KNAUS quality

In harmony with design and function

For the KNAUS brand, freedom is the balance of design and function for all our products. Because a wonderful detail is of no use if the function suffers as a result, our ultimate aim is to combine both worlds to make the very best. With traditional Lower Bavarian craftsmanship, high‐quality materials and plenty of passion. To ensure that it remains this way, we work day in day out at full speed on trendsetting, new solutions for the most enjoyable and independent way to travel. Studies like the CARAVISIO as well as the TRAVELINO show: not only do we have the drive to look for new directions, but also the courage to follow them.

KNAUS Qualität - Markenwerte

Our brand values

People and their needs are at the focus of our efforts – because the KNAUS brand stands for the perfect balance of contemporary design and reliable function. We are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate quality. This is why we continually work on improving our products and processes. The symbiosis of industrial perfection and passionate innovation has taken us to the top of the industry and our love for motorhomes ensures that we will stay there too.

Die Ideenwerke von KNAUS - Jandelsbrunn und Nagyoroszi

Our idea factories

We invest in our factories. And above all in our employees. We have set up two ultra‐modern production sites: one in Jandelsbrunn in Lower Bavaria and one in Nagyoroszi in Hungary. We employ over 1,500 people, who like coming to work in the morning and always give their best. This is because they enjoy the best conditions with us, they can get further training and we pay them more than fairly.

Das Stammwerk von KNAUS in Jandelsbrunn
KNAUS Qualität - Design und Funktion


Improved build characteristics

For decades, KNAUS has represented the highest stability, rigidity and durability. This is what we build on – however, as of now using more lightweight and high‐tech material. In doing so, we use high‐performance polyurethane plastics for the wood reinforcement strips. Through the new material and our innovative Top Value Technology (TVT),  we were able to make the walls and floors more homogeneous. Due to the optimised, consistent interior mounting system, the temperature fluctuations and moisture have less of an effect on the mounting structure.

By strengthening the functional sandwich construction using lightweight and durable materials such as aluminium and insulation materials (XPS or EPS) with PU plastic and, in addition, gluing the complete mounting system, the entire vehicle construction is made more stable without adding additional weight. This is a key factor on which we placed a particularly strong focus.

With TVT, the entire vehicle is better protected against corrosion and weather‐related damage. The materials’ higher durability and easier to care for comfort in the interior are simply convincing arguments. In combination with the GRP roof and underbody construction that protects against hail and paintwork damage due to stones, your KNAUS vehicle is ideally equipped. And your travel dreams will not be interrupted by anything.

An overview of all advantages:

  • Moisture‐resistant polyurethane plastic
  • Optimised durability
  • Stabile and homogeneous mounting technology
  • Reduced temperature fluctuations