Optional Equipment

  540 UE  
Standard equipment
Optional equipment
Not possible
Equipmentkg400 LK400 QD420 QD450 FU460 EU500 KD500 EU500 FU500 QDK500 UF540 UE540 FDK550 FSK580 QS650 UDF
AL-KO-ATC traction control system4,5£746,00
AL-KO-AAA premium brake (self-adjusting brakes)-£63,00
Jockey wheel with integrated damper-£54,00
17" alloy wheels for single-axle models, front polished in black gloss in exclusive KNAUS Design13£612,00
17" alloy wheels for tandem-axle models, front polished in black gloss in exclusive KNAUS Design26£1.162,00
Spare wheel incl. car jack - not possible with 17" aluminium wheels25£179,00
Spare wheel aluminium wheels 17" in exclusive KNAUS design - only possible with option 152545 / 152519 (17" alloy wheels)-£433,00
Wheel trims 14" in exclusive KNAUS design-£61,00
Roadway kit tyre filling system incl. compressor2,5£89,00
Cormer Steadies supports, solid form, long6,5£116,00
Truma Mover XT / mono axle til 2.000 kg – Installation requires combination with 12 V mobile system (Opt. 250376)28£2.688,00
Truma Mover XT 2 / tandem axle til 2.400 kg – Installation requires combination with 12 V mobile system (Opt. 250376)28£3.413,00
Truma Mover XT 4 / tandem axle starting from 2.500 kg – Installation requires combination with 12 V mobile system (Opt. 250376)60£5.538,00
Windows / Doors / Vents
Hinged window8£395,00
Rear window-£389,00
Hinged window bathroom incl. cassette combi blind-£215,00
Cabin door KNAUS STYLE PLUS (600 mm) with the following additional equipment as compared to KNAUS STYLE door: Two-piece, multi-locking, incl. window with shading feature-£89,00
Hinged window left-£359,00
2. garage door 60 x 95 cm, left or right side to select (not in combination with 3rd bunk bed)5,5£329,00
Lift-tilt sunroof, HEKI II7,2£629,00
Insect protection blind, full length of the door3£184,00
Service flap lockable1,5£212,00
Roof railing10£306,00
Drawbar covering (not available in combination with bike rack on drawbar)4£85,00
THULE LIFT V16, manuell - Bike rack for 2 bikes (rear), max. load 50 kg (not possible with rear window)17£540,00
THULE Caravan SUPERB - Bike rack on drawbar, for 2 bikes (max. load capacity 60 kg)10£310,00
Exterior gas socket7£341,00
Interior furnishing
Living / Sleeping
Bunk bed-£92,00
3rd bunk bed3£268,00
Bunk bed (three-part) incl. garage door 100 x 120 with frame window incl. darkening mechanism and insect protection8£629,00
Single column lift table-£184,00
Folding bed8£648,00
Fixed bed with EVOPORE HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL pad10£347,00
Extendible slatted frame for single beds2£287,00
Deluxe bed construction with second compensating cushion (possible for all round seating groups and dinette).-£82,00
Move-out for bed extension with compensating cushion-£220,00
Fitted sheet set - to fi t mattress shape - for 2 beds (for permanent beds depending on layout)-£61,00 2)
Fitted sheet set - to fi t mattress shape - for 4 or 5 beds (for permanent and bunk beds depending on layout)-£107,00 1)
Carpeting for body length 400 to 4605£174,00
Carpeting for body lengt 500 to 5906£184,00
Carpeting for body lengt 650 to 7507£240,00
Airmix proportioning of fresh air unit in air circulation system1£111,00
Textile wall covering above the bed* (not possible with option 100918 and 102017)-£184,00
Upholstery and textiles
Upholstery selection „Active Royal“ or„Active Rock“-£287,00
COZY HOME package includes: 2 decorative cushions, 2 sleeping pillows, 2 blankets, 1 table runner3£161,00
Ambience lighting incl. kitchen back wall in worktop material-£323,00
SAT system CARO® + Premium (only in combination with option 252594)14£2.251,00
Combi-external plug inlet (combination electricity + TV)-£89,00
24" TV unit with HD tuner9£607,00
TV holder3£154,00
Electrical outlets Plus package – consisting of: 1 pc. each of additional 230-volt power outlet in the kitchen and the seating group / 1 pc. each USB socket in the seating group and in the sleep area0,5£212,00
12 V mobile system, comprising: Gel battery, automatic charger, and master switch28,6£900,00
Smoke alarm0,3STANDARD
Extended failure control box for KNAUS CATEYE evolution - combination rearlights (only necessary for special towing vehicles*)3,5£224,00
Gas / Heating / Water / Air conditioning
Air condition Freshjet 220030£1.936,00
Exterior gas socket-£184,00
Mono Contol CS vertical (on 1 gas bottle)-£269,00
Duo Control CS vertical (on 2 gas bottles)1,3£359,00
Remote display + ice-ex for DuoControl0,5£139,00
Electric floor heating up to body length 5507£449,00
Electric floor heating starting from body length 5807,5£540,00
Additional electric heating Truma Ultraheat2£315,00
Waste water tank mobile, 25 litre3,3£116,00
City water supply connection (only in combination with fresh water tank 45 ltr.)0,5£268,00
Fresh water tank mobile, 25 ltr3,3£139,00
Fresh water tank liquid level indicator-£143,00
Gas warning system-£184,00
Kitchen and sanitary area
189 l Dometic refrigerator with separate freezer door, 230V/gas instead of 108 l (gas operation in driving mode are only allowed in combination with Truma Mono Contol)8£806,00
Shower extension, lateral and angled washroom consisting of: Shower head, shower sliding rail, shower curtain with air hose, wall panelling2£199,00
Shower extension for standard bathroom, includes:extendable shower head, holder for shower head and shower curtain with air hose2£202,00
Awning Omnistor
Awning with mounting on the roof 265 cm x 200 cm23£743,00
Awning with mounting on the roof 305 cm x 250 cm30£787,00
Awning with mounting on the roof 355 cm x 250 cm33£896,00
Awning with mounting on the roof 405 cm x 250 cm40£1.147,00
Awning with mounting on the roof 455 cm x 250 cm42£1.288,00
Weight increase
1.100 up to 1.200/1.300 kg (1.300 kg chassis)-£89,00
1.100 up to 1.400/1.500 kg (1.500 kg chassis)15£449,00
1.200 up to 1.300 kg (1.300 kg chassis)-£89,00
1.200 up to 1.400/1.500 kg (1.500 chassis)15£449,00
1.300 up to 1.400/1.500//1.600/1.700 kg (1.500 kg chassis)15£449,00
1.300 up to 1.600/1.700 kg (1.700 kg chassis)25£449,00
1.400 up to 1.500 kg (1.500 kg chassis)-£89,00
1.400 up to 1.600/1.700 kg (1.700 kg chassis)25£449,00
1.500 up to 1.600/1.700 kg (1.700 kg chassis)25£449,00
1.500 up to 1.800 kg (1.800 kg chassis)25£449,00
1.800 up to 1.900/2.000 kg (2.000 kg chassis)-£89,00
1.800 up to 2.500 kg (2.500 kg chassis)40£449,00

Additional information

x = standard equipment
– = not available
• = option

* Depending on the design: Puls, Energy or Active-textile

¹) Only in combination with Option 551687
²) Only in combination with Option 551687 or 550590