As beautiful as at home

The kitchen‐, bath‐ and bed variations our semi‐integrated motorhomes

There is no place like home – therfore we want that you feel as much homelike as it´s possible on your journeys. How we achieve this feeling? With our many kitchen‐, bath‐ and bed variations! Because of the thought‐out and intelligence room layout of our experienced engineers, our semi‐integrated motorhomes convey a sense of space like in a full‐fledged flat on wheels. 

  • 3 clever kitchen variations
  • 6 comfortable bed variations
  • 5 spacious bath variations
  • optimal space use
Variante Winkelküche in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS
Variante Längsküche in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS
Variante Kompaktküche in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

Kitchen variants to suit your taste

For you, the kitchen is the heart of your home? Or are you more the type who doesn’t need anything except a hearty breakfast? Either way, there is something for every taste in our kitchen variants. And because a kitchen has to withstand a lot and meet high standards, we place particular emphasis on robust work surfaces and high‐quality appliances. A well thought‐out conception with short distances and plenty of storage space are standard features in every KNAUS kitchen.

Winkelküche in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

Corner kitchen

Spacious L shape. Due to the angled extension of the kitchen unit into the room, the sink and cooker can be placed over the corner. In addition to extra work surface and storage space, the L‐shape creates a modern, relaxed atmosphere.

Layouts: VAN TI PLUS 700 LF / L!VE TI 650 MF, 700 MEG / SKY TI 650 MF, 700 MEG, 700 MX / L!VE WAVE 650 MF, 650 MG650 MX, 700 MEG700 MX / SKY WAVE 650 MF, 700 MEG

Variante Einzelbett in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

Fantastic variety: Discover our bed variants

One of the most important questions for relaxed travel: How do you like to feather your nest? Do you prefer large single beds or is sleeping across more your style? Whichever type of bed you choose, you can always look forward to the outstanding KNAUS sleeping comfort.

Wasch‐ und Toilettenraum in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS
Feste Duschkabine in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

Bathroom variants: From compact to spacious

Having your own wellness area always with you is a real advantage for all those who do not know today where the desire to travel will take you tomorrow. When designing our bathrooms, we attach great importance to a user‐friendly layout, best possible storage space as possible and a feel‐good atmosphere. In the concept, we aim for the bathroom to offer as much space as possible but take up as little room as possible.

Raumbad in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS


Elegant and spacious. The door to the washroom and toilet area also functions here as a partition to the living room, which means that a particularly roomy bathroom can be created if necessary. The separate, spacious shower cabin is a comfort highlight with high‐quality fittings and practical shelves.

Layouts: SKY TI 700 MEG, 700 MX / SKY WAVE 700 MEG

Hecklängsbad in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

Rear longitudinal bath

Efficient use of space. In layouts with a French bed, the variable bathroom with easy‐to‐clean bench toilet and shower cubicle offers a high level of comfort without taking up much space. The separate washstand is optimally integrated into the living area.

Layouts: VAN TI 550 MF / VAN TI PLUS 700 LF / L!VE TI 590 MF, 650 MF / SKY TI 650 MF / L!VE WAVE 650 MF / SKY WAVE 650 MF

Fixbad in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

Integrated bath

Intelligent configuration. A fixed wash basin, fixed shower cubicle and still plenty space despite the compact dimensions. The intelligent configuration makes it possible. A spacious mirror cabinet and storage compartments offer space for all bathroom utensils.

Layouts: L!VE TI 700 MEG, L!VE WAVE 650 MG, 700 MEG, 700 MX

Livebad in den teilintegrierten Reisemobilen von KNAUS

L!VE bath

Comfort on all sides. The L!VE bath has a separate shower cabin which can be connected to the washing area and separated from the living area by means of a textile room divider. The compact washroom with rotating cassette toilet can be separated with a variable room divider.

Layout: L!VE WAVE 650 MX