Timeless design and unrivalled quality

The most difficult part of a SÜDWIND: making a decision. With its many layouts and options, our iconic caravan leaves nothing to be desired. This can especially be seen in the interior. Perfectly designed decors, finely crafted furniture and luxurious equipment highlights are waiting for you to discover them. Please allow sufficient time for this – there is plenty to see.

  • Double‐wall furniture construction
  • Swivelling LED‐TV
  • Soft‐close drawers
  • Designer fittings
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

A breath of fresh air for family time

Anything goes – and anything is welcome. Drawing, playing, snacking, reading, clowning around and, of course, cuddling. Lisa and David enjoy it just as much as the kids did.

An LCD‐TV to rotate and pivot

Wherever the installation position allows it, we will install al flexible TV mount so that you can watch TV from anywhere – from the seating area or even your bed.

ALDE Heating

An absolute must for wintertime campers. The optional ALDE warm water heater heats quickly and reliably, even when it’s frigid outside.

Flexible dinette

This can be turned into a cosy guest bed in only a few easy steps.

Your favourite food taste good anywhere

But while on holiday it tastes even better, especially when mum is doing the cooking. On the 3‐flame cooker, there is enough space for family‐sized portions.

High quality 3‐flame cooker

The premium cast‐iron grate securely holds three pots and pans.

Functional kitchen counter

The additional functional and storage space (optional) ensure the most well‐ organised cooking evenings.

Spacious galley kitchen

Beginning with a structural length of 500 cm, KNAUS SÜDWIND has the largest dimensioned galley kitchen with lots of countertop working surface.

A spot for dreamers

The beds are aligned in such a way that they are like small retreat. This way, one‐half of the bed can finish their chapter, while the other half sleeps.

Functional kitchen beds

Secure sleep due to fall‐out protection and more storage space through the fold‐ up, lower bed.

Numerous bed types

Of course, you can also select a SÜDWIND layout with extending single beds.

High‐quality disk‐spring frame

A feature from the luxury class: The optional point‐elastic feather elements guarantee a wonderful night’s sleep.

Children, what a bathroom

At the large washbasin, there is enough room for giving a lesson in shaving, for make‐up tips and for a teeth‐brushing competition.

Bath variant single‐bed layout

If you decide on a 6‐metre structure, your bath will have a large washbasin with lots of storage space and a high‐quality bench toilet.

Spacious lower cabinet

Underneath the washbasin, you’ll also find additional storage space for towels, shampoo and lots more.

SÜDWIND Upholstery Options

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