Impressive design, excellent features

Where can you begin? The SUN I is simply an impressive vehicle – from the very front to the very back. And it is already the design highlight amongst the vehicle liners. With its automotive design elements, even as a two‐axle vehicle, it has a dynamic and elegant appearance. However, the exterior highlights do not stop with the design. But why not see for yourself?

  • LED‐TV for the outside
  • Integrated rear‐view camera
  • Huge rear garage


Impressive dimensions, regardless of whether as a two‐ or three‐axle vehicle: Both variants do not only combine the desire for maximum comfort and luxury, but also a wide range of equipment and safety features.

Perfectly integrated in the outline edge: the rear view camera.

Additional storage space and ideally suited for winter due to the double floor.

Extravagant design for an imposing appearance.

Outer doors with single-handed operation and optional central locking ensure optimum ease of use.

The cabin door is equipped with an electric entrance step as standard for ease of entry.

Automotive Front mit LED-Tagfahrlichtband und optionalem LED-Abblendlicht.

Extremely well suited to winter conditions due to a double floor and ALDE warm water heating.