Lots of room, lots of style and countless great ideas

Only one layout. It is as diverse as no other. Whether a stylish companion on holiday or a practical space miracle. The KNAUS SPORT&FUN can do both. This is ensured by the practical and highly flexible equipment, which in combination with the individual design ensure a unique camping feeling and, in addition also ensure that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  • Practical storage hammock
  • Huge XXL refrigerator
  • Foldable double bed
  • Optional extendable shower tray
  • Spacious apothecary pull‐out
  • Excellent use of space
starting from 28.610,00 £ *

Wave rider & world traveller

Hiking in the mountains or surfing at the beach. Have a blast wherever you go with the SPORT&FUN. And after an eventful day, you can look forward to a relaxing evening.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL KNAUS SPORT&FUN - Zusätzliches Doppelbett
Additional double bed

The lounge sofa can be converted into a comfortable double bed in a few easy steps thanks to the standard perfectly fitting upholstery.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL KNAUS SPORT&FUN - Stauraum und Sitzplatz in einem
Storage space & seat in one

The practical cube stool has a fixed place under the refrigerator, can be used as a seat if required and offers extra storage space.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL 230 V Steckdose und USB-Anschluss im KNAUS SPORT&FUN
Easy charging

Right where you need it: 230 V socket and USB connection.

Integriertes Fach im SPORT&FUN für Fernbedienung und Brille
Practical & well thought‐out

Remote control and glasses can be stored in the integrated compartment.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL ActiveLine Polsterbezüge in der komfortablen Lounge - KNAUS SPORT&FUN
Comfortable Lounge

The comfortable and spacious seating area is optionally available with water and oil resistant ActiveLine upholstery.

Holiday on a plate

Scratch‐resistant HPL countertop and CPL furniture fronts look as good as new, even after numerous cooking events.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Hochwertiger 3-Flammen-Kocher im SPORT&FUN 480 QL
High quality 3-flame cooker

Make an espresso, cook noodles and prepare sauces – thanks to the sturdy cast‐iron grate, it’s not shaky issue.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL DESEO - Raumhoher 142 Liter Kühlschrank in der Wohnwagenküche
Room‐high 142‐litre refrigerator

Standard with freezer compartment and automatic energy selection (AES function) for your food.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Optionaler Apotheker-Auszug KNAUS SPORT&FUN
Optional pantry pull‐out

The high, narrow construction offers maximum well‐organised storage space with optimum use of space.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Stauraum im Interieur SPORT&FUN
Multifunctional storage space

The box under the fridge can be easily pulled out completely and offers extra storage space for your supplies. It also serves as an additional seat.

Gemütliches Bett im KNAUS SPORT&FUN Interieur

Fold down the seats and fall into a deep sleep

A bed like this cannot be big enough. You can also look forward to a practical folding function that means you don’t lose an inch of storage space.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL SPORT&FUN - Bett für Stauraum hochklappen
Folding bed

The gas pressure springs make it super‐easy to fold up the standard transverse bed and you always have easy access to the bow storage space below.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Höhenverstellbares Bett im KNAUS SPORT&FUN
Height-adjustable bed

As an alternative to the foldable variant, in the SPORT&FUN version you can also select a height‐adjustable bed with elaborate adjusting mechanisms. With full transport capacity of the front garage, this can also be used for sleeping in the raised position. It can also be folded upwards at an angle if, for example, you want to transport very bulky luggage.

Das Bad im Interieur des SPORT&FUN Caravan

Sunbathing to go

After a strenuous day, you will find a welcome refreshment in the bath. And the practical cabinets are a true joy.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL SPORT&FUN Interieur Bad
Pull-out shower

The bathroom can be easily expanded by a shower tray (optional).  Also included in the shower extension: A high‐quality shower head including holder next to the door – ready to hand for use in the shower tray.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Viel intelligenter Stauraum im SPORT&FUN
Excellent use of space

Lots of room for a relaxing holiday experience. Every corner and every angle is optimally used.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Der KNAUS Sport & Fun - Das Interieur
Practical splash guard

The shower curtain is part of the optional shower extension. With its integrated air hose, the fabric is efficiently kept away from the body for greater freedom of movement and comfort.

Optionale Motorradhalterung im SPORT&FUN

Simply brilliant

You can even transport your kayaks and surfboards safely yourself; the accessible roof with railing can definitely carry a heavy load.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Viel Platz zum Verstauen im SPORT&FUN von KNAUS
Optional motorcycle bracket

In combination with cleverly positioned lashing options, your motorcycle is optimally secured while driving. For easy loading an integrated ramp is optionally available.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL 100 x 120 cm Stauraumklappe im SPORT&FUN von KNAUS
Comfortable Loading

The service flap on the right (65 x 80 cm) is standard equipment. In combination with the optional storage space flap on the left (100 x 120 cm) you have a practical through‐loading option for efficient use of the bow storage space.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Riesige Buggarage im SPORT&FUN 480 QL
Huge garage at front

Maximum storage space, perfect load and weight distribution over the entire width of the vehicle and practical access thanks to the folding and height‐adjustable bed. And, of course, the well thought‐out layout design also promises the best possible driving characteristics when loaded correctly.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Versenkte Verzurrösen - KNAUS SPORT&FUN Wohnwagen
Embedded lashing rings

So that you can optimally secure your cargo and no tripping hazard is created, in case you don’t have any things to transport.

SPORT&FUN 480 QL Hochwertige Materialien im Interieur des SPORT&FUN
Durable materials

The high‐quality vinyl flooring is very durable and looks good even after many years.

SPORT&FUN upholstery options

FRESH MINT Polster im KNAUS SPORT&FUN PETROL FUN als Polster im SPORT&FUN der Marke KNAUS Polstervariante ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) im SPORT&FUN
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.