The flexible one

First we have caused a sensation with the TRAVELINO – with the DESEO we have taken the next step: Our loading master with the large tailgate has been completely redesigned and inherits the revolutionary genes of THE MISSION

Thanks to the state‐of‐the‐art FibreFrame technology, we have succeeded in making the DESEO even more flexible and spacious. The variable room layout and trend‐setting construction ensures the perfect balance between usable and living space, so that even two fully‐fledged motorcycles can be transported. At its destination, the DESEO transforms into a fully equipped, comfortable caravan. Quite practical, isn’t it?

  • Pioneering FibreFrame technology
  • Flexible room arrangement
  • Revolutionary design
  • High load reserves

DESEO Profile

Perm. total weight:
1.500 kg
599 cm
Width (ext.):
230 cm
Height (ext.):
258 cm
Sleeping berths:
up to 4
Technical data as pdf

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DESEO variant