Timeless design and unrivalled quality

The most difficult part of a SÜDWIND: making a decision. With its many layouts and options, our iconic caravan leaves nothing to be desired. This can especially be seen in the interior. Perfectly designed decors, finely crafted furniture and luxurious equipment highlights are waiting for you to discover them. Please allow sufficient time for this – there is plenty to see.

  • Double‐wall furniture construction
  • Swivelling LED‐TV
  • Soft‐close drawers
  • Designer fittings
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Storm outside, Südwind inside

The KNAUS SÜDWIND has always been the benchmark in terms of high value. Elaborately constructed furniture in an integrated design with optimal rear ventilation ensures a pleasant indoor climate in any weather and it looks great too. This is the perfect balance of function and design.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Oberschränke

The double‐panel furniture design with solid wood profiles and stable side walls.

SÜDWIND 460 EU Interieur zentrale Heizungssteuerung

From here, you can easily control the optional ALDE hot water heater.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Staufach

The ample storage space underneath the seats is now especially easy to access.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Eckschrank mit Flachbildfernseher

The corner cupboard with round edges and pivotable flat‐screen TV.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Sitzecke und Küche

Bright, appealing and high‐quality materials create a wonderful holiday ambience.

Conjure up in the chef's kitchen

Here, highest expectations meet good taste. The large countertop in the KNAUS SÜDWIND with its extra‐wide soft‐close drawers allows you to cook with passion instead of necessity.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Arbeitsplatte in der Küche

As big as possible. Nice to look at. And ready for many years of peeling, cutting and rinsing.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur extratiefe Edelstahl-Spüle

Large pots? No problem. The extradeep stainless‐steel sink takes on any opponent.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur 3-Flammkocher

Pot and pan have room together on the large 3‐hob stove. This saves a lot of time.

SÜDWIND 460 EU Interieur Küche

Kitchen version (SÜDWIND 460 EU):  High‐quality fittings and exquisite metal handles are a feast for the eyes.

Merely convenient is too little for us

You can have a lovely rest in the KNAUS SÜDWIND. The head and side pieces have super soft lamination and are covered perfectly. If you need a third reading lamp, just take one from the front and fix it into the rail above the bed.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur abnehmbare Kopfteile mit Ambiente-Beleuchtung im Bett

Absolutely breathtaking appearance and very practical as well. The new head piece with ambient lighting can easily be removed. That ensures an extended sleeping area and, of course, a good night’s rest.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur 5-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratzen

The excellent KNAUS 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattresses are among the best that you will find in a caravan. And because we know how important a good night’s sleep is, we have naturally also fitted them in your new SÜDWIND.

Bed options

A bathroom made by experts

To prevent your day starting on the wrong foot, we have also paid special attention to the bathroom. The large washstand and spacious cabinets are ready for all sorts of bathroom accessories.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Waschtisch

Now something particularly special: For example, high‐quality designer fittings with small waterfall.

SÜDWIND 460 EU Interieur Badschrank
Thought through

Everything has its place. Because we make strict use of every corner so that you have more storage space.

SÜDWIND 500 FU Interieur Stauraum im Bad

And we’ve even created storage space underneath the wash basin.

SÜDWIND 460 EU Interieur Bad
Bath option

The compact bathroom in the SÜDWIND 460 EU with a nice corner wash basin.

SÜDWIND upholstery options

Brown Earth
Lime Green
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal