Our innovative adventurer

Finding new roads is why we travel. This also applies to the BOXLIFE 540. The individual bed in the back in unconventional, yet is very space‐saving, which benefits the entire layout. Those who choose the bunk beds can still travel together. And for all who add the lifting bed in the front, can even travel with their entire family.

  • Up to 4 places to sleep
  • Spacious room bath (optional)
  • Comfortable lifting bed in front (optional)
  • Single bed or single bunk beds in the rear (optional)

BOXLIFE 540 Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.300 kg
541 cm
Width (outer/inner):
205 / 187 cm
Height (outer/inner):
258 / 190 cm
Layout plans:
1 versions

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BOXLIFE 540 variant