More room for your holiday

A camper van should be one thing: practical. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t also be beautiful. From the modern and tasteful colour concepts to the elegant illumination to the numerous small details, there is a lot to see in the spacious BOXSTAR 600.

  • Spacious open bath
  • Comfortable single beds
  • Spacious refrigerator
  • Great standing height
starting from 51.210,00 £

Favourite place and holiday scent

Here, Mara and Theo can just chill out and enjoy the scent of the Provence. The floating dinette table offers plenty of room to stretch your legs and feel good.

Spacious holiday companion

Transversal beds located above one another and a spacious seating area with floating dinette table. In the BOXSTAR family, there is room for friends and the entire family.

Unobstructed sightlines

In the BOXSTAR LIFETIME, a 70‐litre refrigerator is integrated in the lower kitchenette.

High‐quality screens

In the seating area and on the longitudinal beds, we have installed breathable and additionally insulating front wall screens. At the same time, these visually integrate the comfort roller blinds of the Seitz S7P frame windows.

Variable bench

The seat can be adjusted in different directions for more freedom of movement and ergonomic travel.

Floating table

More room for your legs, thanks to the floating dinette table, without annoying table legs.

Any way you look at it, there is more space

The floating dinette table can easily be expanded and also offers incredible legroom.

Let there be light!

Thanks to LED touch reading lights with USB ports (in combination with the e‐packet) there is nothing to stop you from enjoying some relaxing reading time.

Everything is neat and tidy

The integrated shoe storage compartment is particularly practical.

Pure relaxation

Holidays are for „putting your feet up‟, e. g. by curling up in front of the TV in a comfortable BOXSTAR bed.


Intelligent solutions with a space‐saving layout! Below the refrigerator, there is a wardrobe for shirts, blouses and more!

Everything under control

Perfect overview for electricity, water and heating: all system settings are displayed on the intuitive control panel.

Cooking is done with love here

It’s also done with fresh herbs from the Provence. Due to the counter‐top extension there is plenty of preparation space alongside the spacious storage cupboards.

Flexible counter top

It’s no problem when there’s more to cut and prepare. Thanks to a hinged extension and sink cover the counter top can be extended to a maximum.

Cool device

With a volume of up to 90 litres, the CUV refrigerators offer extra space and are particularly quiet thanks to night setback.

2‐flame cooker

Fast and easy use of hobs thanks to electric ignition.

Beauty sleep redefined

Mara and Theo not only sleep well in the spacious transversal bed, but they can also enjoy a unique view when they open the rear doors.

Spacious sleeping quarters

Everything is just a bit bigger in the BOXSTAR 600 SOLUTION – the bed, the ceiling‐mounted cabinets, and the headroom.

Aim high

The BOXSTAR SOLUTION with classic lifting bed in series.

Numerous possibilities

In the BOXSTAR SOLUTION, you can also optionally select the Vario lifting bed.

More room for the whole family

In the BOXSTAR FAMILY, you’ll have a large sleeping area with two traversal beds one above the other in the rear of the vehicle.

Across the entire length

The BOXSTAR 600 LIFETIME – a sleeper’s paradise with longitudinal beds measuring up to two metres.

Standard compact bathroom

Sliding mirror, numerous shelves and optimised legroom ensure maximised benefits.

Optional spacious bath

Here, the hand basin can be folded out into a large washbasin and the hallway to the bed is used for the spacious shower cubicle.

BOXSTAR upholstery options

Active Line

Available against extra charge.