Live, cook and sleep wonderfully.

If a compact motorhome shouldn’t leave anything to be desired, then the furniture should be constructed by master craftsmen. With a high level of engineering skill and an eye for detail, we have used every centimetre of space efficiently and have furnished numerous elements with a leather structural foil. In this way, the VAN TI does not only convince customers due to its excellent usability, but also through its beautiful design. Look forward to it!

  • Intricate soft‐close furniture flaps
  • Comfortable 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress
  • Fully equipped bathroom with shower cabin
  • Elegant décor with leather structural foil
Teilintegriertes Wohnmobil - KNAUS VAN TI - Zwei Grundrisse
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
Schönes Interieur im KNAUS VAN TI

Maximum space for maximum enjoyment

The particularly generous living space convinces with open lines of sight, modern ambience, stylish design accents and well thought‐out storage space for everything that makes holiday of the two even more beautiful.

VAN TI 550 MF KNAUS VAN TI - Blick in das Interieur
Well thought‐out layout

The 550 MF impresses with its open lines of sight and can be optionally equipped with the extra comfortable L‐shaped seating group including a movable single‐column lifting table. This creates additional living space and allows optimum room to move.

VAN TI 550 MF Kleiderstange im Interieur des KNAUS VAN TI

In the 550 MF, in addition to the coat hooks and the floor‐level wardrobe, there is a clothes rail between the body door and the bed area.

Platz für eine Kapselmaschine im KNAUS VAN TI

For lovers of good flavours

A pick‐me‐up, afternoon friend and Irish Coffee pleasure – nothing works without coffee at Paul’s. In the VAN TI 650 MEG, the precisely fitting compartment above the side seat offers the perfect place for the capsule machine thanks to the 230V connection and capsule holder.

VAN TI 650 MEG Längsküche mit 142 Liter Volumen im KNAUS VAN TI Interieur
Length kitchen

142 litres volume, automatic energy selection, a large vegetable compartment & a freezer compartment: this refrigerator leaves nothing to be desired.

VAN TI 650 MEG KNAUS VAN TI - 2-Flammen-Kocher
2‐burner cooker

Easy‐care stainless steel, a practical electric ignition and sufficient space between the individual plates make cooking a pleasure.

Compact kitchen

With a 103‐litre refrigerator (MES),  full‐extension drawers and foldable worktop extension, the kitchen is fully equipped despite the most compact vehicle dimensions.

VAN TI 650 MEG Viel Stauraum in den Schubladen im KNAUS VAN TI
Full‐extension drawer slides

Make loading particularly easy for you. Right back to the furthest corner.

Stauraum unter den Stufen zum Bett im VAN TI

More than just an ordinary sleeping area

Thanks to the innovative FoldXpand rear construction, the sleeping area in the VAN TI offers even more space to make yourself really long. A real plus point for Paul, as well as the spacious wardrobes with clothes rail and extra storage space under the beds.

VAN TI 650 MEG Rolllattenrost zum Erweitern der Einzelbetten - KNAUS VAN TI
Single beds

The elaborate lighting concept provides for a particularly cosy ambience.

VAN TI 650 MEG Einzelbetten können im VAN TI zu Doppelbetten umgebaut werden
Expandable single beds

A large bed surface is created in no time at all thanks to the optional roller slatted frame & precisely fitting upholstery.

VAN TI 650 MEG KNAUS VAN TI Interieur - Zusätzlicher Kleiderschrank
Additional wardrobe

In addition to the wardrobes under the single beds, 650 MEG also has a 2‐tier wardrobe with clothes rails.

VAN TI 550 MF Gemütliche Betten mit EvoPore Matratzen im KNAUS VAN TI
French bed

With the most compact exterior dimensions, the 550 MF offers you a French bed over 2 metres long inside. This blends in perfectly with the layout, ensuring maximum room to move.

VAN TI 550 MF Viel Stauraum im Teilintegrierten VAN TI
Storage space

The French bed folds up easily for easy access to the storage space below.

Praktisches Badezimmer KNAUS VAN TI Interieur

All bathroom things on board

The comfort bathroom offers space for a particularly large wall cabinet due to the optimal use of space. A real highlight for Anne, because here she can easily store all bathroom utensils and sort them clearly.

VAN TI 650 MEG Komfortbad KNAUS VAN TI
Comfort bath

The shelves are particularly spacious and can be used both in the shower and at the washbasin thanks to the well thought‐out overall construction.

VAN TI 550 MF Badezimmer - VAN TI Interieur - Teilintegriertes Reisemobil von KNAUS
Rear longitudinal bath

The washroom is equipped with a bench toilet, storage compartment and practical shower preparation. The separate washstand offers extra storage space and is perfectly integrated into the room.

VAN TI 650 MEG  Komfortbad im KNAUS VAN TI - Teilintegriertes Reisemobil
Comfort Bath

If you want to take a shower, simply fold the swivel wall with the washbasin to the side and pull the shower head upwards to the shower holder. The showerable sliding door is leak‐proof.

VAN TI 650 MEG Gasdruckdämpfer im KNAUS VAN TI

The gas pressure damper provides for a particularly smooth and fluent operation.

VAN TI mit gemütlicher Lounge

VAN TI upholstery options

Polstervarianten im KNAUS VAN TI - Polster BLUE NIGHT Polstervarianten im KNAUS VAN TI - Polster COOL GREY Polstervarianten im KNAUS VAN TI - Polster TURIN KNAUS VAN TI Polster ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) KNAUS VAN TI Polster ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line) Polstervarianten im KNAUS VAN TI - Polster CREAM NATURE
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available against extra charge.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available against extra charge.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available against extra charge.