Lots of room, lots of style and countless great ideas

Only one layout. It is as diverse as no other. Whether a stylish companion on holiday or a practical space miracle. The KNAUS SPORT&FUN can do both. This is ensured by the practical and highly flexible equipment, which in combination with the individual design ensure a unique camping feeling and, in addition also ensure that you can enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

  • Practical storage hammock
  • Huge XXL refrigerator
  • Foldable double bed
  • Optional retractable shower tray

An athlete in top form

The SPORT&FUN not only transports two motorbikes if needed, but also an attitude to life. Always ready for anything that may come. And at the same time it is a full‐fledged caravan, extremely functional and also very stylish. A genuine all‐rounder in fact.

Holiday on a plate

Holidays make you hungry and cooking in the SPORT&FUN is a lot of fun. With the large refrigerator, robust CPL work surfaces, 3‐hob stove and practical sink, it provides you with a full‐fledged kitchen. And incidentally, this caravan also has room for two hot ovens.

SPORT&FUN Interieur Küche

Lots of cabinets and the large worktop turn your kitchen into a landscape of enjoyment.

SPORT&FUN Interieur 3-Flammkocher

When we talk about high quality, we truly mean high quality. Our proof: the 3‐flame cooker.

SPORT&FUN Interieur Küchenschrank

We turn every corner into a storage space so that you can easily fit everything in.

SPORT&FUN Interieur Kühlschrank

Such a big refrigerator in such a compact caravan? Well, if that isn’t a master stroke.

Up and down time after time

That is precisely what is special about this bed. It can be folded up. Depending on whether how much room is needed in the bow compartment underneath it. But naturally the bed itself is also really good. Our excellent 5‐zone comfort cold‐foam mattress makes sure of that.

SPORT&FUN Interieur Bett mit 5-Zonen Komfort-Kaltschaummatratze

The curved shape of the bed highlights the demands of the SPORT&FUN: It offers a large sleeping area to enjoy relaxing evenings, and it allows sufficient room for enjoyable dinners. The best of both worlds!

SPORT&FUN Interieur Stauraum

Hammocks are usually something for people. It looks quite different in this one, however. Here, t‐shirts, laptops and everything that would otherwise be strewn everywhere, feel right at home.

SPORT&FUN Interieur höhenverstellbares Bett

How do you build a genuine space wizard? Quite easily. With intelligent solutions and high‐quality materials. The round shape of the seating group allows a storage shelf to be integrated, which at the same time is also a bedside table.

And now bring on the water

A full‐fledged bathroom including shower (optional) in such a compact caravan, which still provides an unbelievable amount of storage space, is not at all easy. But we have managed it. With masterful cabinetry skills and really good ideas. This is KNAUS – a balance between function and design.

SPORT&FUN Interieur ausziehbare Duschwanne

When there is really no room for a shower (optional), then you just have to make some. The pull‐out shower tray and the shower curtain with a rail at the top are further highlights of our absolute space wizard.

SPORT&FUN Interieur Badschrank

That extra wellness offer: People who travel frequently have a lot to pack. Of course, we thought about this in the bathroom, too. And we built large cabinets precisely for storing cosmetics, hair dryers and more.

Simply brilliant

Although the SPORT&FUN is an absolutely full‐fledged caravan, it can easily take two motorbikes or alternatively a great deal of luggage on your travels. The fold‐up bed not only makes it possible, it’s also child’s play.

SPORT & FUN upholstery options