Live, cook and sleep wonderfully.

If a compact motorhome shouldn’t leave anything to be desired, then the furniture should be constructed by master craftsmen. With a high level of engineering skill and an eye for detail, we have used every centimetre of space efficiently and have furnished numerous elements with a leather structural foil. In this way, the VAN TI does not only convince customers due to its excellent usability, but also through its beautiful design. Look forward to it!

  • Intricate soft‐close furniture flaps
  • Comfortable 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress
  • Fully equipped bathroom with shower cabin
  • Elegant décor with leather structural foil
starting from 61.990,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

When the living area becomes a dance floor

Then Tina can swing her hips while Florian lays down the beat with the maracas. This is Portugal’s sheer zest for life.

Spacious seating area with LED TV

There’s plenty of space thanks to the intelligent room layout, a wonderful lighting ambiance due to the large panoramic window and, naturally, fantastic entertainment with the 24“ LED TV.

Extendible table

Attached to the side wall, the table makes perfect use of the available space. It is tted with a sturdy rotating mechanism so you can fold it out with ease.

Seasoned to perfection

On the powerful 3– ame cooker, Tina and Florian can prepare the freshly caught mussels from the harbour immediately. Add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

Large 3– ame cooker

Espresso on the left, spaghetti on the right and the sauce below. And ignition is performed at the push of a button. It couldn’t be simpler.

Compact kitchen

Even the ultra‐compact 550 MD features a fully‐equipped kitchen

Full‐extension drawer slides

Quality drawers by GRASS make loading particularly easy for you. Right back to the furthest corner.

Beautiful vacation destinations

That is what Tina and Florian have chosen for this vacation. And the comfort beds in the VAN TI can comfortably handle at least another four hundred journeys – with no loss of quality.

Extendible single beds

With the roll‐up slatted frame in the middle and the two cushion sections, you can transform the single beds into a large double bed in a matter of seconds.

Wardrobe under the beds

Simply open the door and ap to gain convenient access to the spacious wardrobes with garment rails on both sides

Start the day refreshed

Thanks to the large skylight in the comfort bathroom, Tina can already look forward to the Portuguese sun while standing at the wash basin.

Spacious bathroom

In the starting con guration, the VAN TI presents a generously proportioned bathroom.

Practical shower cubicle

If you want to take a shower, simply fold out the entire mirror wall and wash basin to the side. Now simply close the louvred door until the magnetic lock grips and you are ready to go.


Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.