As beautiful as at home

The kitchen-, bath- and bed variations our semi-integrated motorhomes

There is no place like home‐ therfore we want that you feel as much homelike as it´s possible on your journeys. How we achieve this feeling? With our many kitchen‐, bath‐ and bed variations! Because of the thought‐out and intelligence room layout of our experienced engineers, our semi‐integrated motorhomes convey a sense of space like in a full‐fledged flat on wheels.

    • 3 clever kitchen variations
    • 8 comfortable bed variations
    • 6 spacious bath variations
    • optimal space use

    Luxurious, our kitchen variants

    A kitchen must withstand a great deal of abuse and conform to strict requirements. Robust worktops, high‐quality appliances as well as a clever layout where everything is within easy reach and plenty of storage space come as standard in every KNAUS kitchen.

    Corner Kitchen

    Spacious L shape. The corner kitchen is located behind the dinette. This means that the sink and stove can be placed across the corner to allow plenty of workspace and room for a large refrigerator.

    Layouts: L!VE TI 650 MF, 700 MEG, SKY TI 650 MF, 700 MEB, 700 MEG & 700 MX, SUN TI 650 MF, 700 MEG, L!VE WAVE 650 MF, 650 MG & 650 MX, 700 MEG & 700 MX, SKY WAVE 650 MF, 700 MEG

    Galley kitchen

    An extension to be enjoyed. Having a separate refrigerator means that this can be particularly large. The folding worktop extension offers additional room for prep.

    Layouts: VAN TI 650 MEG, L!VE TI 590 MF, 650 MEG, SKY TI 590 MF, 650 MEG, SKY WAVE 650 MEG, L!VE TRAVELLER 550 DB, 600 DKG, 650 DG

    Compact kitchen

    Efficiently integrated. Thanks to an extra deep sink and with the refrigerator integrated into the kitchenette, every centimetre is put to best use. Drawers with full extension offer convenient access to crockery and supplies.

    Layouts: VAN TI 550 MD, SUN TI 650 MEG

    Discover our bed variants

    Travelling means experiencing and relaxing. To ensure that you wake refreshed at the start of each eventful day of your vacations, we offer a choice of different bed variants: from extendible single beds all the way to spacious reclining areas. How do you want to sleep?

    Single bed

    Spacious. The single beds really give you plenty of space to relax. Thanks to the optional extension, the beds can be increased in size to create a large reclining area.

    Layouts: VAN TI 650 MEG, L!VE TI 650 MEG, 700 MEG, SKY TI 650 MEG, 700 MEB & 700 MEG, SUN TI 650 MEG, 700 MEG, L!VE WAVE 700 MEG, SKY WAVE 650 MEG, 700 MEG

    Transverse bed

    Perfectly designed. By using the entire width of the vehicle for the sleeping area, you get a particularly long surface for lying on here and a great feeling of room through efficient use of space.

    Layouts: VAN TI 550 MD, L!VE WAVE 650 MG, L!VE TRAVELLER 650 DG

    French bed

    Optimum use of space. There is also room here for a spacious bathroom and large wardrobe in the rear. An optional folding cushion on the outside provides more sleeping space.

    Layouts: L!VE TI 590 MF, 650 MF, SKY TI 590 MF, 650 MF, SUN TI 650 MF, L!VE WAVE 650 MF, SKY WAVE 650 MF

    Queens bed

    True relaxation. The queens bed is accessible from both sides for extra convenience. There is also a large wardrobe with a garment rail on both sides of the bed.

    Layouts: SKY TI 700 MX, L!VE WAVE 650 MX, 700 MX

    Bunk bed

    Bunking down. The children’s bunk bed in the rear is already included as standard in our special K layouts. With a sleeping area of up to 212 x 74 cm, there is plenty of room for big dreams over two levels here.

    Layouts: L!VE TRAVELLER 600 DKG

    Lifting bed

    Winding down. The lifting bed can be lowered particularly easily and a long way down for a second separate sleeping area. When not in use, a comfortable standing height is maintained.

    Layouts: L!VE WAVE 650 MF, 650 MG & 650 MX, 700 MEG & 700 MX, SKY WAVE 650 MF & 650 MEG, 700 MEG

    Over cab bed

    Onwards and upwards. Access to the alcove bed is absolutely safe thanks to the lockable ladder with optional ladder shaft. The alcove is fully heated and rear‐ventilated for pleasant sleeping conditions.

    Layouts: L!VE TRAVELLER 550 DB, 600 DKG, 650 DG

    Guest bed

    Variable and comfortable. The dinette can be converted into an additional sleeping area in just a few easy steps, offering one to two beds depending on the layout. The stable lifting table on a central support column is simply lowered for this. A cosy reclining area is then created thanks to the custom‐fit upholstery.

    Discover our bathroom variants

    The KNAUS bathroom variants are stylish, clever and spacious. When it comes to design, we place great importance on elegant style, maximum storage space and an atmosphere of well‐being. We believe that bathrooms should offer as much space as possible, but take up as little space as possible.

    Open bath

    Elegant and spacious. The door to the washroom and toilet area also functions here as a partition to the living room, which means that a particularly roomy bathroom can be created if necessary. The separate, spacious shower cabin is a comfort highlight.

    Layouts: SKY TI 700 MEG & 700 MX, SUN TI 700 MEG, SKY WAVE 700 MEG

    Comfort bath

    Swivelling convenience. The swivel wall provides an especially spacious shower cabin on one side, with the sink on the other.

    Layouts: VAN TI 550 MD, 650 MEG, L!VE TI 650 MEG, SKY TI 650 MEG, SUN TI 650 MEG, SKY WAVE 650 MEG, L!VE TRAVELLER 550 DB, 600 DKG, 650 DG

    Rear longitudinal bath

    Clever and spacious. In layouts with a french bed, this bathroom variant optimises the use of space, both inside and outside the bathroom.

    Layouts: L!VE TI 590 MF, 650 MF, SKY TI 590 MF, 650 MF, SUN TI 650 MF, L!VE WAVE 650 MF, SKY WAVE 650 MF

    Rear crossways bath

    A spacious shift. The transverse bathroom in the rear ensures that the single beds are shifted forward a little. This means that the vehicle’s full width can be used to create a spacious bathroom with separate shower cabin.

    Layouts: SKY TI 700 MEB

    Integrated bath

    Intelligent configuration. A fixed wash basin, fixed shower cubicle and still plenty space despite the compact dimensions. The intelligent configuration makes it possible.

    Layouts: L!VE TI 700 MEG, L!VE WAVE 650 MG, 700 MEG & 700 MX

    L!VE bath

    Cleverness perfected. The new bathroom in the L!VE models with a separate shower and spacious bathroom with a flexible room divider ensures maximum enjoyment when you’re brushing your teeth.

    Layout: L!VE WAVE 650 MX