The interior looks as good as it is.

What makes an interior beautiful? Of course, lots of excellent features, storage space and expertly designed layouts. Does that sound reasonable? It is – and that’s why it is so nicely suited to our KNAUS SPORT. Since being reasonable is not in itself enough, in the creation of the design our designers have gone the extra mile. So that what is good is not just good enough, but also looks good.

  • Adjustable halogen spots
  • Two‐part entrance door
  • 5‐zone cold foam mattress
  • High‐quality fittings
Der KNAUS SPORT - Caravan des Jahres 2022 2.Platz
거실 부엌 침실 욕실 소재
Modernes, geräumiges Interieur im Wohnwagen KNAUS SPORT

Game, set, match

The spacious interior offers the perfect place for a cosy games night with the family. The modern design with bright accents creates a feel‐good atmosphere.

SPORT 460 EU E.POWER SELECTION Stimmungsvolle Ambientebeleuchtung im KNAUS SPORT 460 EU
Ambient lightning

Elaborate ambient lighting for cosy evenings The LED spotlights are variably movable. Depending on where you need light.

SPORT 420 QD KNAUS SPORT 420 QD mit dunklem Querholzdekor
Modern furniture design

Dark horizontal wood decor looks very elegant in combination with bright ceiling cabinets.

SPORT 450 FU Das helle Interieur im KNAUS SPORT
Entrance furniture

Depending on the layout, a large mirror, coat hooks, additional shelves and storage space can be found here. And if you opt for the optional 24“ SMART T V, this too.

SPORT 400 LK Das Klappbett ist platzsparend zur Seite geklappt im SPORT 400 LK
Bed & Breakfast

A cosy dining area with everything your heart desires. The folddown bed is folded to the side wall to save space and provide full headroom.

Wohnwagenküche mit hochwertigem Edelstahl-Spülbecken im KNAUS SPORT

Here, everyone becomes a dishwasher master

All the family dishes can be conveniently washed in the high‐quality stainless steel sink. There is plenty of storage space for the dry dishes.

SPORT 540 FDK Optionale Küchenwandverkleidung im KNAUS SPORT Wohnwagen
Kitchen back wall cladding (optional)

Protects against food splashes during preparation and cooking and ensures a harmonious overall appearance.


Here you can look forward to the easy‐care, child‐safe induction double hotplate as well as the efficient compressor refrigerator.

SPORT 540 FDK Schubladen mit Vollauszug im SPORT 540 FDK
Drawers with full‐extension slides

They slide out so far that you can use them right to the very back of the drawer.

SPORT 540 FDK SPORT Interieur - Absorberkühlschrank im KNAUS Wohnwagen
On the go or on the campsite?

The AES function allows the absorption refrigerator to run on gas for a longer period of time without charging current.

KNAUS SPORT - Großer Kleiderschrank neben dem Etagenbett

Space for everything: from bikini to jumper

For the Bauer family, storage space is a top priority because they can never have enough of it. Here they do. The large wardrobe next to the bunk bed has room for Lotte’s entire holiday wardrobe.

SPORT 460 EU SPORT 460 EU - Zahlreiche Ablagefächer über den Einzelbetten
Single beds

Numerous storage compartments & generous storage cabinets offer you enough space for everything you need to have quickly at hand.

SPORT 540 FDK 3-fach Etagenbett inklusive Rausfallschutz im KNAUS SPORT Interieur
Bunk bed (triple)

Tree house feeling for the little ones from the upper bunk. And a safe feeling for all parents thanks to fall‐out protection and a permanently installed ladder.

SPORT 540 FDK KNAUS SPORT 540 FDK - Französisches Bett im Interieur
French bed

Thanks to the adjoining bathroom area, layouts with a French bed make perfect use of the living space, down to every last corner.

SPORT 400 LK Zwei extra Schlafplätze im KNAUS SPORT 400 LK
Bye‐bye dinette. Hello guest bed!

With the 400 LK you get 2 extra sleeping places in a few easy steps: Lower the folding bed and equip the dinette underneath with precisely fitting levelling cushions (optional). Done!

Geräumige Stauraummöglichkeiten im Bad des KNAUS SPORT

The perfect start to a new day

Don’t search long, find it straight away: For Sven, the spacious and thoughtfully placed storage compartments, like here in the bathroom cabinet, are an absolute highlight.

SPORT 540 FDK Abgeschlossener Toilettenraum im KNAUS SPORT 540 FDK
Bathroom variant 5

Layouts with a queen‐size bed offer an enclosed toilet room with a rotating toilet. The washing area is open – but the textile room divider offers protection from all curious glances.

SPORT 500 KD Separate Dusche im KNAUS SPORT 500 KD - Interieur Wohnwagen
Bathroom variant 6

For layouts with a cross bed and cots, the bathroom is very spacious and has a separate shower.

SPORT 400 LK KNAUS SPORT 400 LK mit optionalem Duschausbau und integriertem Waschtisch
Bathroom variant 4

The perfectly integrated washbasin offers an extended shelf. With the optional shower extension, the bathroom is transformed into a shower cubicle in no time at all.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

아늑한 COZY HOME 패키지

더 아름답고 편안한 캠핑을 꿈꾸시나요? COZY HOME 패키지의 포근한 베개와 담요, 식탁보로 더 안락한 카라반을 만드실 수 있습니다.

SPORT 모델 커버 옵션

Polster BLUE NIGHT im Wohnwagen KNAUS SPORT Polster COOL GREY im Wohnwagen KNAUS SPORT Polster ACTIVE ROCK im Wohnwagen KNAUS SPORT Polster ACTIVE ROYAL im Wohnwagen KNAUS SPORT
ACTIVE ROCK (액티브 라인)
Available against extra charge.
Available against extra charge.