22£566.00
Storage boxes for garage (3 pieces) (Dependency: ABH9958)7£268.00-
Service Hatches / Garage Doors
Service/storage space hatches and garage door/hatch with central locking (Dependency: ABH9960)2£875.00
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
Panorama skylight 130 x 45 cm (rear) (Dependency: ABH9961)12£566.00-
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL topper, fixed beds only6£435.00
Heatable comfort foam mattress2£439.00
Fitted sheet set, precisely fitting for the mattress shape (for rear bed and lifting bed)1£161.00
Upholstery selection: MODERN CREAM--
Upholstery selection: DARK COFFEE (genuine leather)-£4,148.00
Upholstery selection: ECRU (genuine leather)-£4,148.00
Cushion selection: CREAM NATURE (genuine leather)-£4,148.00
Kitchen / Bathroom
Arrangement system for kitchen drawers2£232.00
Macerator toilet (Dependency: ABH9965, ABH31105)50£2,830.00-
Macerator toilet (Dependency: ABH9965, ABH31105)50£2,830.00--
SOG toilet ventilation (Dependency: ABH9958)-£292.00-
Exterior shower, connection in garage left (Dependency: ABH9966)4£274.00
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Remote display DuoC (Ice Ex integrated) (Dependency: ABH9967)-£175.00
TRUMA MonoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH9968)1£339.00
TRUMA LevelControl (for 1 steel gas bottle)-£175.00
Cab floor mat with hot water heating2£862.00
Air conditioning TRUMA Aventa comfort (Dependency: ABH9972, ABH9971, Note: H145)30£2,598.00
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 1700, in the rear (Dependency: ABH9974, ABH9973, Note: H145)29£2,453.00
Assistance camera for emptying the waste water tank (Dependency: ABH9957)-£396.00
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
230 V SCHUKO socket, additional 1 pc. in kitchen-£93.00
Additional third AGM board battery (Dependency: ABH9975)24£534.00-
Two LiFePO4-on-board batteries (instead of standard batteries) (Dependency: ABH9977, ABH9976)-20£2,096.00--
Three LiFePO4-on-board batteries (instead of two standard batteries) (Dependency: ABH9979, ABH9978)-8£3,150.00-
Inverter (VICTRON EasyPlus 1600 VA, 3000 Watt peak power) (Dependency: ABH9980, ABH9981)12£2,604.00
Solar system (200 W)17£1,676.00
39" SMART TV device with HD tuner incl. holder, in sleeping area (Dependency: ABH9988)8£1,676.00--
21.5" SMART TV set with HD tuner incl. holder, in sleeping area (Dependency: ABH9988)6£1,104.00-
TV drawer in outdoor area/double floor incl. 32" SMART TV set with HD tuner incl. 2 Bluetooth headphones (Dependency: ABH9989, ABH9990)19£2,886.00-
External LTE / WIFI antenna3£1,053.00
Alarm system "Cobra"4£1,053.00
Gas sensor as addition to the alarm system (Dependency: ABH9991)-£210.00
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 600 x 275 cm, white68£1,588.00-
Awning 500 x 275 cm, white58£1,425.00--
LED light band for awning (Dependency: ABH9992)-£242.00