Three axles for the highest demands in luxury.

The SUN I is not only the flagship of the KNAUS fleet. It is our definition of passion, enthusiasm and luxury. We have designed the vehicle interior in such a manner that it doesn’t just meet the highest demands, it exceeds them. Beginning with the stylish floors constructed in a yacht design and including the most beautiful and luxurious ambient lights that were ever used in a mobile home: Every SUN I is full of fascination.

  • Ambient lighting in LED technology
  • Retractable 32‟ LED‐TV
  • Large glass cabinet
  • Electric floor storage compartment
starting from 145.970,00 £ *
Der KNAUS SUN I in seiner vollen Pracht
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
KNAUS SUN I 2021-2022 mit Holzdekor, ergonomischen Sitzpolster und aufwändigen Lichtkonzept

A real luxury dream

Amanda and George have been in love with the elegant overall appearance with the warm wood decor, the numerous details and the elaborate lighting concept from the very first second in the SUN I. The ergonomic seating upholstery also offers luxury that you cannot only see, but truly feel.

SUN I 900 LEG KNAUS SUN I 900 LX - Lounge mit vergrößerbarer Tischplatte

The table top can be easily extended – meaning you always have exactly the space you require.

SUN I 900 LX KNAUS SUN I Interieur - Seitenschrank auf der Beifahrerseite für maximalen Komfort

Comfort plus for the front passenger: the side locker with cupholder has room for everything you need while driving.

SUN I 900 LEG Versenkbarer 39" SMART TV im KNAUS SUN I
Retractable 39“ LED‐TV

The huge, optional TV extends electrically behind the seat at the touch of a button.

SUN I 900 LEG KNAUS SUN I Interieur - Stilsicher & ergonomisch
Ergonomic & stylish

For particularly high comfort, the seat and side seat are equipped with optimised volume and an ergonomically curved lumbar support on the back cushion.

SUN I 900 LEG KNAUS Signature Elemente im SUN I - Hochwertige Materialien und dimmbare Konturbeleuchtung
Fine signature

In addition to the highest quality materials and luxurious space, the SUN I demonstrates a true sense of style with its unique design and exclusive KNAUS Signature elements. The dimmable contour lighting is elaborately integrated into the furniture and is part of the standard equipment.

Gasbackofen im Interieur des KNAUS SUN I

Exquisite taste

The combination of highquality appliances, well thought‐out storage space and elegant furniture design is a real treat. And with the optional gas oven, George can bake the baguette just like at home.

SUN I 900 LEG Winkelküche im KNAUS SUN I 2021-2022
Corner kitchen

The elegant, low‐maintenance rear wall panelling in the kitchen comes as standard. The multifunctional Plexiglas shelf offers extra storage space & highlights the modern overall picture.

SUN I 900 LEG Staufach in der Arbeitsfläche - KNAUS SUN I - Vollintegriertes Reisemobil
Additional storage space

The storage compartment recessed into the worktop offers extra storage space.

SUN I 900 LEG Glasvitrine im Interieur des KNAUS SUN I
Glass display case

Champagne and wine glasses are perfectly presented in the elegant glass display case with LED lighting. Thanks to the inlay holders with magnetic fastening they are firmly secured even while driving.

SUN I 900 LEG KNAUS SUN I mit 177 Liter Kühlschrank mit Frosterfach
Huge 177‐litre refrigerator

Thanks to the double door hinges, the door can be opened in both directions for extra convenience. A 30‐litre freezer compartment is available for frozen products.

SUN I 900 LEG KNAUS SUN I 2021-2022 Soft‐Close Schubladen
Soft‐close drawers

The quality full‐extension slides from GRASS can be pulled out extra wide for optimum use of storage space.

KNAUS SUN I mit hochwertigen EvoPore Matratzen

Layers of snow outside, duvets inside

The high‐quality EvoPore mattresses are so comfy that you could lie there all day long. And in the generous wall units there is enough space for an extensive travel library.

SUN I 900 LEG Raumhoher Kleiderschrank - SUN I - Vollintegriertes Reisemobil
Ceiling‐high wardrobe

So that none of your favourite pieces have to stay at home, you will find plenty of storage space not only here, but also in the spacious drawers under the bed.

SUN I 900 LEG Bequemes Hubbett im Interieur des KNAUS SUN I
Comfortable lifting bed

An EvoPore HRC mattress and a fully‐featured slatted frame also ensure the highest level of sleeping comfort in the standard lifting bed.

Luxusbad mit Echtglas‐Dusche im Interieur des KNAUS SUN I

Home and dry

After the pleasant shower in the luxurious shower cubicle, Amanda’s bath towel finds a fixed place on the practical radiator. It also shortens the drying time and pleasantly pre‐warms the towels.

SUN I 900 LX Luxusbad im 3-Achser KNAUS SUN I
Luxury bathroom

The easy‐care rear panel in a dark slate look is water‐ waterrepellent & provid es a repellent first‐class ambience. The genuine glass shower shines with high‐quality fittings in home quality.

SUN I 900 LEG Variables Bad - Luxusbad LEG im KNAUS SUN I 900
Variable LEG luxury bathroom

The door does not just close the toilet area to the passage, but also closes the entire bathroom to the living area. The comfortable bench toilet can optionally be fitted with a SOG toilet ventilation system.

SUN I 900 LEG Maximum an Stauraum im Vollintegrierten SUN I
Ample storage space

There are numerous compartments in the bathroom area so that you can not only stow everything away, but also organise it perfectly. Wall cabinets above the toilet and under the radiator, a generous mirror cabinet and compartments in the washbasin unit offer you the absolute maximum of space.

KNAUS SUN I 2021-2022 Polster

SUN I upholstery options

KNAUS SUN I Polstervarianten - INDIAN SUMMER Polstervariante MODERN CREAM im KNAUS SUN I KNAUS SUN I Polstervarianten - ECRU (Echtleder) KNAUS SUN I Polstervarianten - DARK COFFEE (Echtleder) KNAUS SUN I Polstervarianten - CREAM NATURE (Echtleder)
ECRU (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.
DARK COFFEE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.