Lots of room, lots of style and countless great ideas

Only one layout. It is as diverse as no other. Whether a stylish companion on holiday or a practical space miracle. The KNAUS SPORT&FUN can do both. This is ensured by the practical and highly flexible equipment, which in combination with the individual design ensure a unique camping feeling and, in addition also ensure that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  • Practical storage hammock
  • Huge XXL refrigerator
  • Foldable double bed
  • Optional retractable shower tray
starting from 18.920,00 £

Wave rider & World traveller

While Julia is testing the mood of the Atlantic Ocean, Felix immerses himself into the depth of his guidebook.


Scratch‐resistant HPL countertop and CPL furniture fronts look as good as new, even after numerous cooking events.

High quality 3– flame cooker

Make an espresso, cook noodles and prepare sauces – thanks to the sturdy cast‐iron grate, it’s not shaky issue.

Room‐high 145‐litre refrigerator

So that you can store everything easily, and not have to bend down.

Spacious medicine cabinet pull‐out

Optimal room use for maximal storage space and more fun while cooking.

Fold down the seats and fall into a deep sleep

If it was up to Julia, this kind of bed can’t be big enough. Felix is looking forward to the practical fold‐down function, through which no centimetre of storage space is lost.

Foldable bed

With the pneumatic springs, the folding up is child’s play. The loading process can begin.

Height‐adjustable bed

As an alternative to the foldable variant, in the SPORT&FUN version you can also select a height‐adjustable bed with elaborate adjusting mechanisms. In this way, the bed can also be used if the transport capacity of the rear garage is maxed out.

Sunbathing to go

After spending a day in the Spanish sun, Julia finds a welcome refreshment. And the practical cabinets are a true joy.

Pull‐out shower

The bathroom can be easily expanded through the addition of a bathtub that can hold loads of up to 120 kg. A fresh air hose is integrated in the shower curtain. It basically turns the shower curtain into a shower cabin and prevents the curtain from clinging to the body.

Excellent use of space

Lots of room for a relaxing vacation experience. Every corner and every angle is optimally used.


You can even transport your kayaks and surfboards safely yourself; the accessible roof with railing can definitely carry a heavy load.

Huge garage at front

Fold the bed up or use the optional height‐ adjustment and then various sports and leisure‐time equipment will have sufficient room for storage.

Embedded lashing rings

So that you can optimally secure your cargo and no tripping hazard is created, in case you don’t have any things to transport.


Active Line

Available against extra charge.