True KNAUS quality to touch and feel

This is what a real KNAUS looks like! Wherever you look in the L!VE TI, the influence of our best designers can be seen everywhere. From the elegant roof extension to the modern floor in yacht appearance: the L!VE TI shines with great design highlights and convinces through premium KNAUS craftsmanship.

  • Soft‐close mechanisms
  • Retractable LED‐TV
  • Atmospheric ambience lighting
  • High‐quality EvoPore mattresses
starting from 56.420,00 £
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Life in its most beautiful colours

Here, there is at least as much to discover as in every ower in Tina’s colourful bouquet of tulips. Luckily, Florian remembered to pack a vase.

Lowerable LED TV

The Full HD television simply disappears behind the bench seat, so it doesn’t take up space when it’s not in use.

High‐quality blinds

They cover the window frames and are particularly handy thanks to the rolling function.

Elegant front interior

The dark o set décor picks up the line of the driver’s cab cladding and ensures a smooth transition.

What do people cook in the Netherlands?

According to Florian, crêpes at all hours of the day and night, savoury or sweet. On the 3– ame cooker, he can even prepare two portions simultaneously.

Variant – longitudinal kitchen

The longitudinal kitchen in the 650 MEG is compact, but o ers incredible worktop and storage space thanks to the folding worktop extension and clever layout.

Atmospheric ambient lighting

Below the countertop as well as behind the kitchen rear wall cladding, it underlines the elegant furniture design and ensures pleasant lighting.

The perfect spot for a snooze

The extendible single beds are simply fabulous. Tina and Florian can enjoy their own space or move closer together – just as the fancy takes them.

Wardrobes under the beds

Open the door and ap to gain convenient access to the spacious wardrobes. For even more exibility, garment rails are tted on both sides.

Extendible single beds

With the roll‐up slatted frame in the middle and the two cushion sections, you can transform the single beds into a large double bed in a matter of seconds.

Bathing in the Netherlands

Bathing in the North Sea is wonderful, but it’s ten times better in the well thought‐out integrated bathroom. That’s because Florian can easily adjust the temperature here.

Variant – integrated bathroom

Completely redesigned and specially developed for the L! VE model series, the integrated bathroom o ers you a xed shower and incredible space.

Clever swivelling wall

Simply fold the swivelling wall to the side and transform the entire bathroom into a spacious shower cubicle. A nice side bene t: The toilet, mirror and wash basin remain dry.


Active Line

Available against extra charge.

Active Line

Available against extra charge.