Our compact all-rounder

The KNAUS BOXSTAR 540 is the most compact solution available when it comes to en‐suite bathrooms. With the large rear lateral bed and toilet with shower cubicle, there is nothing to be desired. The mix of fully‐equipped motorhome and easy‐to‐manoeuvre everyday vehicle, either with a classic semi‐dinette or as a two‐passenger van with a spacious lounge, makes it a true all‐rounder for urban, rural and maritime use.

  • Spacious room bath
  • Practical wardrobe
  • Also available as a 2-person layout
  • Large transversal bed (194 x 140 cm)

BOXSTAR 540 Profile

Perm. total weight:
3.300 kg
541 cm
Width (outer/inner):
205 / 187 cm
Height (outer/inner):
258 / 190 cm
Layout plans:
2 versions

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BOXSTAR 540 variants