The compact CUV for a lot of holiday fun

Get in, buckle up, drive off – a few minutes ago on the way home from work, then directly on the way towards traveling. The BOXLIFE 540 is the perfect companion for anyone who wants a particularly compact companion for a great adventure. The revolutionary lifting bed (optional) at the rear turns the BOXLIFE 540 into a storage miracle in no time at all – despite its short exterior length of only 541 centimetres. That’s truly art of engineering…

  • Electric side step
  • Practical closing aid
  • High‐quality KNAUS alloy wheels
  • Seitz windows in the series

In pursuit of life

Very compact but yet so multifaceted! Customers who purchase a BOXLIFE 540 are not just buying a camper van, but also a mobile companion for life.

CUV BOXLIFE 540 Panorama SkyRoof

The optional panorama window (bow) provides a particularly light‐flooded living area. In addition, it can be set up outwards for optimum room climate.

Seitz-Rahmenfenster im CUV BOXLIFE

The high‐quality Seitz windows are flush‐mounted into the body of the vehicle, for more efficiency and style.

BOXLIFE Dometic Freshjet 1700 Klimaanlage

Goodbye, heat: The optional Dometic Freshjet 2000 (OEM) climate control system enables you to keep your cool on those long hot summer days.

17" KNAUS Alufelgen am BOXLIFE

Harmonious overall image: The exclusive 17“ KNAUS alloy wheels and the dynamic foil graphics fit together perfectly.

BOXLIFE - Optionale Rückfahrkamera

Comfortable and safe parking, thanks to the optional rear‐view camera.

KNAUS BOXLIFE - Fliegengittertür

No need to worry about uninvited guests thanks to the screen door.

BOXLIFE - Elektrische Trittstufe

For safety, the electric side step automatically retracts if it has been forgotten.

BOXLIFE - Gaskasten

Easy to access: The gas bottle at the rear with a large access door.

BOXLIFE - Antennenkomplettsystem

Easy to access: The gas bottle at the rear with a large access door.

Regenrinne mit LED-Beleuchtung - BOXLIFE

The integrated rain gutter with LED lighting ensures good visibility in poor light, and a dry entrance/exit.

BOXLIFE - Dachhaube

Large roof vents in all of our CUVs ensure a pleasant living area with plenty of natural light.

BOXLIFE - Toilettenentsorgung

The toilet cassette is accessed via the sidewall door making it easy to empty.