Furnished down to the last detail.

Arrive more pleasantly: The BOXDRIVE is always as individual as your demands – and therefore well‐conceived down to the most intricate detail. Its features are our promise in delivering significant comfort and sophisticated functionality. This way, your trip becomes more pleasant and each day the purest enjoyment.

  • Unique form language in furniture construction
  • Kitchen functional flap
  • Atmospheric ambient lighting
  • Floating dinette table
  • Swivelling bathroom as standard, open bath optional
  • Lifting bed at the rear available as an option
starting from 72.160,00 £ *
Der KNAUS BOXDRIVE ins seiner vollen Pracht
Living Cooking Sleeping & Care
KNAUS BOXDRIVE Interieur mit höchstem Wohnkomfort, Längsküche und schwebendem Dinettentisch

At home, always and everywhere

Thanks to the symbiosis of sophisticated functionality and maximum living comfort, the BOXDRIVE is ready for all adventures. No matter whether to conquer the city, explore nature or spend the evening at home in atmospheric ambient lighting.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Ein Einblick in die Einrichtung des BOXDRIVE von KNAUS
The best seat is anywhere

Thanks to the extendable tabletop, the floating dinette table can be easily reached from both the bench and swivelling cockpit seats.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME KNAUS BOXDRIVE mit Dinettensitzbank‐Verbreiterung im Camper Van
Extension of dinette seating bench

The standard side pull‐out and the three‐level lounge function are part of the standard equipment and can also be used while driving.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Der BOXDRIVE in seiner Innenansicht
Let me entertain you

The optional 21.5“ SMART TV offers the best entertainment and video‐on‐demand.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME KNAUS BOXDRIVE mit besonders breiter Schiebetür mit Ablagefach
Especially wide sliding door

The sliding door allows you to open up the living area to nature. You can store everything in the practical storage compartment that you will require on your way outside, such as an umbrella or a shopping bag.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Die Polster im Interieur des KNAUS BOXDRIVE
Floating dinette table

Instead of a bothersome table leg, you can stretch out your own legs and enjoy the unobstructed access.

KNAUS BOXDRIVE - Längsküche mit HPL‐Oberflächen und kugelgelagerten Vollauszügen

Precious storage space in abundance

In the BOXDRIVE 680 ME, the kitchen is also particularly generous and luxurious. Thanks to full‐extension drawers with ball bearings, you can use all the space perfectly and down to the last millimetre.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME KNAUS BOXDRIVE mit Längsküche mit HPL‐Oberflächen kratzfest und geeignet für die hohe Belastung
Galley kitchen

The HPL surfaces are especially scratch‐resistant and perfectly suitable for the resistant heavy burden in the kitchen.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Ein Close-Up des Interieurs des KNAUS BOXDRIVE
Secure storage space

There is lots of room in the overhead kitchen cabinet for dishes or supplies. The guard rail ensures that everything remains securely in place at all times.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Kompressorkühlschrank mit reduzierten Betriebsgeräuschen bei Nacht im BOXDRIVE Camper Van
Refrigerator with sleep mode

The 90‐litre compressor refrigerator does not just offer lots of room, but also an optimised sleep mode with reduced operating noises.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Der BOXDRIVE in seinem Interieur - durchdacht bis ins Detail
Practical details

The handy compartment on the side of the kitchen creates extra storage space. The soft‐close mechanism ensures that it is easy to open and close.

KNAUS BOXDRIVE mit deckenhohem Kleiderschrank zwischen Raumbad und Bett

Attractive design

Between the bathroom and the bed is a floor‐to‐ceiling wardrobe with enough space for your favourite clothes which should never be missing on a trip. The overhead cupboards also offer further storage space.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Schlafen mit Ausblick - Der KNAUS BOXDRIVE
Cosy sleeping area

The fabric wall covering and the elaborate design and lighting concept create a cosy atmosphere in the sleeping area.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Genügend Stauraum im KNAUS BOXDRIVE
Step with storage compartment

To make it easier to access the bed, there is a step that offers real added value with extra storage space.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME KNAUS BOXDRIVE Einzelbetten mit luxuriösem Interieurdesign und aufwändigem Lichtkonzept
Single beds

Luxurious interior design & elaborate lighting concept bring motorhome flair to the sleeping area.

Innovative folding washbasin

The spacious in‐room bath is equipped with a retractable washbasin that – in a pulled‐out version – has dimensions of up to 650 x 300 mm.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME KNAUS BOXDRIVE mit RGB-Ambientelicht in der Duschkabine
Color change

The optional RGB ambient lighting in the shower cabin can be controlled intuitively.

BOXDRIVE 680 ME Hubbett für zusätzlichen, flexibel nutzbaren Stauraum im KNAUS BOXDRIVE
Dream becomes space

The longitudinal beds are also optionally available as lifting beds. This gives you additional, flexible storage space for large luggage, bicycles, e‐bikes or other sports equipment under the two comfortable beds. The on‐board technology is also located in the rear.

KNAUS BOXDRIVE mit schwebendem Dinettentisch

BOXDRIVE upholstery options

ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
DARK COFFEE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.