Perfectly equipped, brilliantly styled, highly sought after

This is what a modern icon looks like! The SPORT&FUN is one of the few caravans that has a very committed fan base. And we believe that this will be given lots more – because who can resist this sporty exterior?

  • Aerodynamic silhouette
  • Huge front and rear garages
  • Unmistakable design
  • Practical rear doors


More room, more equipment, more style: We have given our classic caravan lots of details that are worth taking a look at.

The forms made of sturdy ABS-PMMA plastic ensure a striking design and even after many years, they look as good as new.

Perfect combination of materials and maximal stability thanks to Pro.TEC frame.

High‐strength GRP roof so robust.

Use the sturdy and secure ladder to access the roof.