Optional Equipment

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Standard equipment
Optional equipment
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Optional equipmentkg
Motorisation / Drive / Gearing / Load Increase
FIAT Ducato 3.500 kg***; 2.2 l 180 Multijet; front-wheel drive; Euro 6d-Final (132 kW/180 HP); 6-speed manual gearbox (Dependency: ABH32622, ABH32623)-£2,645.00
FIAT Ducato 4.000 kg***; 2.2 l 180 Multijet; front-wheel drive; Euro 6d-Final (130 kW/177 HP); 6-speed manual gearbox (Dependency: ABH18010, ABH10033)40£4,325.00
9-speed torque converter automatic transmission (Dependency: ABH10075)18£3,263.00
Load increase from 3.500 kg*** to 3.650 kg*** (Dependency: ABH32625)-£332.00
Load increase from 4.000 kg*** to 4,400 kg*** (Dependency: ABH42602)-£279.00
Reduction of the number of permitted seats in operation from 4 to 3 people (Dependency: ABH50986, ABH50987)--
Additional belt-secured seat, pluggable14£512.00
Chassis / Climate Control / Multimedia
Crank supports, rear4£361.00
Coil spring on rear axle (Chassis optimisation) (Dependency: ABH10040)10£430.00
2-channel air suspension (Dependency: ABH10041)25£1,499.00
All-weather tyres-£371.00
Air conditioning in cab, automatic (extra charge from difference to manual air conditioning)-£411.00
Seat heating for driver's and passenger's seats1£699.00
Heated windscreen1£294.00
"Traction Plus" traction aid, including Hill Descent Assist-£95.00
Tyre pressure sensors1£242.00
Safety Pack FIAT1£848.00
Safety Pack Easy Driver FIAT-£737.00
Electric parking brake-9£518.00
Fog lights with cornering lights2£168.00
Spare tyre35£184.00
Fuel tank 90 ltr.13£89.00
Keyless (Entry&Go) (Dependency: ABH9960)1£635.00
Additional car key with remote control (Dependency: ABH10045)-£32.00
Full LED front lighting (low beam, high beam and indicators) (Dependency: ABH10074, ABH10076)-£1,053.00
LED daytime running light-£316.00
230 V socket in driver's cab-£179.00
Inductive charging cradle (Dependency: ABH35553)-£231.00
Virtual cockpit-£516.00
Maximum load capacity of the rear garage: 250 kg20£1,175.00
Trailer hitch, rigid (Dependency: ABH10046)26£1,603.00
Bicycle carrier for 2 bikes, rear: THULE LIFT V16 (Dependency: ABH10009, Note: H157)17£706.00
Bicycle carrier for 3 bikes, rear: THULE LIFT V16 (Dependency: ABH10009, Note: H157)18£768.00
THULE garage organisation system 14£303.00
Motorcycle holder, load capacity 120 kg (Dependency: ABH35555, ABH45111, ABH10046)50£2,334.00
Body door: KNAUS EXkLUSIV2£216.00
Service Hatches / Garage Doors
Service/storage space hatches and garage door/hatch with central locking (Dependency: ABH10051, ABH9960)2£875.00
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
Frame window SEITZ S7-£851.00
Panorama skylight 130 x 45 cm (rear) (Dependency: ABH45285)12£566.00
Roof hood (lift-tilt) 40 x 40 cm with insect screen and blackout, in shower/toilet room3£208.00
Materials / Vehicle Graphics
TVT body construction-£1,885.00
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
ISOFIX system (2 child seats)5£241.00
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL topper, fixed beds only6£435.00
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK-£375.00
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Remote display DuoC (Ice Ex integrated) (Dependency: ABH10081)-£175.00
TRUMA DuoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH9968)1£188.00
TRUMA LevelControl (for 1 steel gas bottle)-£175.00
Gas detector-£127.00
External gas socket1£237.00
ALDE hot water heating incl. booster (Dependency: ABH44600, ABH42599, ABH10017, Note: H160)41£2,380.00
Electric underfloor heating8£748.00
Floor with hot water heating (Dependency: ABH10083)10£1,032.00
Heating control panel ALDE LCD (Dependency: ABH10018)--
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 2200 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH10020, ABH9971, Note: H145)29£2,475.00
Exterior shower, connection in garage left4£274.00
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
Touch-Control-Panel with intuitive operating concept of networked components, incl. indoor and outdoor temperature sensor instead of standard Control-Panel (Dependency: ABH10084)-£353.00
Intelligent charger with 25 A charging power-£192.00
Combi external socket (electricity + TV)-£115.00
Additional board battery (Dependency: ABH10021)24£420.00
LiFePO4-on-board battery (instead of standard battery) (Dependency: ABH22324, ABH10021)-12£1,149.00
Additional LiFePO4-board battery (Dependency: ABH22325, ABH22326, ABH10021)12£1,358.00
Battery sensor for on-board battery (Dependency: ABH22327)-£349.00
Solar system (200 W) (Dependency: ABH9983)17£1,676.00
Complete antenna system Oyster 60 Premium, Twin (Dependency: ABH43386, ABH43391, Note: H145)15£2,640.00
27" SMART TV set with HD tuner (Dependency: ABH10066)4£937.00
21.5" SMART TV set with HD tuner incl. holder, in sleeping area (Dependency: ABH43387, ABH10027)6£1,104.00
TV holder3£363.00
External LTE / WIFI antenna3£1,053.00
Alarm system "Cobra"4£1,053.00
Gas sensor as addition to the alarm system (Dependency: ABH9991)-£210.00