The interior looks as good as it is.

What makes an interior beautiful? Of course, lots of excellent features, storage space and expertly designed layouts. Does that sound reasonable? It is – and that’s why it is so nicely suited to our KNAUS SPORT. Since being reasonable is not in itself enough, in the creation of the design our designers have gone the extra mile. So that what is good is not just good enough, but also looks good.

  • Adjustable halogen spots
  • Two‐part entrance door
  • 5‐zone cold foam mattress
  • High‐quality fittings
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Wrapped up vacation fun

In the spacious lounge as they discuss ideas for their next route, Lisa and David can re‐energise after their unplanned diving trip while kayaking.

Cosy horseshoe seating arrangement

When the evening winds down, simply lower the table, place the backrest in the middle and in no time at all a comfortable bed is created.

Two‐part entrance door

With safety lock and metal locking, so that you can always get a good’s night sleep.

Generously sized dinette

Depending on the layout, you’ll find a cosy dinette in your SPORT. This can optionally be converted into a bed.

A kitchen for body and soul

Whether freshly squeezed orange juice for breakfast or delicious stir‐fried vegetables in the evening. We can really enjoy ourselves here.

Numerous kitchen variants

Even our compact layouts have spacious kitchens. The best example is the 420 QD.

Drawers with full‐extension slides

They slide out so far that you can use them right to the very back of the drawer.

Large 3‐flame cooker

Lots of room for storing several pots or frying pans – and thanks to the solid cast‐iron grate, they are absolutely secure.

This way to your rendezvous

The adjustable halogen spots are especially practical for reading at night. This way, Lisa can get some sleep while David continues reading his exciting book.

Comfortable children’s beds

In every layout with a „K“, you’ll find comfortable children’s beds and lots of extra storage space in the bed drawer.

Spacious transversal bed

For those who select a transversal bed, you’ll benefit from the generously designed lying area. Perfect for those who dream big or toss and turn.

A guest bed that guests love

In select layouts, you can transform the dinette into a guest bed.

Synchronised teeth brushing

Not an Olympic discipline, but it’s still loads of fun. In particular, when standing in front of the modern washbasin cabinet.

Layout with French beds

This variant always has a closed toilet room with shower (optional) and a washbasin, which is accessible from the living room.

Bathroom variant 500 EU

Find the perfect bathroom for your demands. For example, here in the 500 EU with larger corner washbasin, lots of counter space and a practical, swivel toilet.

New: the COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your caravan with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

SPORT Upholstery Options

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