Optional Equipment

starting from 117.900,00 £
  900 LX  
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg700 LG700 LEG700 LX900 LEG900 LX
Base vehicle
Fiat Ducato
Fiat Ducato 4.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 150 (110 kW/150 PS)-£1.610,00
Fiat Ducato 4.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 180 (130 kW/180 PS)-£4.220,00
Fiat Ducato 5.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 150 (110 kW/150 PS)-£1.610,00
Fiat Ducato 5.000 kg, 2,3 l Multijet 180 (130 kW/180 PS)-£4.220,00
Airbag for passenger side2STANDARD
Alloy rims (3-axle models)-£855,00
Alloy rims (2-axle models)-£593,00
17" alloy wheels including tyres (235/60R17), front polished in black gloss in exclusive KNAUS Design (3-axle models)-STANDARD
17" alloy wheels including tyres (235/60R17), front polished in black gloss in exclusive KNAUS Design (2-axle models)-STANDARD
17" alloy wheels including tyres (235/60R17), painted in titanium metallic in exclusive KNAUS Design (3-axle models)-£2.552,00
17" alloy wheels including tyres (235/60R17), painted in titanium metallic in exclusive KNAUS Design (2-axle models)-£1.702,00
Towing - removable tow bar ball head45£1.204,00
Trailer hitch, rigid (storage 250kg instead of 150kg)45£1.272,00
Payload increase for rear storage from 150 kg to 250 kg30£925,00
Rear view mirrors, electrically adjustable and heated (white)-STANDARD
Außenspiegel inkl. Kamerabasiertem Toterwinkelwarner mit Anzeigemonitor auf dem Dashboard-£1.062,00
Automatic transmission - not possible with engine 2.0 l Multijet 115, only in combination with Fiat SUN I package!17£1.932,00
Load increase from 5,0to to 5,5to-£729,00
Load increase from 4,000 to 4,250 kg – only for engine size 2.3/130: For engine sizes 2.3/150 and 2.3/180 load increase from 4,000 to 4,400 kg:-£255,00
Entry step, driver's cab, electric (driver's cab)13STANDARD
Motorhome spare wheel27STANDARD
Front window heated-£599,00
Height adjustment for pilot seats-STANDARD
Grammer "Super-Luxury" driver seats-£1.162,00
Headrest for Grammer driver seat (only in combination with Option 202345 or Option 202346, material cover black, price quoted is for 1 unit)-£64,00
Extra seat, folding, seating position in direction of travel, Sun i (5th seat with seatbelt), not compatible with Option 252290-£1.166,00
Additional seat with belt against driving direction8£392,00
Steering wheel with controls for radio (only possible with option 252143)-STANDARD
Instrument panel in Lounge design (bronze)1£143,00
Instrument panel in Techno design (aluminium)1£108,00
Automatic Fiat air conditioning system in driver's cab with pollen filter21£1.744,00
Automatic airconditioning system in driver's cab with pollen filter rather than manual-£411,00
Air-conditioning system FIAT, driver's cab, manual18STANDARD
Fuel tank 120 ltr.2£158,00
Support legs, rear10£287,00
Steering wheel and shift lever knob in leather-STANDARD
Static curve light incl. fog lamps-£537,00
Motor heat exchanger (only in combination with Alde hot water heating)4£834,00
Knaus wheel covers2£61,00
Generator 200 A – more powerful generator, Fiat-£170,00
LED dim light1£900,00
Tempomat – Cruise Control2STANDARD
Air suspension system for 3-axle models - AL-KO Air Premium X2 for rear axels-£4.276,00
Air suspension system for 3-axle models - AL-KO Air Premium X4 for front and rear axels-£10.076,00
2–channel air suspension with compressor for Fiat chassis10£1.260,00
Tyre pressure sensors (not possible with AMC-Chassis)1£198,00
Windows / Doors / Ventilation
Front blinds either folding or as desired electronical-£460,00
Front shade available as roller shutter with electrical drive6STANDARD
Service flaps and garage doors with central locking (gas bottle locker door not possible with central locking)-£694,00
Garage doors on driver side, additional (size 100 x 120, size 80 x 110 for 700 LX)10£342,00
Midi-Heki with lighting8STANDARD
Mini-Heki 40 x 40 cm incl. shade for shower-£165,00
Panorama roof window in rear 130 x45 cm-£413,00
Bike rack on rear (2 bikes)-£108,00
Store boxes for garage (3 pieces)-£212,00
Orga–Fix Garage Arrangement System 2: 2 holding rails on floor incl. fixing eyelets and fastening elements across the whole rear wall, additional clothes bag, shoe bag and bike rack5£449,00
Interior fittings
Living / Sleeping
Storage instead of lifting bed-
Insulation mat, footwell, driver's cab-£184,00
Insulation mats for driver's cab-£881,00
Carpet in driver's cab-£95,00
Carpet in living area-£334,00
Fixed bed with EVOPORE HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL pad-£347,00
Mattress, comfort foam, heatable-£348,00
Sliding bed actuator, electrical-£648,00
Fitted sheet set "the perfect fi t" (for rear bed and lift-up bed)-£127,00
Floor storage with lifting function-£1.485,00
Bed enlargement-£373,00
Upholstery and textiles
Dark Coff ee' leather-£3.237,00
Ecru leather-£3.237,00
Las Vegas leather-£3.237,00
Gas / Heating / Air conditioning
Alde heating instead of Truma heating-STANDARD
Booster for Alde heater (only possible with 550566)-STANDARD
Electrical underfloor heating, model-dependent-£540,00
Floor with hot water heating (only possible with 550566)-STANDARD
Foot mat in driver's cab including hydronic heating (only possible with 550566)-STANDARD
Exterior gas socket0,5STANDARD
MonoControl CS1£269,00
DuoControl CS1£359,00
Air condition Truma Aventa comfort30STANDARD
Roof-top air-conditioning Dometic Freshjet 1100 (bed area)-£1.665,00
Remote display DuoC (Eis Ex integrated)-£139,00
Kitchen area
Gas oven incl. grill function (900 LEG/900 LX: installed above refrigerator, 700 LG/LEG/LX: installed in the kitchen block)10STANDARD
Arrangement system for kitchen drawers-£184,00
Macerator toilet (incl. recirculating pump function from waste water tank to waste-holding tank) - 105 liter rinsing tank, 105 liter waste-holding tank-£2.178,00
SOG toilet ventilation-£231,00
Outside shower, connection in garage left, only in combination with Option 100526-£184,00
Wood grate for shower tray-STANDARD
Knaus water-filtering starter set composed of:filter system BWT besthead, including filter head with filter Bestcare S and cap for use without filter, cleaning set: bestservice cartrige including Aqua drink WD desinfection set.4£395,00
Complete antenna system Oyster V Premium 85 Quad15STANDARD
Complete antenna system Oyster 65 Premium Twin15STANDARD
3. board AGM battery 95 Ah optional-£424,00
Battery sensor for FIAT start battery-£157,00
Inverter incl. 3. board AGM battery (Victron EasyPlus 1600 VA, 3000 watt top effi ciency)-£3.978,00
32" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV comfort pull-out electric (living area)-STANDARD
32" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV holder (bed area)-£834,00
21,5" TV unit with HD tuner incl. TV holder (bed area)-£809,00
TV pull-out in outside area/double floor incl. 32" TV unit with HD tuner incl. 2 bluetooth headphones (only in combination with 210004), Option 552362 omitted-£2.205,00
Pre-cabling for TV (bed area)-STANDARD
Radio DAB+, All-in-One navigations system with camping software, without CD/DVD-drive, antenna, 3 years map update1STANDARD
Rear-view backup camera incl. cabling1STANDARD
Assist camera for discharging the waste water tank is installed in the underfloor (only possible in combination with Option 252143)1£315,00
Ambient lighting KNAUS SUN I-STANDARD
USB socket1£44,00
Additional socket in the kitchen-£72,00
GSM/GPS Geolocation system (hardware)1£315,00
Alarm system-£642,00
Gas sensor without siren (only possible with 250698)-£315,00
Awning Omnistor 600 cm x 275cm, white-£1.216,00
Awning Omnistor 455cm x 250cm, white-£982,00
LED light strip for Omnistor 8000 awning 600 cm x 275 m (only in combination with Option 501272)-£184,00

Additional information

x = standard equipment
– = not available
• = option