The highly talented furnishing wonder

Our claim: more headroom for your holiday! Our solution: the L!VE WAVE. With up to 215 cm of standing height and a great spatial impression, the interior in the L!VE WAVE is absolutely worthwhile. With the lifting bed and extra storage space, it also offers sufficient space for up to six persons.

  • Extendable lifting bed with its own overhead cupboards
  • Retractable LED‐TV
  • Atmospheric ambience lighting
  • Rear‐ventilated integral furniture construction
starting from 60.390,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Celebrating until breakfast

And then sharing bread rolls and jam in the light of the rising sun. This is how simple and wonderful life with good friends can be.

High‐quality drop down bed

With overhead compartments for extra storage space and wood trim as well as soft surfaces for a homely ambiance.

Extendible LED TV

The Full HD television disappears discreetly behind the bench seat and to ensure a neat, minimalist interior.

Elegant blinds

They cover the window frames and are particularly handy thanks to the rolling function.

One kitchen, thousands of memories

The taste of soft pitta bread instantly triggers old memories among the friends. A moment that they savour fully in every sense of the word.

High‐quality fittings

Thanks to rugged full‐ extension drawer slides by GRASS, the soft‐ close drawers extend so far out that they can be used all the way to the back. The ambient lighting not only ensures a pleasant lighting atmosphere, but also lights up the drawers to help you find what you are looking for quickly.

Attractive and practical details

The elegant kitchen rear wall panelling and the practical shelf in the rear side of the seating area combine function and design.

The right bed for everyone

A large rear bed on one side, a comfortable drop down bed on the other. This means that everyone can retreat for some privacy whenever and for as long as they want.

High-quality slatted frame

For optimum sleeping comfort, the high-quality EvoPore mattresses are of course also supported by a sturdy wooden slatted frame.

Rear‐ventilated bed

An optimum indoor climate is achieved primarily through circulation. For this reason, the bed is rear‐ ventilated and features an integrated heating system to ensure a pleasant temperature in the sleeping area.

If people take their time in the bathroom... can’t really hold it against them. For with so much space on o er it’s easy to lose track of time even while shaving.

Integrated tissue dispenser

No hunting for the tissue box, no wasted storage space. The handy tissue dispenser is just one of the numerous clever details in the L!VE WAVE.

Fixed shower cubicle

The clever room layout in the integrated bathroom creates space for an extra shower cubicle.

Plenty of storage space

The spacious integrated bathroom contains numerous shelves and storage spaces for optimum comfort.


Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.