Cosy, enjoyable and spacious

The bed, kitchen and bathroom variants of our caravans

We spend about a third of our lives asleep. This is why we give great importance to the beds in our caravans. Among our numerous bed variants you will surely find the optimal sleeping opportunity to start every single day freshly and lively during your holiday. Our caravan kitchen support you as well: Here you have the perfect conditions for culinary holiday dreams. Wether generous cookers or XL refrigerators: Feel at home! And our ingenious bathroom variants provide the necessary amount of wellness and relaxation with more space and flexible solutions in compact dimensions.

  • 8 comfortable bed variants
  • EvoPore mattresses for a dreamlike sleep
  • 7 ingenious bathroom variants
  • 3 spacious kitchen variants
Verschiedene Bettvarianten in Ihrem Wohnwagen von KNAUS
Hubbett, Queensbett, Französisches Bett - Wohnwagen Bettvarianten von KNAUS
Bettvarianten für die ganze Familie im Caravan von KNAUS
Bettvariante im Wohnwagen DESEO von KNAUS

Fantastic variety: Discover our bed variants

Travelling means discovering and relaxing. So that you can begin every eventful day of your trip in a fully relaxed way, you’ll have various bed variants to choose from: from extending single beds to spaciously designed king‐sized relaxation area. How would you like to sleep?

Etagenbett 2-fach und 3-fach im KNAUS Caravan

Bunk beds

1. Double bunk bed. A permanently installed ladder provides easy access and the fall out protection ensures a safe night’s sleep. Under the bed there is extra storage space.

2. Optional triple bunk bed. Depending on the layout, you will receive an additional wardrobe or access via the garage door, including insect protection when choosing this option.

Optionales Klappbett - Flexibel nutzbarer Schlafplatz

Folding bed

Optional folding bed. A folding bed can be installed above the dinette for an additional, flexible sleeping area. This can be folded down from the wall in a few easy steps.

Einzelbetten im Wohnwagen von KNAUS

Single beds

Generous in every respect. With a length of up to 218 cm, there is room for everyone, and thanks to the roller slatted frame with precisely fitting upholstery (optional), a comfortable double bed is quickly created.

Layouts: SPORT 460 EU, 500 EU, 540 UE / SÜDWIND 460 EU, 500 EU540 UE, 580 UE, 650 PEB

Querbett mit 210 cm Länge - Varianten Caravans KNAUS

Transverse bed

Comfortably integrated. By using the entire width of the vehicle, the space is used particularly efficiently and you get beds up to 210 cm long.

Layouts: SPORT&FUN 480 QL / SPORT 400 QD, 420 QD, 500 KD, 500 QDK, 580 QS / SÜDWIND 420 QD, 500 QDK, 580 QS

Französisches Bett - Raumsparende Bettvariante bei KNAUS

French bed

Space‐saving. The lengthwise bed offers up to 200 x 157 cm lying surface. The space‐saving arrangement of bath and bed next to each other benefits the living space.

Layouts: SPORT 450 FU, 500 FU, 500 UF, 540 FDK, 550 FSK, 650 UDF / SÜDWIND 450 FU, 500 FU, 500 UF, 500 PF, 540 FDK, 550 FSK, 750 UDF

KNAUS Wohnwagen mit Queensbett - Bettvariante im SÜDWIND 650 PXB

Queen-sized bed

Accessible from both sides. Thanks to the special room layout, the queen‐sized bed with with dimensions of 200 x 144 cm is accessible from both sides and offers a comfortable passage to the rear bathroom.

Layouts: SÜDWIND 650 PXB

Bettsofa & Hubbett - Bettvariante im DESEO 400 TR

Sofa bed & Lifting bed

Unique variability. A folding sofa bed (200 x 140 cm) which serves either as a bench seat or as a comfortable double bed, and optionally a practical lifting bed (200 x 140 cm) ensure efficient use of space in the DESEO as standard.

Layouts: DESEO 400 TR

KNAUS Wohnwagen mit Gästebett

Guest bed

Flexible and comfortable. Depending on the layout, the seating group can be converted into an additional sleeping place for one or two people (partly optional). 

KNAUS Küche - Küchenvarianten für jeden Geschmack
Wohnwagen Küchen - Küchenvarianten Caravans KNAUS
Caravan Küchenvarianten bei KNAUS

Kitchen variants to suit your taste

For you, the kitchen is the heart of your home and without a large refrigerator you cannot enjoy your holiday? Or are you more the type who doesn’t need anything except a hearty breakfast? Either way, there is something for every taste in our kitchen variants. And because a kitchen has to withstand a lot and meet high standards, we place particular emphasis on robust work surfaces and high‐quality appliances. A well thought‐out conception with short distances and plenty of storage space are standard features in every KNAUS kitchen.

Panoramaküche im KNAUS SÜDWIND

Panorama kitchen

Cooking with a view. In the panoramic kitchen, the entire width of the vehicle is used, maximising storage space and work surface. The huge window on the kitchen unit creates a unique feeling of space. Depending on the layout, the refrigerator here offers up to 177 litres of volume and can be opened from both sides for easy access from the kitchen or living area.

Layouts: SÜDWIND 500 PF, 650 PEB, 650 PXB

KNAUS Längsküche - Küchenvariante mit viel Stauraum und 177 Liter Kühlschrank

Galley kitchen

Storage wonder. Here the refrigerator is installed separately next to the kitchenette. Thus the complete kitchen block is available as storage space and the refrigerator can be particularly large with up to 177 litres.

Layouts: SPORT&FUN 480 QL / SPORT 500 KD, 500 QDK, 540 FDK, 580 QS, 650 UDF / SÜDWIND 500 FU, 500 UF, 500 QDK, 540 UE, 540 FDK, 550 FSK, 580 UE, 580 QS, 750 UDF

Kompaktküche im DESEO, SPORT und SÜDWIND

Compact kitchen

Perfect space efficiency. Thanks to the compact arrangement with the refrigerator integrated into the kitchen block, the compact kitchen is particularly space‐saving. This opens up the lines of sight and maximises the feeling of space.

Layouts: DESEO 400 TR / SPORT 400 LK, 400 QD, 420 QD, 450 FU, 460 EU, 500 UF, 500 EU, 500 FU, 540 UE, 550 FSK / SÜDWIND 420 QD, 450 FU, 460 EU, 500 EU

Badvarianten in den Caravans der Marke KNAUS
Geräumige Badvarianten im Wohnmobil von KNAUS
Bad mit möglichst viel Platz im KNAUS Caravan

Bathroom variants: From compact to spacious

Having your own wellness area always with you is a real advantage for all those who do not know today where the desire to travel will take you tomorrow. When designing our bathrooms, we attach great importance to a user‐friendly layout, best possible storage space as possible and a feel‐good atmosphere. In the concept, we aim for the bathroom to offer as much space as possible but take up as little room as possible.

Wohnwagen Badvariante - Bad im Bug mit Banktoilette

Bathroom variant 1

Pole position. The compact bathroom in the bow convinces with an easy‐to‐clean bench toilet, one‐piece washstand and a large cabinet including a laundry compartment. The optional shower extension includes a pull‐out shower head and the patented shower curtain with air chamber.

Layouts: DESEO 400 TR

Eck-Waschtisch und drehbare Toilette - Bad im Caravan von KNAUS

Bathroom variant 2

Innovative and practical. Space‐saving corner washbasin, spacious mirrored cabinet, rotating toilet: this bathroom is a real space‐saving miracle. The optional shower extension contains the patented shower curtain, a shower head and a shower tray that can be pulled out into the living area.

Layouts: SPORT&FUN 480 QL

KNAUS Wohnwagen Badvarianten

Bathroom variant 3

Compact and comfortable. Thanks to the swivel toilet and the space‐saving, fitted washbasin, in our compact caravan you’ll also find a fully equipped bathroom.

Layouts: SPORT 400 QD

Drehbare Toilette im SPORT & Banktoilette im SÜDWIND - Badvarianten bei KNAUS

Bathroom variant 4

Universal and well thought‐through. Very practical, due to the large washbasin. In the SPORT, with a swivel washbasin; in SÜDWIND with a bench toilet.

Layouts: SPORT 400 LK, 420 QD, 460 EU, 500 EU, 500 QDK, 540 UE / SÜDWIND 420 QD, 460 EU, 500 EU, 540 UE, 580 UE

Badvariante bei französischem Bett im KNAUS

Bathroom variant 5

Clever and spacious. Standard for the layouts with French beds. In the SPORT with swivel toilet, in the SÜDWIND the premium bench toilet is installed.

Layouts: SPORT 450 FU, 500 FU, 500 UF, 540 FDK, 550 FSK, 650 UDF / SÜDWIND 450 FU, 500 FU, 500 UF, 500 PF, 540 FDK, 550 FSK, 750 UDF

Badvariante bei Querbett & Kinderbett

Bathroom variant 6

Ingenious and huge. Those who select the transverse bed and bunk bed, receive the nominally large bathroom that offers lots of room, even a separate shower. In the SPORT models, the patented KNAUS shower curtain (optional) ensures that the water stays in the shower cabin; in the SÜDWIND models there is a folding shower screen with magnetic closure.

Layouts: SPORT 500 KD, 580 QS / SÜDWIND 500 QDK, 580 QS

Bad in der kompletten Heckbreite im SÜDWIND 650 PXB und SÜDWIND 650 PEB

Bathroom variant 7

Exclusive feeling of space. Here the entire width of the rear is used, so there is plenty of space for a large washstand with numerous storage compartments next to the mirror and the base cabinet, as well as for a separate shower. Two room‐high cabin maximise the storage space even further.

Layouts: SÜDWIND 650 PXB, 650 PEB