Yes to living together!

Preferably forever, and in the BOXSTAR in Italy, as both have everything here that makes life so great.

Cosy seating area

Due to a exible, extending table, rotating front seats, and a pull‐put bench, there’s always a cosy seating area for up to 4 people.

Additional storage space

A spacious storage area can be found beneath the bench that is easily accessed both from above and from the side.

Perfection in a private pasta place

The kit‐ chen is so well equipped, that Theo prefers to cook pasta himself rath‐ er than go to a restau‐ rant. There is su cient space for all herbs on the extending counter top at any rate.

Drawers with full‐extension slides

They slide out so far that the can be lled easily right to the very back of the drawer.

Quality equipment

Large 2– ame cooker with electric ignition and stainless steel sink.

Qractical 65‐litre refrigerator

It o ers plenty of space and a 10 litre freezer compartment for a refreshing ice cream in summer.

Dreaming of a future together

Still reaching for the stars – the standard large skylight and the two‐layer cold foam mattresses make it possible.