KNAUS camper van - The masterpiece for your holiday

Compact, agile, comfortable: those are the camper vans by KNAUS

Our newly defined vehicle category camper vans offers you fully equipped living comfort with effective use of space. Even more holiday feeling fits into it.

That's what makes a box van a camper van

We at KNAUS are of the opinion that those who build box vans are no longer up to date. That’s why we build camper vans. How is such a genuine camper van created? Quite simply: with real craftsmanship, decades of experience and a lot of passion!

In one of the most modern caravanning factories in Europe, we manufacture compact camping vehicles that impress with state‐of‐the‐art technology and excellent workmanship.

Our camper vans combine the full‐fledged camping equipment you know from the successful KNAUS motorhomes with the compact and manoeuvrable dimensions of a classic box van. The best of two worlds – in one vehicle!

  • high suitability for everyday use
  • full holiday equipment
  • modern driving dynamics
  • outstanding quality
  • extensive insulation
  • high‐quality full‐body furniture construction
Exterior Interior Safety Supply Cabinetry
KNAUS Camper Van – Exterieur ganzer Aufbau

Best technology for the most beautiful time of the year

Optimally constructed for 100% wanderlust. With our camper vans you always arrive better, ensured by intelligent constructions, numerous innovations and practical features. The sum of all parts results in unlimited holiday happiness.

KNAUS Camper Van Aufbau Qualität – Aufstelldach in LFI‐Technologie mit einer GFK‐Konstruktion
Camper vans pop‐up roof in unique LFI‐construction

Compared to a conventional GRP construction, LFI offers optimum insulation values, maximum stability and extremely precise weight specifications, as the entire roof is manufactured as one part. The aerodynamic shape benefits the handling and, together with an extension of the frame into the rear area, ensures harmonious lines. Inside, the pop‐up roof impresses with a huge bed surface of 200 x 135 cm and numerous well thought‐out features. (Dependent on model / Optional)

KNAUS Camper Van Exterieur – dynamisches GFK‐Hochdach mit markanter Linienführung und progressiver Beklebung
Perfectly designed high roof

The additional GRP roof structure in our BOXLIFE PRO XL high‐roof models ensures an incredible interior height of up to 238 cm. Thanks to the optimal insulation levels achieved through the special double‐shell structure, the indoor climate throughout the vehicle, and especially in the high‐roof bed, is always pleasant at both high and low temperatures. The high‐roof’s aerodynamic shape fits harmoniously into the overall look. Elevated side strips with integrated rain gutters ensure optimal drainage of rainwater and slush. The extra recesses for the roof structure improve the vehicle’s stability and handling. (Dependent on model)

KNAUS Camper Van – Exterieur mit optionalen Panoramafenster im Bug
Panorama window (bow) & SpaceRoof

In H2 layouts, the optional panorama window (bow) ensures a particularly light‐flooded living space. In addition, it can be opened to the outside for an optimal indoor climate. The insect screen keeps annoying mosquitoes safely out, and the blackout pleated blind can be used to darken the interior for a good night’s sleep. For extra room height and particularly convenient access to the driver and passenger seats, the H2 layouts are alternatively available with the optional SpaceRoof roof extension.

KNAUS Camper Van – Exterieur mit elektrischer Trittstufe und Fliegengittertür
Screen door & step

It boils down to the details. Such as, for example, the standard fly screen door or the electric step, which automatically retracts if forgotten before driving off. And we also install a manual closing aid to make it easier to close the large sliding door.

KNAUS Camper Van – Exterieur mit hochwertigen Seitz‐Rahmenfenster
Bicycle rack

Tailor‐made bicycle rack systems allow you to safely transport your bicycles. In our BOXLIFE PRO models, the rack system is mounted to the rear door and can be simply folded away when not in use. The doors can also be opened with bikes loaded on the rack. Thanks to the Vario rear concept, our BOXLIFE models can be upgraded with the unique Thule VeloSlide.

KNAUS Camper Van – Exterieur mit optionaler Rückfahrkamera
Rear view camera

The optional rear view camera is perfectly integrated into the rear panel and offers you perfect visibility to the rear.

Leak‐proofness guarantee

For all our leisure vehicles, we offer you a 10‐year leakproofness guarantee on the body manufactured by us as well as a 24‐month guarantee from your KNAUS partner within the framework of our guarantee conditions valid at the time of vehicle delivery. (Across all series) 

KNAUS Camper Van 2022 Aufbau Qualität Interieur ganzer Aufbau

Everyday life, leisure or holiday? The camper van generation can do it all.

Enjoy today to the maximum and start the next day feeling refreshed. That’s not possible? Sure it is! With our manoeuvrable and well‐equipped camper vans, you always enjoy five‐star comfort with all the benefits of home. From the windows to the mattresses, we always aim for the highest material quality and well thought‐out details and solutions.

KNAUS Camper Van – Reiseapotheke MediKit
First aid MediKit

Heartburn, headaches, allergies: Things you hardly ever need – especially when you are travelling. To ensure that you are well prepared for the worst case scenario, every KNAUS vehicle is accompanied by a MediKit voucher * with which you can conveniently redeem the practical first‐aid kit with our shipping partner * online.

KNAUS Camper Van Interieur mit großer Dachhaube für einen lichtdurchfluteten Wohnraum
Large roof vents

Large roof vents in all of our camper vans ensure a pleasant living area with plenty of natural light. As standard, we install a 700 x 500 mm Midi‐Heki in the front and a 400 x 400 mm, clear roof hatch 2 in the rear, which can also be optionally designed as a 700 x 500 mm Heki 2. A third roof hood 2, 3 with 400 x 400 mm in the middle of the vehicle is also available as an option. In our BOXLIFE PRO XL high‐roof models, the optional panoramic roof in the high‐roof and a hinged window in the rear bring extra light into the interior.

KNAUS Camper Van Interieur mit hochwertigen Seitz‐Rahmenfenstern
Framed windows with comfort roller blinds

Our camper vans are all equipped with SEITZ S7P frame windows, also in the bathroom. These provide the windows with cold‐conduction‐free insulation, which can be darkened in a particularly easy and opaque way thanks to a special comfort roller blind system. The blinds are integrated in the dinette area and by the longitudinal beds behind a front wall panel. For lasting value preservation, we also seal the cut edges on all openings with corrosion protection. On request, the frame windows in the rear doors can be made larger for even more light and air.

KNAUS Camper Van – schwebender Dinettentisch mit variabler Sitzbank
Well thought-out dinette

We pay attention to every detail so that you still feel comfortable sitting here even after many hours. The floating dinette table offers unimpeded access and plenty of extra legroom. It can also be simply swivelled out to make it bigger. The seating group impresses with ergonomic cushions and adjustable seats. This means that the bench can be extended into the corridor with just one action and can also be used while travelling. The backrest inclination can be adjusted to suit any posture.

KNAUS Camper Van – Aufbau Qualität Interieur
Optimum insulation

All parts of our camper vans are insulated with innovative materials in a multi‐stage process, with closed‐cell polyethylene foam used in the ceiling and side walls. This prevents the formation of cavities in which water can collect. On the inside, the textile, soft‐touch wall covering ensures a pleasant indoor environment and an especially homely atmosphere.

KNAUS Camper Van – Interieur mit optionaler Klimaanlage Dometic Freshjet 2000 (OEM)
On-roof air conditioning

In tropical temperatures, our optional air conditioning systems ensure a pleasant cooling of the interior. They also have a heating function and can dehumidify the air in the room. The Dometic Freshjet 2000 (OEM) on‐roof air conditioner ensures efficient air distribution in different directions thanks to individually adjustable airflow, and can be conveniently controlled by remote control.

KNAUS Camper Van Interieur mit dem optionalen 21,5‟ SMART‐TV

You can now continue to stream your favourite series & films even while on holiday. With the new optional SMART TVs incl. HD tuner in the living & sleeping area, you have a wide range of options at your disposal.

KNAUS Camper Van Kompetenz – Exzellente EvoPore HRC Matratzen
Cold foam mattresses

As stand ard, comfortable 2‐layer cold foam mattresses ensure a restful night’s sleep. For those who like it even more luxurious, the optional Evo Pore HRC mattresses including WaterGel layer can be chosen.

* A voucher to redeem the medicine set is enclosed with the vehicle. The medicine set contains medicines that must be purchased from a pharmacy. The voucher can therefore only be redeemed at the responsible MediKit mail‐order pharmacy at You can also obtain further information about your MediKit at

KNAUS Camper Van 2022 Aufbau, Qualität und Sicherheit

With this technology, you are perfectly prepared for every season all over the world

You cannot see it, but it feels really good. With our sophisticated supply system, you have the peace of mind of knowing that you will still have running water even in cold temperatures and will never have to sit with cold feet in the dinette.

Die KNAUS Camper Vans bieten optimale Wasserversorgung mit einem Frischwassertank
Optimum water supply

With a fresh water tank that can hold up to 110 litres, our camper vans allow you to travel self‐sufficiently for even several days at a time. The bluuwater water filter ensures a supply of perfectly hygienic water, even in risky regions. When temperatures dip, warm air circulation prevents the water freezing.

Serienmäßige Dieselheizung im BOXDRIVE und BOXLIFE – Camper Vans von KNAUS
Well thought-out gas supply

The diesel heater included as standard in our BOXDRIVE and BOXLIFE models ensures that gas consumption is kept to a minimum. A 2.7 kg gas bottle is perfectly sufficient for a reliable gas supply to the gas cooker and can be positioned directly next to the fresh water tank to save on space. In our BOXLIFE PRO models, the heater is operated the conventional way with gas. We have therefore left enough space for up to two 11 kg gas bottles. The gas bottle locker can be securely locked.

KNAUS Camper Vans – WC‐Entsorgungsschacht mit Zugang von außen
Emptying the toilet from outside

The toilet cassette is accessed via the sidewall door making it easy to empty.

Perfektionierte Wärmeverteilung im KNAUS Camper Van
Innovative heating system

For optimum heat distribution, we consider all components in the heating and installation system during the design phase. This results in the well thought‐out overall design of our camper vans, which offers many other benefits in addition to perfected heat distribution. For example, the special positioning of the heating system gives the vehicle a lower centre of gravity, which improves its stability. Furthermore, this saves on space in the rear in particular, which means you have additional storage space at your disposal. The optional underfloor heating 3 extends from the dinette platform to the passage to the bed area.

Isolationseffekt dan Sandwich-Bauweise in den KNAUS Camper Vans
Flood structure & temperature-controlled dinette platform

We manufacture the base plate, which is perfectly adapted to the body shape, in a sandwich design. In addition to an added insulation effect, this gives our camper vans a maximised interior standing height. We also install an intermediate floor in the dinette, which ensures pleasantly warm feet thanks to temperature control.

KNAUS Camper Van – Headup Display & Navigationssystem mit Campingsoftware
Head-up display & navigation system

The head‐up display uses a transparent screen to project all key data, such as navigation and speed as well as traffic‐sign recognition information, into the driver’s field of vision. Drivers don’t have to take their eyes off the road unnecessarily and can focus better on what is going on around them. To make your journey even more stress‐free and entertaining at the same time, in the BOXLIFE PRO and BOXLIFE models the new Pioneer navigation system with higher contrast 9“ multi‐touch display, improved viewing angle and 24bit colour depth offers everything you need for short and long journeys. Compatible with Wireless Apple Carplay & Wireless Android Auto, including promobil parking space radar and connection to the head‐up Display for navigation display. For the BOXDRIVE, you can optionally obtain the MAN Media VAN business navigation system including touchscreen with proximity sensor technology. Both systems are equipped with Bluetooth and numerous other multimedia features.

KNAUS Camper Vans mit weit ausziehbarer Dusche

If a camper vans is to offer comfort like at home,

this requires some supply technology. This is arranged in all KNAUS camper vans so that it is laid frostprotected with the heating system. And of course we also make sure that the connections to the individual elements are particularly easy to reach.

KNAUS CAMPER VAN 2021-2022 AGM‐Aufbaubatterie

AGM Battery

AGM surface‐mounted batteries are a further development of the gel battery, can also cope with somewhat higher currents and score with a short absorption time.

  • Proven AGM battery technology with an economic cost‐benefit ratio from the first ampere‐hour (Ah) onwards
  • Cycle‐resistant and maintenance‐free, cold‐resistant
  • Easy & uncomplicated replacement
  • Ideal for weekend and annual holiday campers as well as globetrotters who only use consumers (hairdryer, TV) temporarily
KNAUS Camper Vans sind mit einer Lithium-Ionen-Batterie ausgestattet

LiFePO4 batteries

The new LiFePO4 batteries convince with high capacity and fast, uncomplicated charging characteristics

  • Weight saving of up to 50% compared to AGM surface‐mounted battery
  • Faster current consumption and use of the full nominal capacity without a drop in performance, independent of the current intensity
  • Longer service life, significantly better quick‐charging behaviour
  • Ideal for travellers who are often self‐sufficient and/or havea higher demand in power
KNAUS Camper Van standardmäßig mit bluuwater Wasserfilter

bluuwater water filter

Hygienically perfect water at every destination. The new bluuwater water filter removes germs, bacteria and ultrafine particles almost completely (99.999 %) from the pipe system of all Knaus Tabbert vehicles (in series). The replaceable filter cartridge with highly efficient ultrafiltration membrane is mounted vertically or horizontally between the water tank and the pipe system. It has a filter capacity of up to 8,000 litres – and, thanks to a Timestrip indicator in the vehicle the remaining usage time can be checked at any time. The bluuwater cartridge needs to be replaced after six months at the latest, depending on use. Thanks to the click‐and‐ready quick coupling system, it can be replaced easily and drip‐proof.

  • Highly efficient ultrafiltration membrane removes ultrafine particles, germs & bacteria up to 99.999 % from the supply system
  • Filter capacity: 8,000 l
  • Easy replacement thanks to click‐and‐ready quick coupling system
KNAUS Camper Vans mit High-Pressure-Laminaten

We don’t build castles in the sky, but furniture that creates a good indoor environment

The demands placed on the furniture in our camper vans are incredibly high. An appealing design and lots of storage space are not enough. Durability, smart designs and technology that fascinates for a lifetime – those are our standards.

KNAUS Camper Van – Solide Dübeltechnik
Full carcass furniture & dowel technology

The pieces of furniture installed in our camper vans have a solid rear wall, giving them a particularly stable structure. They are not, as is often the case, fixed flush to the vehicle bodywork without a back wall, a practice which promotes the formation of condensation. Instead, they form an independent unit in themselves. They fit perfectly into the overall scheme of the vehicle, being torsion‐resistant, solid, and stable, whilst also ensuring perfect quality even after many years of service. Our furniture is joined using a sophisticated dowelling method as standard. This allows us to achieve a very precise fit and considerably more stable structure so that your furniture will continue to serve you well, year after year.

KNAUS Camper Van mit stabilen Soft-Close Vollauszügen
Stabile soft‐close full‐extension slides

Due to the full‐extension slide, the ball‐bearing mounted drawers from GRASS, a leading supplier, slide out so far that they can be filled or emptied easily right to the very back of the drawer. They are precisely guided and close gently.

KNAUS Camper Van mit kratzfesten HPL Oberflächen
Scratch-resistant HPL surfaces

High pressure laminates and continuous pressure laminates are laminates that are specifically used for heavy loads such as in kitchens. The multi‐layer construction is produced under extremely high pressure, then sealed with an exceptionally robust surface layer. This makes our work areas and tabletops (always HPL) particularly scratch‐resistant.

KNAUS Camper Van – Möbelbau Schränke mit Soft‐Close Klappen
Adjustable Soft-Close doors

The cupboard doors are fitted with quality soft‐close hinges so that they always close quietly, regardless of how much force was used to close them. This is for the entire life of the vehicle, and probably beyond. If a door doesn’t do what it really should, then the hinge can be easily adjusted if necessary.

KNAUS Camper Van mit schwebendem Dinettentisch und viel Beinfreiheit
Floating dinette table

Our camper vans are all equipped with unimpeded dinette access. With no obtrusive table legs, you enjoy all of the legroom. Thanks to the highly stable yet invisible screw connection to the outer wall, the dinette table is naturally just as robust as a conventional table with a supporting leg. A swivel‐mounted table extension offers additional storage space in one quick action when you need it and efficient use of space when you don’t.