Structure & Quality

Partly integrated motorhomes

Whether atmospheric ambient lighting, noble and high‐ quality surfaces or extraordinary new materials. We are looking forward that you feel completely comfortable in your holidays. Therefore it needs a little bit more than you need exactly.

  • top technology
  • premium‐quality details
  • useful ServiceBox
  • high material quality
  • rugged construction
  • smart CI system
Teilintegrierte Reisemobile - Aufbau & Qualität - Kompetenz KNAUS

Top technology for the most wonderful time of year

Optimally constructed for 100% wanderlust. With our motorhomes you always arrive better, ensured by intelligent constructions, numerous innovations and practical features. The sum of all parts results in unlimited holiday happiness.

Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte - Stabiler Pro.Tec Frame
Stable Pro.Tec frame

The Pro.Tec frame is a particularly solid aluminium profile strip that connects the side wall, front wall, rear wall and roof to one another. It enhances the stability of the bodywork and therefore also the longevity of the entire vehicle. A particular highlight: The Pro.Tec frame incorporates a chamber for the sealant. This means that it can no longer bulge out, ensuring a seamless appearance. (Model‐dependent)

Innovative FoldXpand Heckkonstruktion - KNAUS Teilintegrierte Wohnmobile
Innovative FoldXpand rear construction

Thanks to a unique folding lamella construction and a completely new type of taillight carrier, the rear of the VAN TI forms a completely flat surface that has a particularly automotive effect and maximises the living space inwards without having to increase the external dimensions of the vehicle. (Model‐dependent)

KNAUS CATEYE evolution Rückleuchte (Modellabhängig) Teilintegrierte
KNAUS CATEYE evolution rear tail light

Three‐dimensional lighting geometry and dynamic LED indicators develop the CATEYE evolution rear tail lights further enhance the design of the unique KNAUS night signature as well as increasing driving safety. (Model‐dependent)

GFK-Unterboden KNAUS Teilintegrierte - Aufbau & Qualität
Excellent GRP underfloor

To ensure optimum protection of the underfloor against weathering, stone impacts etc., we fit a thick, resilient GRP layer. (Model‐dependent)

Langlebiger TVT Aufbau - Teilintegrierte Reisemobile
Long-lasting TVT bodywork

Functional sandwich construction consisting of aluminium and insulating materials (XPS or EPS) with reinforcements made of polyurethane plastic and a completely bonded bodywork structure makes the entire vehicle more stable, more resistant to decay and more durable. (Optional)

Hochwertiges Tiefrahmen Chassis - Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte
High-quality low-frame chassis

To maximise the headroom inside our motorhomes while minimising their external height, we use genuine Fiat low‐frame chassis designs. (Model‐dependent)

Robustes High-Strength GFK Dach auf Teilintegrierten
Robust high-strength GFK roof

Not all GRP is the same. Its resilience depends on its glass content. To maximise protection against hail, we therefore opted for the high‐strength variant, whose glass content is almost three times higher than standard GRP. (Across all series)

Leak-proofness guarantee

For all our leisure vehicles, we offer you a 10‐year leak‐proofness guarantee on the body manufactured by us as well as a 24‐month guarantee from your KNAUS partner within the framework of our guarantee conditions valid at the time of vehicle delivery. (Across all series)

Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte - Kompetenz KNAUS Reisemobile

A well thought-out concept for your holiday enjoyment

An excellent motorhome is the symbiosis of innumerable practical and high‐quality details. These include additional transport options and superb technology.

Optimale Gasversorgung . Platz für zwei 11 kg Gasflaschen - Kompetenz Teilintegrierte
Optimum gas supply

Thanks to our special gas bottle pull‐out system, you will find it especially easy to check and replace gas bottles. The system can take two 11 kg gas bottles and simplifies their loading and replacement. The new gas pressure regulators from TRUMA are easier to reset and have an optimised and clear status indicator. Combined with the very easy‐to‐swap gas filter insert 3, the entire gas system and all gas‐operated devices are effectively protected. Residues are collected in a replaceable filter pad, eliminating the need to change the filter cartridge. (Model‐dependent)

Thule Fahrradträger - Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte Reisemobile
Thule bicycle rack

To safely attach your bicycles to the rear of your motorhome, you need look no further than the Thule Lift V16. The rack’s lift function allows it to be lowered by up to 70 cm for especially user‐friendly loading and unloading. An integrated safety frame ensures that the wheels do not slip during travel. The more adjustable wheel holders can be easily adapted to different wheel sizes – from mountain bikes to children’s bikes. (Model‐dependent)

KNAUS Teilintegrierte - Zentrale ServiceBox & Wasserfilter
Central service box & water filter

All of your supply technology in one central location. The flap integrated into the side wall gives you very quick and easy access to all important elements. (Across all series / Optional)

KNAUS Teilintegrierte Reisemobile Kompetenz - Velocate GPS Tracker
Velocate GPS tracker

If the worst comes to the worst, Velocate’s optional GPS tracking system provides you with optimal protection. The tracking system requires very little power and can transmit for up to three months independently. Thanks to app control, it is particularly easy to operate. AGPS ensures particularly fast location determination and a sensitive GPS antenna provides the best reception for tracking even in difficult environments. (Optional)

KNAUS Kompetenz - Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte

A sure thing: Our high-quality bodywork details

What is one of the most important points during the construction of a motorhome? Clearly, its longevity. And to ensure that you can rely one hundred percent on your vehicle, we equip every motorhome with high‐quality materials such as our optimum insulating GRP roof scoops.

GFK-Dachhutze - Teilintegrierte Reisemobile
GRP roof scoop

With optional large panoramic roof, striking design, structurally integrated insulation and, naturally, maximum protection against hail. (Across all series)

Saubere, elegante Optik - Kompetenz Teilintegrierte Wohnmobile
No visible screw fittings

Whether its fenders, side skirts or tail light mouldings. Wherever it is possible and practical in structural terms, we work to achieve a clean, elegant look with plug‐in connections that hold attachments securely. (Across all series)

17" KNAUS Alufelgen - Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte
Exklusive 17" alloy wheels

Striking design and genuine KNAUS DNA. That’s what can be found with the alloy wheels, which are available in the black gloss front polished or titanium metallic paint variants, depending on the range. (Model-dependent / Optional)

Radlauf mit EPP Isolation - Kompetenz KNAUS Teilintegrierte
Wheel arch with EPP insulation

Optimum noise comfort when driving, perfect insulation when stationary. EPP is a high‐tech material without compromises: light, impact‐absorbing, heat insulating and stable. (Across all series)

Ein-Hand-Bedienung und Doppeldichtung - Kompetenz KNAUS Teilintegrierte
Simply & securely closed

Multipoint locking but with the convenience of single‐handed operation. We aim to provide maximum convenience in the form of doors that can be operated using one hand. The double seal also ensures that heavy driving rain and wind noises do not dampen your holiday experience. Our garage doors and service doors come with convenient central locking so that you don’t have to individually lock and unlock every single one. Everything is secured at the press of a button. The optional alarm system provides even more protection. (Across all series / Model‐dependent / Optional)

Hochwertige Folien Teilintegrierte KNAUS
High-quality films

Timeless design is of little use if the vehicle starts to look old after just a few years. That is why we insist on high‐quality films from reputable suppliers such as 3M, Avery and Oracal. (Across all series)

KNAUS Reisemobil-Aufbautüren - Kompetenz - Aufbau & Qualität

That’s how nice it is to start your holiday with KNAUS motorhomes

With our different motorhome body doors, you have all the options. In order to safely keep out unwanted driving rain and other inclement weather conditions, all KNAUS body doors are equipped with a weatherproof double seal. The variants are additionally equipped with a particularly quiet, automotive locking system, which is also available in an extra wide version depending on the floor plan.

KOMFORT Reisemobil-Aufbautüre - Teilintegrierte von KNAUS

Driving rain seal (double seal) / Automotive locking system / 2 coat hooks, hinged

Reisemobil-Aufbautüre PREMIUM - Schlagregen-Dichtung und mehr

Driving rain seal (double seal) / With windows incl. darkening / Automotive locking system / Multiple locking / Concealed hinges / 2 coat hooks, hinged / Multifunctional storage bag / Umbrella compartment / Door‐stay / opening limiter

Aufbautür EXKLUSIV - Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte Reisemobile

Driving rain seal (double seal) / With windows incl. darkening / Automotive locking system / Multiple locking / Concealed hinges / 2 coat hooks, hinged / Multifunctional storage bag / Umbrella compartment / Door‐stay / opening limiter / Central locking system / Coming‐home lighting

Innenbahnschlüssel bei Teilintegrierten Wohnmobilen von KNAUS

Modern inner track keys slide particularly easily into the lock but don’t get caught in your trouser pocket thanks to their smooth surface.

Optionale Insektenschutztür - Teilintegrierte Reisemobile von KNAUS

The optional insect screen door is perfectly integrated & keeps mosquitoes and flies out safely.

Coming-Home-Beleuchtung der KNAUS EXKLUSIV Aufbautür

The coming‐home lighting of the KNAUS EXKLUSIV body door is a real highlight.

Multifunktionale KNAUS Tasche - Teilintegrierte Reisemobile

The multifunctional KNAUS storage bag is perfect for all of your essential purchases.

Versorgungstechnik Teilintegrierte - Aufbau & Qualität KNAUS

Connecting, filling, draining: Our service box can do it all

Here a power supply socket, there a drain tap and the fresh water tank is somewhere else entirely – this is how the supply technology is arranged in many motorhomes, but not in ours. Every KNAUS motorhome is equipped with the practical service box, which gathers all key functions and connections centrally at a single location. For maximum ease of use.

Supply technology

For a motorhome to offer the same comforts you enjoy at home, a certain level of supply technology is required. This is arranged in our example vehicle VAN TI as well as in all other KNAUS motorhomes in such a way that you can always rely on an optimal weight distribution with the correct travel load. And of course we also make sure that the connections to the individual elements are particularly easy to reach.

A. ServiceBox
B. Fresh water tank
C. Grey water tank
D. Battery
E. Gas cylinders

Unique service box

It couldn’t be simpler: One central service box for all connections and drains.

1. Fresh water tank filling
2. Fresh & grey water tank cleaning opening
3. Fresh & grey water drain taps
4. Cable bushing
5. Tank heating
6. Power supply socket
7. Frost detector

BWT Bestcamp Wasserfilter water + more - KNAUS Kompetenz Teilintegrierte

Our filter for a clear holiday pleasure

As beautiful as the destination may be, the view into the fresh water tank can quickly spoil happyness. Unfortunately, clean water is not taken for granted everywhere. It’s all the more important that you have the possibility to supply yourself with purified water. The high‐performance filter system from our partner BWT offers the best conditions for this.

You are already a customer and would like to reorder a filter cartridge? Spare parts are distributed via our trade partners. You can reorder replacement filters there at any time.

This is how easy it is to install & change the filter

Wasserfilter bis zu 6 Monate nutzbar - KNAUS Teilintegrierte Wohnmobile

We only install the filter when the vehicle is handed over so that you can use it for the full period of up to 6 months.

Einbau mit Steckverbindung - Wasserfilter BWT Bestcamp

Installation is particularly easy thanks to the plug connection and clear markings.

BWT Bestcamp Wasserfilter - 6 Monate haltbar

The filter can be kept for up to 6 months from the day of installation. A special button shows the current status.

Auch ohne Ersatzfilter eine Wasserversorgung - KNAUS Teilintegrierte

If no replacement filter is available, the intermediate piece guarantees the further water supply.

BWT Bestcamp water filter: The handy water filter leaves nothing to be desired in terms of hygiene thanks to its ultrafiltration membrane. Microorganisms are effectively removed from the raw water. This allows hygienically perfect water to be produced without any chemicals whatsoever. The water filter can be installed in all our leisure vehicles and easily connected.

Top‐class technology: thanks to the highly efficient hollow fibre membrane, the water filter achieves an excellent retention rate for microorganisms > 99.9999 % (log6). The large membrane surface ensures a high throughput and thanks to the manufacturing from completely food safe materials no unwanted substances get into the water.

Practical application: an 8 mm „John Guest“ plug connection ensures particularly simple, tool‐free installation. This also ensures that the water supply is guaranteed even when no replacement filter is available.

Healthy enjoyment: the water filter system minimises the risk of germs in the water. Especially in high‐risk regions, the filter proves to be a useful tool for prevention and actively contributes to the protection of your health.

KNAUS - Aufbau & Qualität Interieur

An interior you’ll want to write home about: our motorhomes offer impressive levels of comfort and convenience

Reducing an apartment with a bathroom, bedrooms, living area and a kitchen down to roadworthy compact dimensions is one thing. However, it is intelligent details and solutions such as dimmable ambient lighting that turn a living space into your favourite place.

Reiseapotheke MediKit - Kompetenz KNAUS
First aid MediKit

Heartburn, headaches, allergies: Things you hardly ever need – especially when you are travelling. To ensure that you are well prepared for the worst case scenario, every KNAUS vehicle is accompanied by a MediKit voucher* with which you can conveniently redeem the practical first‐aid kit with our shipping partner* online. (Across all series)

Hohe Materialqualität - Baureihenübergreifend - Teilintegrierte von KNAUS
High material quality

Exceptional material quality forms the basis for maximising longevity. With this in mind, we fit solid cast‐iron pan supports, scratch‐resistant stainless steel sinks, highquality metal handles, for example, and lots more besides. (Across all series)

KNAUS Teilintegrierte - Headup Display & Navigationssystem
Head-up display & Navigation system

The head‐up display uses a transparent screen to project all key data, such as navigation and speed as well as traffic‐sign recognition information, into the driver’s field of vision. Drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road unnecessarily and can focus better on what is going on around them. For an even more stress‐free and entertaining journey, the Pioneer navigation system offers everything you need for short and long trips. For the VAN TI PLUS, you can optionally obtain the MAN Media VAN business navigation system including touchscreen with proximity sensor technology. Both systems are equipped with Bluetooth and numerous other multimedia features. (Model-dependent / Optional)

Optionale dimmbare Ambientebeleuchtung - Teilintegrierte KNAUS
Dimmable ambient lightning

Overhead cupboards, storage compartments, countertop, overhead cupboards, and canopy – wherever atmospheric lighting makes your holiday more special, we install carefully integrated, dimmable ambient lighting. (Optional)

Dometic FreshJet 2200 (OEM) Aufdachklimaanlage - Optional bei Teilintegrierten
Air conditioning

Our optional air‐conditioning systems pleasantly cool the interior in tropical temperatures. Choose between manual and automatic versions for the driver’s cab – always with a pollen filter included. We offer the Dometic Freshjet 2200 (OEM) roof air conditioner for the living area. Air is efficiently distributed in various directions thanks to the individually adjustable air flow. The air conditioner can also be conveniently operated by remote control. It also has a heating function and can dehumidify the room air. (Optional)

* A voucher to redeem the medicine set is enclosed with the vehicle. The medicine set contains medicines that must be purchased from a pharmacy. The voucher can therefore only be redeemed at the responsible MediKit mail‐order pharmacy at You can also obtain further information about your MediKit at

Mobiliar im Teilintegrierten KNAUS Reisemobil

Our focus is not on style for its own sake, but on building furniture that also creates a good indoor climate

The furnishings in our motorhomes must meet extremely strict requirements. This takes more than just an attractive design and plenty of storage space. Durability, rugged construction and technologies that inspire for an entire lifetime – these are our benchmarks.

Aluminium-Profile Teilintegrierte KNAUS
Solid aluminium profiles

The furniture makes an important contribution to the stability of the entire bodywork. For this reason, we use high‐strength aluminium profiles in our furnishings. As well as being even more robust than solid wood profiles, they are noticeably lighter. (Across all series)

Hochwertige Soft-Close Klappen Teilintegrierte KNAUS
High-quality soft-close doors

No banging, no rattling, no need to push shut. Thanks to high‐quality hinges, the soft‐close doors shut gently and lock completely automatically. (Across all series)

KNAUS Teilintegrierte Solide Dübeltechnik
Sturdy dowel technology

Our furnishings are joined as standard using complex dowel technology. As a result, we achieve a very high accuracy of fit and much more stable cabinetry that you can enjoy for many years to come. (Across all series)

Scratch-resistant HPL surfaces

High‐Pressure Laminate is a laminate material that is used specifically for the high levels of stress encountered, for example, in kitchens. The multi‐layered structure is produced under very high pressure and sealed with a particularly resilient top layer. This makes our countertops and tabletops particularly scratch‐resistant. (Across all series)

Aufbau & Qualität KNAUS - Stabile Soft-Close Vollauszüge
Stable soft-close full extension drawer slides

For our drawer slides, we work with the quality supplier GRASS, which normally supplies to furniture manufacturing brands. And you’ll notice this too. Thanks to full‐extension drawer slides, the drawers extend so far out that they are easy to fill or empty all the way to the back. They are guided precisely and shut gently – for the lifetime of the vehicle and probably beyond. (Across all series)

Schlafkomfort - Aufbau & Qualität Teilintegrierte KNAUS

Sweetly falling asleep and waking up relaxed

We give the highest priority to the design of the sleeping area so that you can always have a relaxed start into an eventful holiday. Our concept comprises high‐quality materials, well thought‐out details and individualisable solutions.

EvoPore HRC Matratzen im Teilintegrierten von KNAUS
Excellent EvoPore HRC mattresses

30% lighter and 40% less loss of hardness than comparable cold foam mattresses. No development of ’hollows’ even in one‐sided use. The 5‐zone EvoPore mattresses (1a) not only pamper you with excellent sleeping comfort, they also impress with exceptional durability. The High‐Resilience‐Climate technology ensures that the mattress remains highly elastic even under demanding climatic conditions. For even more exclusive sleeping comfort, the optional WaterGel layer is up to 50 mm thicker. The breathable foam adapts smoothly to the body. (Across all series)

Optimum slatted frame

The best mattress is only ever as good as its base frame. That is why we install high‐quality slatted frames as standard. The distance between the individual slats offers optimum stability and superb ventilation at the same time. (Across all series)

Stauraum, Steckdosen & Beleuchtung - KNAUS Teilintegrierte Reisemobile - Kompetenz
Storage space, sockets & lighting

Reading a bit more, charging your smartphone overnight and having your glasses ready to hand. For all of that and more, you’ll find comfortable dimmable lighting, sophisticated storage options and sockets in the sleeping area. (Depending on the model)

Textiler Raumtrenner & Wandverkleidung - Teilintegrierte Reisemobile von KNAUS
Textile room dividers & wall covering

Especially with several travel companions and larger families, privacy is an important factor for a restful night’s sleep. This is ensured by textile room dividers that are easy to pull out and provide pleasant privacy. Thanks to the soft‐touch wall panelling, the sleeping area becomes particularly comfortable. (Across all series)

Betterweiterung Modellabhängig / Optional in Teilintegrierten
Bed extension

Of course we want to ensure a maximum sleeping space for you. Special detail solutions also contribute to this, such as the variable foot area extension for French beds or the precisely fitting roller slatted frames and mattress liners for single beds. (Depending on the model / Optional)