As many-sided as a holiday novel

What must a true all‐rounder be able to do? Everything! The BOXSTAR 600, which has an outer length of 6 metres and combines the best attributes of a CUV, is no exception. It has enough room for a comfortable double bed and a spacious lounge area, but is very compact and well‐designed for driving down narrow streets or fitting into a roadside parking space. The BOXSTAR 600 is a true all‐rounder!

  • Dynamic design
  • Insulation free of thermal bridge
  • High‐quality framed windows
  • Electric side step
starting from 51.210,00 £

Embark on your adventure!

Our BOXSTAR 600 camper van doesn’t just fit into every parking spot, but it also takes you to every holiday destination. Crooked streets are just as easy to navigate as long highways.

The high‐quality Seitz windows are flush‐mounted into the body of the vehicle, for more efficiency and style.

Goodbye, heat: The optional Dometic Freshjet 1700 climate control system enables you to keep your cool on those long hot summer days.

Harmonious overall image: The exclusive 17‟ KNAUS alloy wheels and the dynamic foil graphics fit together perfectly.

Comfortable and safe parking, thanks to the optional rear‐view camera.

No need to worry about uninvited guests thanks to the screen door.

For safety, the electric side step automatically retracts if it has been forgotten.

Easy to access: The gas bottle at the rear with a large access door.

The integrated rain gutter with LED lighting ensures good visibility in poor light, and a dry entrance/exit.

BOXSTAR colour variants

We have a wide range of colours – is it difficult to decide right away? Take your time.

Optional at an extra cost.
At no extra cost.
At no extra cost.
At no extra cost.
At no extra cost.
ALU SILVER (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.
FER GREY (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.
BLACK (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.
Optional at an extra cost.
Optional at an extra cost.
LAGO BLUE (Metallic)
Optional at an extra cost.