The interior looks as good as it is.

What makes an interior beautiful? Of course, lots of excellent features, storage space and expertly designed layouts. Does that sound reasonable? It is – and that’s why it is so nicely suited to our KNAUS SPORT. Since being reasonable is not in itself enough, in the creation of the design our designers have gone the extra mile. So that what is good is not just good enough, but also looks good.

  • Adjustable halogen spots
  • Two‐part entrance door
  • 5‐zone cold foam mattress
  • High‐quality fittings
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Go on holiday in the living space wizard

This is what a genuine top value for money looks like. The living space in the KNAUS SPORT shows a lot of attention to detail. The gap dimensions are perfect, the materials feel really good and the handles don’t just look like metal, they actually are.

SPORT 450 FU Interieur Stauraum im Eingangsbereich

The entrance area already has plenty of storage space for your holiday enjoyment.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur zweiteilige Eingangstür

Two‐part entrance door for letting in a breath of fresh air without the children slipping away.

SPORT 450 FU Interieur Tischplatte

The large table top with wood structure feels as good as it looks.

SPORT 450 FU Interieur verschiebbare Halogenspots

The slidable halogen spots can be unhinged and positioned somewhere else.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur Sitzgruppe

Roomy seating area with very comfortable cushions and an inviting atmosphere. 

Conjure fantastic meals

The kitchen in the KNAUS SPORT can be best described in two words: impressively full‐fledged. We really have done everything so that you can peel, chop and stir with passion and, of course, not let anything burn.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur breite Schubladen

The wide drawers glide out smoothly. Nothing rattles, nothing wobbles.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur 109 Liter Kühlschrank

The 109‐litre refrigerator can be powered by either electricity or gas.

SPORT 450 FU Interieur Schrankklappen
High quality

Two‐part storage unit flaps with elegant metal handles and lovely appearance.

SPORT 500 FDK Interieur 3-Flammkocher

The high‐quality 3‐hob stove even holds large pans with ease. This is exactly how it should be.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur Küchenschubladen

See for yourself how many kitchen utensils fit into the spacious drawers. 

Sleep in a good neighbourhood

Deep sleep naturally demands a high‐quality dream landscape. And this is the case in the KNAUS SPORT. You always lie in the right position on the 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress. The reading lamps can be positioned as you wish and the soft head piece in leather optic is a pleasure to look at.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur Stauraum

What use is storage space if it is difficult to get to? Be it from outside or inside. In the SPORT everything is always ideally accessible. The large outside flap and the folding slatted frame on the single beds ensure this.

SPORT 500 EU Interieur Betten

In the bedroom it is all about creating a cosy atmosphere, which is why we have lined the walls with foam, covered them with imitation leather and given them an ideal finish. This not only looks great, it feels great too.

Bed options

SPORT 500 FDK Interieur Stockbett

SPORT 500 FDK – normal beds are boring. Because you cannot climb around on them.

SPORT 500 FDK Interieur französisches Bett

SPORT 500 FDK – The three quarter bed saves space to the benefit of the rest of the floor plan.

SPORT 420 QD Interieur Bett

SPORT 420 QD – Here is plenty of space for moving around and for little visitors from the bunk bed.

Feel-good bathroom

Do you know every trick in the book? Super, then you will love this one. We are only satisfied when you are one hundred percent satisfied with your bathroom. We have created a homely ambience with lots of wood that feels as good as it looks. And thanks to ideal space usage with a lot of storage areas, one thing you will always find here, is: Room to move.

Bath options

SPORT upholstery options

Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal