More room for your holiday

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination to the numerous small details, there is a lot to see in the spacious BOXLIFE PRO 630.

  • Loads of space thanks to an external length of 6.30 metres.
  • Optional lifting bed
  • Permanent bathroom or optional open bathroom
  • Impressive feeling of space due to headroom of 218 cm
  • Single beds with large reclining surface
  • Fully equipped kitchen
starting from 81.510,00 £ *
Boxlife Pro630 Freisteller KNAUS
KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 Interieur mit schwebendem Dinettentisch, Küche und einer großen Liegefläche für zwei Personen

At eye level with happiness

Simply open the sliding door, let the sun in and enjoy the view. This way even housework becomes a pure pleasure.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 Interieur mit schwebenden Dinettentisch, Küche und einer Liegefläche für zwei
Great feeling of space

With the numerous pull‐out and hinged or swivelling extensions, the living space in the BOXLIFE PRO 630 appears even larger and offers you the possibility of creating additional space in all living areas in an instant.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY Optionale Fußboden- und Sitzheizung im BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY
Room climate on the platform

Additional ventilators and an optional floor and seat heating ensure an absolute feel‐good atmosphere.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY Der Dinettentisch im BOXLIFE PRO bietet viel Beinfreiheit und lässt sich schnell erweitern
Excellent spatial conditions

The floating dinette table offers plenty of leg room, and can be quickly extended.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY LED-Touch-Leselampe mit USB-Steckdose im BOXLIFE PRO 630 von KNAUS
Practical details

Thanks to LED touch reading lights with USB ports, you have sufficient lighting and a means of charging your smartphone.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY Stauraum über den Fahrersitzen im BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY
Safely stored

The storage space above the seating area in the BOXLIFE PRO FREEWAY is protected by a soft‐close flap. Everything is stored securely during the journey.

KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 Interieur Küche mit hochwertigem 2‐Flammen‐Kocher und Kompressorkühlschrank

A culinary delight

With the high‐quality two‐burner hob not only Swedish Pannkakor but also German Pfannkuchen, American pancakes, French crêpes, etc. turn out well.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 Interieur Küche mit Kompressorkühlschrank und Gefrierfach
Ice‐cold camper van technology

The 90‐litre compressor refrigerator is equipped with a 7.5‐litre freezer and installed at eye level in the kitchen module. Its energy efficient performance and night time noise reduction system do not only have a positive effect on the electricity balance but also ensure a good night’s sleep.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 Interieur mit extra Stauraum unter dem Bett im Heck des Camper Vans
Extra storage space

For optimum weight distribution, heavy items such as tinned food or drinks can be stowed in the lower compartments in the middle of the vehicle.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY BOXLIFE PRO 630 - Klappbare Arbeitsplattenverlängerung
Folding worktop extension

The kitchen can be easily and quickly extended thanks to one‐handed operation. The optional KNAUS bag has its fixed place in the kitchen.

EvoPore HRC Matratze im KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630

Slept well?

A question that Mara and Theo have no need to ask. The twolayer cold foam mattress ideally moulds itself to the individual lying position.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 Liegefläche für zwei Personen, offenen Ablagen und großen Deckenschränken
Reclining area

A large bed surface for two people, open shelving for various items, and large overhead cupboards offering plenty of storage space. The sleeping area in the BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY has a lot to offer.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO FREEWAY - Trittstufe zum Einzelbett mit Verstaumöglichkeiten
Intelligent solutions

The step up to the single bed in the BOXLIFE PRO FREEWAY can be used for stowing and storing items.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY KNAUS BOXLIFE PRO 630 mit optionalem Raumbad mit großzügiger Duschkabine und umklappbarem Waschtisch
Optional open bathroom

When choosing the open bathroom the passage to the sleeping area with a variable circular wall is transformed into a spacious shower cubicle and the beds are enlarged by approx. 90 mm within seconds. The washbasin can be converted into a large wash table in just a few easy steps.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY - Viel Stauraum im Badezimmerschrank
Very well organised

The bathroom cabinet provides plenty of space for your cosmetics. Special shelf fronts ensure things stay in place whilst you travel.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY BOXLIFE PRO 630 - Platzsparendes Klappwaschbecken
Instant space

The foldable sink is both space‐saving and practical. It can be transformed from a small side sink to a large washbasin in just one easy step.

BOXLIFE PRO 630 FREEWAY BOXLIFE PRO 630 - Stauraum im Interieur
Cunningly stowed

In the BOXLIFE PRO 630, all storage space is put to good use. The wardrobe has enough room for shirts, blouses, t‐shirts, etc.

BOXLIFE PRO upholstery options

ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.

Please note that some of the videos use footage of the FIAT DUCATO 7, a previous model of the current model generation of the FIAT DUCATO. WEINSBERG only uses the current generation of the FIAT DUCATO for its motorhomes and camper vans based on the FIAT DUCATO. We therefore ask you to inform yourself about the current model generation at your local KNAUS dealer before making a purchase decision.