Perfectly equipped, brilliantly styled, highly sought after

This is what a modern icon looks like! The SPORT&FUN BLACK SELECTION is one of the few caravans that has a very committed fan base. And we believe that this will be given lots more – because who can resist this sporty exterior?

  • Aerodynamic silhouette
  • Huge front and rear garages
  • Unmistakable design
  • Practical rear doors


한층 더 넓은 공간, 더 많은 장비, 업그레이드된 디자인: 클래식한 카라반의 새로운 에디션에 디테일한 부분까지 더 세심하게 보완했습니다.


The forms made of sturdy ABS‐PMMA plastic ensure a striking design and even after many years, they look as good as new.

KNAUS SPORT&FUN - Stabiler Pro.Tec Frame

Perfect combination of materials and maximal stability thanks to Pro. TEC frame.

Stabiles GFK-Dach mit Leiter - SPORT&FUN

With the ladder you get safely to the roof to fix bulky luggage like surfboards & kayaks to the railing.

Hecktür mit 92 cm Breite - KNAUS SPORT&FUN

The large rear door with a width of 92 cm offers the best conditions for convenient loading and unloading.

100 x 120 cm Stauraumklappe im SPORT&FUN von KNAUS

The optional storage flap at the bow measures a huge 100 x 120 cm and makes loading particularly easy.