Live, cook and sleep wonderfully.

If a compact motorhome shouldn’t leave anything to be desired, then the furniture should be constructed by master craftsmen. With a high level of engineering skill and an eye for detail, we have used every centimetre of space efficiently and have furnished numerous elements with a leather structural foil. In this way, the VAN TI does not only convince customers due to its excellent usability, but also through its beautiful design. Look forward to it!

  • Intricate soft‐close furniture flaps
  • Comfortable 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress
  • Fully equipped bathroom with shower cabin
  • Elegant décor with leather structural foil
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Live in beautiful surroundings

The perfect place for many pleasant hours on your travels. Whether it is in Tuscany in summer or en route to the North Cape. On the elegant and spacious side seating group with extra‐wide seat cushions and ergonomic shaping, you will be seated in wonderful comfort at all times.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Panorama-Dachfenster

The optional panoramic skylight lets plenty of natural sunlight into the VAN TI.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Schwalbennester

The shapely swallows nests make every little corner into a practical storage space.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Sitzgruppe

The finely upholstered L‐shaped seating group with a single column lift‐up table.

VAN TI 550 MD Interieur Soft-Close Klappen

The soft‐close drawers close gently and lock automatically. 

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Wohnbereich

Premium furniture in solid cabinet construction and beautiful fronts with metal handles. 

Cook and enjoy

Here you can see and feel the perfect balance of design and function. Large shelves, flowing forms, a practical, fold‐out extension, indirect lighting, extra‐wide furniture handles and numerous outlets. We have thought of everything.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Küche mit ausklappbarer Arbeitsplattenverlängerung

A folding extension for the countertop, which can be operated with ease.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur 3-Flammenkocher

Naturally a powerful 3‐hob stove with piezo electric ignition cannot be omitted in the VAN TI.

VAN TI 550 MD Interieur Küchenschublade und Spüle

Beautiful round shapes not only create a lot of storage space, but are also pleasing to the eye.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Küchenschubladen
High quality

Spacious drawers with full extension for convenient access and room for all kinds of kitchen utensils.

VAN TI 550 MD Interieur Küche

Even in the ultra‐compact 550 MD there is plenty of room for a large kitchen unit.

Fabulous outlook

Naturally the high value from the living area is continued in the bedroom. And not only can you see that, you can also feel it. For example, with the excellent 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress. In this lovely ambiance you’re guaranteed to wake up refreshed.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Einzelbetten mit Mittelteil

With the retractable centre piece, the single beds can be turned into a huge double bed.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur Kleiderschränke unter den Betten

Closet under the beds with dual access and gas pressure absorbers.

VAN TI 650 MEG Interieur verschiebbares Tablett

The adjustable tray can also be positioned in other areas of the VAN TI.

VAN TI 550 MD Interieur Schiebetür

The practical sliding door quickly turns the VAN TI into a two‐room apartment.

VAN TI 550 MD Interieur Heckquerbett mit 5-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratze

The rear crossways bed also benefits from the 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress.

Simply wonderful

A compact motorhome needs a compact bathroom. But do without a shower for that reason? Of course not. The mirror folds to the side together with the washbasin and makes way for the shower cubicle. For you we always have a real stroke of genius to hand.

VAN TI upholstery options

Indian Summer
Blue Marine
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas