Our eye-catcher: This is how beautiful a motorhome can be!

The SKY TI is our top‐selling model. And there are many good reasons for this. From the compact holiday companion to the luxurious globetrotter with leather interior and air suspension, you really have a plethora of combination possibilities. Of course, the motorhome’s excellent inner values must include an unforgettable first impression: Therefore, we have designed the exterior of the SKY TI as dynamically as possible – a real eye‐catcher!

  • Hail‐resistant GRP roof
  • Practical service box
  • Modern LED rear taillights
  • Wraparound Pro.Tec frame


Perfection – right down to the details: Our SKY TI offers all the technology and safety features that we were able to include in a partially integrated motorhome.

SKY TI Exterieur Pro.tec-Frame Kantenschutz
High quality

All‐round PRO. TECFrame for perfect edge protection.

SKY TI Exterieur Cat-Eye Hybrid-Heckleuchte mit LED-Technik

Our Cat‐Eye hybrid rear lights with LED technology.

SKY TI Exterieur GFK Dachhutze mit Positionsleuchten

The GRP roof scoop with integrated positional lights.

SKY TI Exterieur Batteriestaufach

Accessible from the outside: the battery compartment.

SKY TI Exterieur Service-Box

The service box houses all the important connections.

SKY TI Exterieur Seitenansicht eleganter Übergang

Elegant transition from the superstructure to the driver’s cab.