True KNAUS quality to touch and feel

This is what a real KNAUS looks like! Wherever you look in the L!VE TI, the influence of our best designers can be seen everywhere. From the elegant roof extension to the modern floor in yacht appearance: the L!VE TI shines with great design highlights and convinces through premium KNAUS craftsmanship.

  • Soft‐close mechanisms
  • Retractable LED‐TV
  • Atmospheric ambience lighting
  • High‐quality EvoPore mattresses
L!VE TI - 4 Grundrisse mit bis zu 4 Schlafplätzen
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
Interieur im KNAUS L!VE TI

Loft feeling to go

The open interior and stylish furniture design create a particularly modern overall picture that reminds Lea and Daniel of their student days in Stockholm.

L!VE TI 590 MF Das neue Interieur des KNAUS Live TI 2024
Layout 590 MF

The optional L‐shaped seating group including sliding single‐column lifting table creates additional living space & allows optimum freedom of movement. The additional side seat opens up further flexible seating options & provides a comfortable lying surface when converting the dinette into a guest bed.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Versenkbarer 27" LED-TV im KNAUS L!VE TI
Lowerable LED TV

The Full HD television (optional) simply disappears behind the bench seat, so it doesn’t take up space when it’s not in use.

L!VE TI 590 MF KNAUS 2020-2021 L!VE I Interieur Küche
Well thought‐out dinette

The overhead cupboards offer plenty of storage space. Thanks to a gathering function, the high‐quality net curtains can be raised or lowered as preferred.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Bugausbau - L!VE TI 2020-2021
Elegant front interior

The dark offset décor picks up the line of the driver’s cab cladding and ensures a smooth transition.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Optionale L-Sitzgruppe im Grundriss 700 MEG des L!VE TI
Cosy lighting atmosphere

The optional ambient lighting may not turn night into day, but it ensures many cosy hours after sunset.

KNAUS L!VE TI - Interieur Teilintegriertes Reisemobil

Unconventional and to your taste

Lea and Daniel can make themselves comfortable on the cosy bench at any time. But what’s wrong with breakfast in bed? Nothing! In the 590 MF the kitchen drawers are even within reach.

L!VE TI 700 MEG L!VE TI - Winkelküche mit 142 Liter Kühlschrank
Corner kitchen

With up to 142 liters of refrigerator volume, you can pack plenty of supplies and don’t have to worry about the energy source thanks to the AES function.

L!VE TI 590 MF Variante Längsküche im KNAUS L!VE TI 550 MF
Variant – galley kitchen

The galley kitchen in the 550 MF is compact, but offers incredible worktop and storage space thanks to the folding worktop extension and clever layout.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Viel Stauraum im KNAUS L!VE TI
Additional storage space

The extended angle offers additional space for dishes and supplies. The stopcocks are also safely stored here.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Gasbackofen inkl. Grillfunktion - Küchenblock L!VE TI
Freshly baked

The optional gas oven incl. grill function finds elegant space in the kitchen block.

EvoPore Matratzen auf den Betten im KNAUS L!VE TI

Here you are always right on the spot

The high‐quality EvoPore mattresses remain elastic for many years and do not form uncomfortable wells over time. Daniel finds this just as great as the over 2 metre long bed and the folding pad (optional) to extend the foot end on the French bed.

L!VE TI 700 MEG L!VE TI - Einzelbetten werden zum Doppelbett dan Rollattenrost
Single beds

With the roller slatted frame in the middle and the two cushion sections, you can transform the single beds into a large double bed in a matter of seconds.

L!VE TI 590 MF Stauraum unter dem französischen Bett - KNAUS L!VE TI
Practical storage space

The French bed folds up easily for convenient access to the storage space underneath. This can also be accessed from the outside, via the rear garage.

L!VE TI 590 MF Das Französische Bett im KNAUS L!VE TI
Perfectly integrated

The French bed blends into the layout in a particularly space‐saving manner. This makes the entire living space appear even more open and offers maximum room to move.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Kleiderschränke unter den Einzelbetten - L!VE TI von KNAUS
Wardrobes under single beds

Open the door and flap and you have convenient access to the spacious wardrobes, including clothes rails on both sides.

Einfache Pflege in den Badvarianten bei KNAUS im L!VE TI

A clean job

When designing the bathrooms, we make sure that not only your own care, but also that of the furniture is easy for you. That is why we use surfaces that are easy to clean. So Lea is ready for the next trip in no time at all.

L!VE TI 700 MEG Komfortbad - KNAUS L!VE TI 2020-2021
Comfort bath

Especially practical: Additional storage compartments under the washbasin & a tissue dispenser.

L!VE TI 700 MEG KNAUS L!VE TI - Fixbad mit viel Stauraum und fester Duschkabine
Integrated bath

With a fixed shower cubicle, high‐quality fittings and a standard roof hood (28 x 28 cm),  the fixed bathroom offers maximum comfort. The optimised mirror cabinet offers plenty of space for your bathroom utensils.

L!VE TI 590 MF Hecklängsbad im KNAUS L!VE TI
Rear longitudinal bath

By moving the washbasin into the living area, a separate room with a comfortable bench toilet and shower cubicle is created. In addition to the shelves and storage cabinets on the washbasin, you will find additional storage space in the large wall cabinet above the toilet.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your motorhome with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

L!VE TI upholstery options

L!VE TI Polstervariante BLUE NIGHT KNAUS L!VE TI Polstervariante COOL GREY KNAUS L!VE TI Polstervariante TURIN KNAUS L!VE TI Polstervariante ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) KNAUS L!VE TI Polstervariante ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line) L!VE TI Polster CREAM NATURE (Echtleder)
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.

Please note that some of the videos use footage of the FIAT DUCATO 7, a previous model of the current model generation of the FIAT DUCATO. WEINSBERG only uses the current generation of the FIAT DUCATO for its motorhomes and camper vans based on the FIAT DUCATO. We therefore ask you to inform yourself about the current model generation at your local KNAUS dealer before making a purchase decision.