At eye level with good fortune

Theo willingly takes over the house in the living area with the convenient standing height. Lena is thoroughly impressed with everything.

A great sense of space

Only the BOXSTAR 630 gives you so much freedom to move.

Additional storage space

The high roof as standard means that the overhead cupboards and also the storage compartment above the front seats is about twice as large as in the layouts with a standard roof.

A Sunday roast, every day

Swedish pancakes always turn out well on the quality 3– ame cooker. For this reason, the smell of pancakes is often found early in the morning.

Spacious refrigerator

The 80‐litre compressor refrigerator comes as standard. There is also an absorber refrigerator as an option, which can also be operated with gas.

Foldable counter top extension

The kitchen can be easily and quickly extended thanks to one‐ handed operation.

Slept well?

A question that Lena and Theo have no need to ask. The two‐layer cold foam mattress ideally moulds itself to the individual lying position.

Generous storage space

There is always enough room for luggage beneath the comfortable single beds. If more is required, then the slatted frame can be folded upwards, resulting in a huge loading volume.

Innovative open bath

Fixed shower cabin, rotating WC, and plenty of freedom to move. More comfort in a camper van is not possible.