Timeless design and unrivalled quality

The most difficult part of a SÜDWIND: making a decision. With its many layouts and options, our iconic caravan leaves nothing to be desired. This can especially be seen in the interior. Perfectly designed decors, finely crafted furniture and luxurious equipment highlights are waiting for you to discover them. Please allow sufficient time for this – there is plenty to see.

  • Double‐wall furniture construction
  • Swivelling LED‐TV
  • Soft‐close drawers
  • Designer fittings
starting from 20.290,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

A breath of fresh air for family time

Here, anything goes – and is welcome. Drawing, playing, snacking, reading, clowning around and, of course, cuddling. The Bauer family enjoys that to the fullest.

Turn‐ and adjustable LCD‐TV

The flexible TV holder is part of the standard equipment, so you can watch TV from the sitting area as well as from the bed

Retractable Vorhänge

Not only nice to look at, but also a practical privacy screen.

Huge SkyRoof

The panoramic roof offers a magnificent view in the seating area. Perfect holiday feeling in any weather.

Space meets COMFORT

What a comfortable seating area: Enjoy more leg room and sit back comfortably, thanks to the collapsible footrests.

Your favourite food taste good anywhere

But while on holiday it tastes even better, especially when mum and dad are doing the cooking. On the 3‐flame cooker, there is enough space for familysized portions.

3‐flame cooker with electric ignition

Heats lightning fast and thanks to the high‐quality cast iron grate, 3 pots have a secure stand at the same time.

High quality wall paneling

Protects against stains and splashes during cooking and, thanks to the same décor as the worktop and ambient lighting, looks particularly classy.

Colossal fridge

With 177 liters of volume this offers enough space for all favorite foods. Thanks to double connection, it can be easily opened in both directions.

Particularly elegant

Soft‐close drawers and ambient lighting.

A spot for dreamers

The beds are aligned in such a way that they are like small retreat. This way, one‐half of the bed can finish their chapter, while the other half sleeps.

Functional children’s beds

In some layouts, the 2‐bunk bed can optionally be extended into a linen cupboard or a third level. With the 3‐level version, you get a multifunctional bed for sitting, sleeping and lounging.

Extending single beds

2 separate longitudinal beds become a large sunbathing area in no time.

High‐quality disk‐spring frame

A feature from the luxury class: The optional point‐elastic feather elements guarantee a wonderful night’s sleep.

Cosy single beds

The SÜDWIND 650 PEB: With two single beds and a permanent bathroom in the rear.

Children, what a bathroom

There’s enough space for everything at the large sink. Even for a little nonsense with dad.

Bathroom variant 7 at the rear

Here you have plenty of freedom of movement, a large washbasin and a separate shower.

Clever thinking

The foldable clothes rail is standard on all models and is perfect for drying bath towels and wet clothes. To save space, it disappears on the wall when you do not need it.

Excellent use of space

The spacious bathroom at the rear uses the available space perfectly.

Compact, but wow!

Thanks to the rear bathroom in the 450 FU, there is more space and scope for movement.

SÜDWIND upholstery options

Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.