The interior looks as good as it is.

What makes an interior beautiful? Of course, lots of excellent features, storage space and expertly designed layouts. Does that sound reasonable? It is – and that’s why it is so nicely suited to our KNAUS SPORT. Since being reasonable is not in itself enough, in the creation of the design our designers have gone the extra mile. So that what is good is not just good enough, but also looks good.

  • Adjustable halogen spots
  • Two‐part entrance door
  • 5‐zone cold foam mattress
  • High‐quality fittings
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
Der Wohnwagen SPORT von WEINSBERG

Teasing is a sign of affection

The children are happy about the space for a boisterous pillow fight. The parents about the durable furniture and upholstery.

SPORT 540 FDK Modernes Möbeldesign im KNAUS SPORT
Modern furniture design

Dark horizontal wood decor looks very elegant in combination with bright ceiling cabinets.

SPORT 500 FU Die KNAUS STYLE Aufbautür im SPORT 500 FU
KNAUS cabin door

Whether as a standard STYLE door or in the optional STYLE PLUS version with window: The 2‐part door allows you to ventilate while infants and dogs are kept safely inside.

SPORT 500 UF Zusätzliches Bett im SPORT Caravan
Generous dinette

The comfortable dinette can be converted into a bed (partly option).

SPORT 500 UF U-Sitzgruppe im SPORT 500 UF
Bright and inviting

What a beautiful seating area! The light-flooded U-shaped seating area in the 500 UF offers plenty of space and comfort for a relaxing evening.

SPORT 500 FU Stimmungsvolle Ambientebeleuchtung im KNAUS SPORT
Atmospheric ambient lighting

The elaborate ambient lighting creates cosy evenings. The variable LED spots can be moved – depending on where you need light.

Große Küche im KNAUS SPORT Wohnwagen

Kitchen in top shape

Whether you want freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast or delicious stir‐fried vegetables in the evening. Here, family Bauer can feast whenever they’re in the mood.

SPORT 500 UF Optionale Küchenrückwandverkleidung im SPORT 500 UF
Kitchen back wall cladding (optional)

Protects against food splashes during preparation and cooking and ensures a harmonious overall appearance.

SPORT 540 FDK KNAUS SPORT - Schubladen mit Vollauszug
Drawers with full‐extension slides

They slide out so far that you can use them right to the very back of the drawer.

SPORT 540 FDK Großer 3-Flammen-Kocher im sport 540 FDK
Large 3‐flame cooker

Lots of room for storing several pots or frying pans – and thanks to the solid cast‐iron grate, they are absolutely secure.

SPORT 500 KD Integrierte Mikrowelle im SPORT 500 KD
Hot and not at all greasy

The integrated microwave cooks food quickly and easily.

Zahlreiche Bettvarianten im SPORT Wohnwagen von KNAUS

Free bed choice?

No matter how good a bedtime story is. In the parents’ bed, she is still a bit better. And who could blame little Mathilda on that blissful smile?

SPORT 540 FDK Stockbett mit Rausfallschutz und fest verbauter Leiter im SPORT 540 FKD
Comfortable bunk bed

In every layout with a „K“, you’ll find a comfortable bunk bed and lots of extra storage space in the bed drawer.

SPORT 540 FDK Französisches Bett im SPORT 540 FDK
French bed

Thanks to the adjoining bathroom area, layouts with a French bed make perfect use of the living space, down to every last corner.

A guest bed that guests love

In selected layouts, you can transform the dinette into a guest bed (partially optional).

Flexible bunk bed

The bunk bed in the 500 KD is a real all-rounder. Whether it is used as a bed, a cosy couch or an additional storage compartment, the multipurpose 3-tier bunk bed (optional) has a lot to offer.

Swivelling TV bracket

Thanks to the swivelling TV bracket in the 500 UF, you can watch TV either in bed our outside.

KNAUS SPORT - Moderner Waschbeckenschrank im Caravan

On your marks, finish, brush!

Not a sporty discipline, but still fun for the whole family. Especially at the modern washbasin cabinet.

SPORT 540 FDK Abgeschlossener Toilettenraum im SPORT 540 FDK mit französischem Bett
Bathroom variant 5

Layouts with French beds always have a closed toilet room with shower (optional) and a washbasin, which is accessible from the living room.

SPORT 500 KD Separate Dusche im KNAUS SPORT 500 KD
Bathroom variant 6

For layouts with a cross bed and cots, the bathroom is very spacious and has a separate shower.

SPORT 500 EU Das Wohnwagenbad im SPORT 500 EU
Bathroom variant 4

The perfectly integrated washbasin offers an extended shelf. With the optional shower extension, the bathroom is transformed into a shower cubicle in no time at all.

KNAUS Wohnwagen SPORT Interieur

SPORT upholstery options

Polstervariante COOL GREY im KNAUS SPORT Caravan Polstervariante ENERGY im KNAUS SPORT Wohnmobil KNAUS SPORT Polstervariante ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) KNAUS SPORT Polstervariante ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available against extra charge.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available against extra charge.