Our comfortable heavy lifter

You are looking for compromises? You won’t find those here. The BOXLIFE 630 can do more than what you would expect from a caravan. If required, the single beds in the back can be elevated up to the overhead cabinets to ensure a maximum use of space. The optional lifting bed is always ready to welcome small and somewhat bigger passengers and the optional, spacious in‐room bath gives its name proper due.

  • Up to 4 places to sleep
  • Innovative lifting beds in the rear (optional)
  • Maximal, variable storage space
  • Spacious room bath (optional)

BOXLIFE 630 Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.500 kg
636 cm
Width (outer/inner):
205 / 187 cm
Height (outer/inner):
258 / 190 cm
Layout plans:
2 versions

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BOXLIFE 630 variant