Taking comfort to a whole new level

A true dream home. The angled design of the furniture inside the AZUR is stunning with a focus on creating a cosy atmosphere. It makes an impression both inside and out with a unique, dynamic signature lighting concept. Premium materials and clever, practical solutions make the caravan with a cocoon‐like design feel like a haven of tranquillity.

  • fabric‐covered Smart Wall with integrated storage compartments or shelves
  • holistic lighting concept with dynamic LED light signature
  • great sense of space and optimised visual axes thanks to angled furniture
  • incomparable living comfort thanks to high‐quality material mix and innovative solutions
starting from 42.840,00 £ *
KNAUS AZUR Wohnwagen
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
Staufächer in der SmartWall im KNAUS AZUR bieten viele Ablagemöglichkeiten

Enjoy life in unparalleled comfort

The open lines of sight, stylish cocoon‐like design and unique lighting concept make the spacious living area a real feast for the eyes.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR - Interieur mit großzügigem Innenraum und LED‐Ambientelicht mit dynamischer Lichtsignatur

The interior shows its best side in the LED ambient lighting with dynamic light signature. Thanks to the slanted furniture design, the open line of sight extends impressively through the spacious interior.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR - U‐Sitzgruppe mit Stoffbespannung, edlen Oberflächen und dynamischem LED‐Ambientelicht

Simply cosy: thanks to the fabric‐covered SmartWall, exquisite surface finishes and dynamic LED ambient lighting, you will immediately feel at home in the comfortable U‐shaped seating area.

AZUR 540 UE Der KNAUS AZUR und sein Interieur

Feel at home: the seating group is also covered with fabric in the foot area – for a cosy couch effect and that special feel‐good factor. 

AZUR 500 FU Deckenschärnke im KNAUS AZUR über der U-Sitzgruppe des Wohnwagens

Although the AZUR does not have storage cabinets on every single side, you will still find more than enough storage space.

AZUR 500 FU Der KNAUS AZUR bietet viele Ablageflächen hinter der Sitzgruppe

In the Smart‐Wall, the storage space is attractively integrated into the wall; in the kitchen area, it serves as a worktop extension with an integrated socket – ideal for a coffee machine. Behind the cushions of the seating group is further storage space.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR Kleiderschrank mit Kleiderstange

Whether jacket, shirt or blouse: in the spacious wardrobe with clothes rail, hanging textiles also find a perfect home for on the go. The shelf underneath offers space for shoes, jewellery or other accessories.

AZUR 500 FU Der KNAUS AZUR Eingangsbereich mit Eckschrank, TV und Stauraum

Clever solutions: Thanks to the corner cupboard under the TV, you always have important items such as shoes, umbrella or keys at hand in the entrance area.

AZUR 500 FU Smart CI Bedienpanel im KNAUS AZUR

Clear operation: Thanks to the smart CI control panel, you always have all the essential functions of the KNAUS AZUR in view. A large touchscreen makes control particularly easy and intuitive.

KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur minimalistische Design‐Küche mit exklusiver Ausstattung, edlem Design und perfekter Nutzbarkeit

A feast for the eyes!

The minimalist design kitchen for great cooking pleasure. In the AZUR, cooking together becomes a culinary and aesthetic delight. Exclusive equipment, noble design and perfect usability spoil even before the starter is served.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur Küche mit Ambientebeleuchtung, edler Arbeitsplatte und Kühlschrank

A kitchen for connoisseurs: thanks to the ambient lighting in the drawers, the elegant worktop and the beautifully shaped refrigerator with double stop, the kitchen in the AZUR is not only a culinary highlight.

AZUR 460 EU Der KNAUS AZUR und seine praktische Wohnwagenküche

The convenience of a compact kitchen: the kitchen in the 460 EU is as compact and versatile as the layout itself. With lots of storage space, an integrated refrigerator and the optional extractor hood, it has everything you need to make preparing meals a wonderful experience.

AZUR 500 FU Wohnwagenküche im KNAUS AZUR mit Gaskocher

The gas hob with cast‐iron pan supports can be found underneath the glass cover featuring a soft‐close mechanism. Espresso makers stand just as securely on top as large pots and pans.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR mit Schubladen mit Vollauszug

The generous drawers with full extension not only keep things tidy, but are also particularly easy to put away.

AZUR 500 FU Küche mit Ambientebeleuchtung, edler Arbeitsplatte und Kühlschrank im AZUR

Perfectly staged: What tastes good can also look good. In AZUR, this is ensured by the LED ambient lighting, which makes the kitchen shine from the cupboards to the drawers.

KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur Schalfbereich mit Cocooning‐Design, stoffbespannten Wänden und indirektem Licht

Feel like you've been kissed awake

The cosy, cocoon‐like design is continued in the sleeping area. Indirect lighting and fabric‐covered walls also create a relaxing atmosphere. The bathroom boasts a modern washbasin and plenty of storage space.

AZUR 500 FU Französisches Bett im KNAUS AZUR Wohnwagen

You can completely stretch out in the French bed. Atmospheric ambient lighting runs around the base of the bed, and additional storage space can be found underneath.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur Schlafbereich mit Staufächern

There is plenty of room for your favourite books, magazines or clothes in the cleverly concealed storage compartments.

AZUR 500 EU Getrennte Einzelbetten im KNAUS AZUR

Sleep in stylish comfort. From the fabric covering on the walls and bed bases to the elegant LED ambient lighting, the sleeping area in the 500 EU has an exclusive and luxurious feel.

AZUR 460 EU Im KNAUS AZUR lassen sich die zwei Einzelbetten zu einem großen Doppelbett verbinden

When two become one: the cubby hole between the two beds can be easily removed. There is a comfortable mattress underneath that transforms the two single beds into one large sleeping space together with the optional rollaway bed.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR Dinette mit U‐Sitzgruppe

When two becomes four: the spacious U‐shaped seating area can be converted into a cosy sleeping space in no time at all. This creates two separate sleeping areas in the AZUR for up to four people.

KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur Bad mit praktischen Ablagen, Staufächern und einem edlen Design

Simply dress up

A real feel‐good spot when you’re on the move: the bathroom in the AZUR not only offers lots of practical shelves and storage compartments, but also an elegant design that is a treat for the eye. The perfect place to freshen up, style up and start your holiday.

AZUR 500 EU Bad im KNAUS AZUR 500 EU

A truly luxurious space: in addition to its stylish design, its many shelves and its premium bench toilet, the versatile comfort bathroom in the 500 EU also features a large optional vent window.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR Längsbad mit Waschbecken, großzügigen Ablageflächen und breitem Spiegel mit Ambientelicht

Thanks to the washbasin, large shelves and wide mirror with atmospheric ambient lighting, the longitudinal bathroom in the AZUR boasts a modern design and plenty of storage space.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur Toilettenraum mit mehr Stauraum, Kleiderstange und Duschausbau

A lavatory with extra benefits. Even more storage space can be found in the separate lavatory. Thanks to the integrated clothes rail and optional shower extension, this room can be used for many different purposes.

AZUR 500 FU Der KNAUS AZUR bietet zusätzliche Staufächer hinter der Banktoilette

Additional storage compartments can be found behind the easy‐to‐clean bench toilet. This is where you can store your shampoo, shower gel and towels.

AZUR 500 FU KNAUS AZUR Waschtisch mit maximalem Stauraum

Maximum storage space even for large shower towels: the particularly spacious washbasin keeps things tidy and keeps towels and co. always within reach for you. 

KNAUS AZUR 2022-2023 Interieur Dinette mit U‐Sitzgruppe, Smart‐Wall, edlen Oberflächen und dynamischem LED‐Ambientelicht

AZUR upholstery options