Furniture constructed by master craftsmen and equipment for discerning clients

Inside as well as outside, our SKY TI is a real well‐rounded motorhome. However: Inside, the term „cubic‟ might be a more apt description. The high‐quality integral furniture construction with perfect rear ventilation and sturdy aluminium profiles scores highly with its minimalist, angular design language. And to ensure that everything is presented in the perfect light, we can install a comprehensive optional ambient LED lighting system that is second to none.

  • Huge panorama skylight
  • Numerous bed types
  • Patented 3D room bath
  • Compact 145‐litre slim refrigerator
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Urge to travel far comes as standard

Let the sun shine through the large panorama sky light and be happy that you are travelling in a SKY TI. From the exquisite pearly décor with cross‐grid pattern to the optional L‐seating group and the high‐quality upholstery. Here, you simply feel at home!

SKY TI 650 MF Interieur Deckenverkleidung

The optional skylight lets an incredible amount of sun into the SKY TI and can naturally be shaded.

SKY TI 650 MF Interieur Fach unter der Sitzbank

Compartments in the floor and underneath the seat bench mean the SKY TI is not just a talented loader, but also an organisational wunderkind.

SKY TI 700 MEG Interieur Wood-Style Oberschränke

The wood‐style surfaces and the crossgrid pattern décor have an impressive look and an enjoyable touch and feel.

SKY TI 650 MEG Interieur 24 Zoll LED-TV

The new 24“ LED TV can be moved using the swivel mount and disappear into an extra compartment behind the back seat.

You will not go hungry here

In our opinion, a good kitchen should be able to do two things: Look nice and be practical. Thanks to the bright and friendly colours, the ambient lighting underneath the counter top, the huge soft‐close drawers and the robust surfaces this works at least as good as the sturdy counter top extension to the left of the cooker.

SKY TI 650 MEG Interieur Küche mit Holzmaserung

The elegant design language and the stylish wood grain makes the kitchen a real eye‐catcher.

SKY TI 650 MEG Interieur 145 Liter Slim-Tower Kühlschrank

But please keep it compact! Only the 145‐litre slim tower with its efficient use of space can achieve this.

SKY TI 650 MEG Interieur Küche
Kitchen option

Regardless of whether a curved L‐shape or a compact‐sized block: The kitchens in the SKY TI are always a delight!

Let's hear it for cosiness

We ensure a pleasant ambience and a good night’s sleep. For example, on the elegant individual beds in CARAVASIO style and our excellent KNAUS 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattresses. Thanks to the numerous bed types, one thing is certain: in the SKY TI, you can relax the right way.

SKY TI 700 MEG Interieur Kleiderschrank

With the foldable entries to the closets underneath the beds, we have made the new SKY TI a little bit better.

SKY TI 650 MF Interieur Schwalbennest über dem Bett

The swallow’s nests above the bed are ready to store a lot of small odds and ends while looking really great. Just like a KNAUS.

SKY TI 650 MF Interieur französisches Bett

How about enjoying something extra special? In the SKY TI, the 650 MF contains a French bed with a large sleeping area.

En-suite bathroom away on travel

Our patented 3D in‐room bath includes a number of clever solutions. One of them is the moveable back wall of the toilet area. The wall can be flexibly moved to ensure more room in the bath or a larger entry. Furniture designed and built by master craftsmen makes it possible.

SKY TI 700 MEG Interieur Badarmatur

You can make it an easier way, but certainly not a more attractive way. The tap in the SKY TI simply has style.

SKY TI 700 MEG Interieur optionaler Holzrost im Badezimmer

The optional wood slats look refined and protect the bathroom floor from dirty shoes.

SKY TI 700 MEG Interieur Dusche mit zahlreichen Ablagen

The shower with numerous storage facilities and shapely shower head ensures a good start to the day.

SKY TI 650 MF Interieur Bad
Bathroom option

Whether compact open bathroom with an integrated shower or a luxury oasis in two rooms: In the SKY TI, wellness does not take a back seat.


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