Our universal genius

There you have it – we have Germany’s best‐selling partially integrated motorhome offering the largest layout selection and the best price‐performance ratio and what to we do? We make it even better. For example, we designed an exquisite floor that will remind you of the planks on a luxurious yacht and the pearly white décor with intricate cross‐grid pattern. Even in terms of function, the SKY TI has a lot to offer: for example, the practical service box.

  • Largest choice of layouts
  • Patented 3D room bath
  • Patented service box
  • Intricate ambient lighting
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Cabinet doors with soft-close function
starting from 64.570,00 £

SKY TI Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.500 kg
Length (min/max):
643 / 752 cm
Width (ext/int):
232 / 218 cm
Height (ext/int):
279 / 200 cm
Rear garage (max):
80 x 110 cm
Technical data as pdf

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