Furniture construction by master craftsmen and equipment for the discerning

Whether the high quality of the interior furnishings, the modern design of the furniture or the extensive camping equipment: everyone who values the perfect combination of form and function will feel at home in the SKY TI. As a true all‐rounder among the semi‐integrated, the SKY TI also shines with many clever details, such as the large panorama roof window or the optional LED ambient lighting. Pretty nice – and practical!

  • Huge panorama roof window
  • Numerous bed variants
  • 3D open bath
  • Compact 145 l slim refrigerator
  • Numerous kitchen, bathroom and bed variants
  • Retractable 24" LED TV
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
SKY TI Interieur - Teilintegriertes Wohnmobil

Stracciatella ice cream for breakfast?

When in Rome… And in the cosy lounge, Svenja and Paul can enjoy this dish at any time of the day and night. Welcome to the taste of Bella Italia.

SKY TI 650 MF Versenkbarer 27 Zoll LED-TV - KNAUS Teilintegriertes Reisemobil - SKY TI
Lowerable 27‐inch LED TV

Another reason why the living area looks so elegant and tidy is because you can make the 27“ Full‐HD LED TV (optional) with integrated digital receiver and extensive connection possibilities disappear from sight behind the rear seat.

SKY TI 700 MEG Perlmutt-Dekor mit Kreuzschliff - KNAUS SKY TI
Pearly white décor with cross‐stitch pattern

It looks good, feels good to touch and is so durable that it will still look like new after many years on the go.

SKY TI 700 MEG Panoramadach & Dachhimmel Verkleidung - SKY TI 700 MEG
Panoramic roof & roof liner cladding

The driver’s cab and living area blend elegantly into a single space. During the day, the panoramic roof maintains a pleasant light ambiance; at night, the ambient lighting takes over.

SKY TI - Robuste und pflegeleichte HPL Oberflächen

From weekly market directly into the pot

Basil, rosemary, thyme – what an aroma! And thanks to robust and easy‐to‐clean HPL surfaces, there’s no need to worry about the odd mishap.

SKY TI 650 MF Geräumige Winkelküche im SKY TI 650 MF
Spacious corner kitchen

It adjoins the seating area directly, therefore making optimum use of the available space. For maximum working space and plenty of elbow room.

SKY TI 700 MEG SKY TI 700 MEG - Stabiler Korbauszug
Sturdy pull‐out baskets

Below the easily accessible gas taps, you’ll find plenty of storage space, which is also extremely useful thanks to the open pull‐out baskets.

SKY TI 700 MEG Schubladen mit kugelgelagertem Vollauszug - KNAUS SKY TI
Drawers with ball‐bearing full extension

They extend so far out that they can easily be accessed all the way to the back.

Schlafen im Interieur - SKY TI

Go to sleep staring at the stars and rise with the sun

In the super‐comfortable beds, Svenja and Paul make plans at night for the next day’s activities. Colosseum, Piazza della Signoria or perhaps just stay in bed?

SKY TI 650 MF Kleiderschränke unter dem Bett - SKY TI 700 MEG
French bed with extension

Lift up the mattress, fold out the extension and you have already made more space.

Wardrobes under the beds

Plenty of space, numerous storage possibilities, garment rails on both sides, practical lighting and – thanks to generous access – all perfectly usable. These are your new wardrobes.

Großer Spiegelschrank im SKY TI - Teilintegriertes Wohnmobil von KNAUS

A bathroom as fresh as the Adriatic breeze

Svenja is particularly delighted with the large mirror cabinet. It’s a real all‐rounder thanks to the integrated lighting and combined storage space.

700 MEG Raumbad im SKY TI 700 MEG Interieur
Luxurious open bathroom

The spacious, separate shower cabin offers maximum comfort and convenience here. High‐ quality fittings and a large roof window ensure an elegant and pleasant overall look.

SKY TI 650 MF SKY TI - Durchdachtes Hecklängsbad
Well thought‐out rear longitudinal bathroom

The swivel wall enables efficient use of space and can be simply positioned as you require at that moment. With one easy step, you get a spacious shower cabin or a roomy washbasin.

SKY TI 700 MEG Das Bad im SKY TI 700 MEG von KNAUS
Attention to detail

Even a dedicated tissue box holder is integrated.

SKY TI upholstery options

Polstervariante INDIAN SUMMER - SKY TI von KNAUS BLUE MARINE Polster im SKY TI - Teilintegrierter von KNAUS Polstervariante ENERGY - SKY TI von KNAUS KNAUS SKY TI - ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) als Polstervariante KNAUS SKY TI - ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line) als Polstervariante Echtleder Polster CREAM NATURE im KNAUS SKY TI
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available against extra charge.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available against extra charge.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available against extra charge.