Optional Equipment

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Standard equipment
Optional equipment
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Optional equipmentkg
Motorisation / Drive / Gearing / Load Increase
FIAT Ducato 3,500 kg; 2.2 l 140 Multijet with start-stop system incl. smart alternator (220 A); front-wheel drive; Euro 6d-Final (103 kW/140 HP) (Dependency: ABH18587)--
9-speed torque converter automatic transmission (Dependency: ABH2356, ABH2106)18-
Chassis / Climate Control / Multimedia
Cab entry step, electric7-
Crank supports, rear4-
Coil spring on front axle12-
Coil spring on rear axle (Chassis optimisation) (Dependency: ABH2200)10-
Dual-channel air suspension for rear axle with compressor to improve driving comfort and regulate vehicle height (Dependency: ABH2202)25-
16" tyres10-
All-weather tyres: suitable for all seasons, specially developed for motorhomes and CUV with efficiency class improvement--
16" full wheel covers (Dependency: ABH2210)2-
Wheel covers in KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH2118)2-
Alloy rims for standard tyres (Dependency: ABH2366, ABH2213)--
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH2439, ABH2440, ABH12267, ABH2218, Note: H150)7-
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), titanium metallic painted in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH2439, ABH2440, ABH12267, ABH2218, Note: H150)7-
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), black gloss front-polished in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH2442, ABH12275, ABH2218, Note: H161,H150)4-
17" alloy rims with branded all-season tyres (235/60R17), titanium metallic painted in exclusive KNAUS design (Dependency: ABH2442, ABH12275, ABH2218, Note: H161,H150)4-
Air conditioning in cab, automatic (extra charge from difference to manual air conditioning)--
Height adjustment for cab seats--
Steering wheel and gear knob in leather--
Steering wheel with controls for radio--
Instrument panel in Techno design (aluminium)--
High-quality fitted seat covers for driver's/passenger's seat in KNAUS fabric stlye--
AGUTI seats Premium (Dependency: ABH2384)36-
AGUTI seats Exklusiv (Dependency: ABH2384)24-
Insulating glazing for cab side windows and doors with improved sound and thermal insulation15-
Insulating mat for total cab area10-
Insulating mat for cab foot area1-
Front shading folding pleated blind, manual operation (extendable from above and below)5-
Front shading folding pleated blind, electric drive (movable from above and below)5-
"Traction Plus" traction aid, including hill descent assistance--
Tyre pressure sensors1-
Electric parking brake-9-
Spare tyre20-
Fuel tank 90 ltr.13-
Additional car key with remote control--
Electrically adjustable and heated exterior mirrors1-
Chrome applications in radiator grill--
Cab side window with black frame and sideblade under the side windows with chrome application, incl. model series lettering--
Battery disconnect switch in driver's cab--
230 V socket in driver's cab--
Radio preparation incl. 2 loudspeakers--
Radio DAB+, all-in-one navigation system with camping software, without CD/DVD drive, incl. DAB+/FM antenna, 3-year map update2-
Rear view camera incl. wiring (Dependency: ABH2130)1-
Inductive charging cradle--
Virtual cockpit--
Head-up display (Dependency: ABH2132)1-
Maximum load capacity of the rear garage: 250 kg20-
Rigid trailer hitch (Dependency: ABH2308, ABH2228, ABH2227)46-
E.hit: integrated rear carrier, including removable trailer hitch, e.base and e.carry (Dependency: ABH2232, ABH2227)45-
E.carry: extension set for another 2 bikes (Dependency: ABH2234)20- transport box for e.hit (Dependency: ABH2234)19-
E.hit: scooter platform (Dependency: ABH2234)29-
THULE LIFT V16, manual - bicycle carrier for 2 bikes (rear); maximum load capacity 50 kg (Dependency: ABH2354, Note: H157)17-
THULE LIFT V16, manual - bicycle carrier for 3 bikes (rear); maximum load capacity 50 kg (Dependency: ABH2354, Note: H157)18-
Motorcycle holder, load capacity 120 kg (Dependency: ABH2236, ABH2227)50-
Body door: KNAUS PREMIUM: automotive locking system, one-piece construction, with double seal, multiple locking, concealed hinge system, opening limitation / door position locking by gas spring, incl. window with pleated blackout, integrated umbrella compartment, high-quality applications, multifunctional bag in KNAUS Design2-
Body door: KNAUS EXCLUSIV: with window as well as integrated Coming-Home lighting, multiple locking, concealed hinges, opening limitation / door position locking by gas spring, double seal, high-quality leather application, electric central locking, integrated umbrella compartment, multifunctional bag2-
Multifunctional bag in KNAUS design suitable as extension to the body door KNAUS KOMFORT (Dependency: ABH18211)--
Insect screen door4-
Electrical entry step7-
Service Hatches / Garage Doors
Service/storage space hatches and garage door/hatch with central locking (Dependency: ABH2238, ABH2138)2-
Windows / Roof Hoods / Ventilation
Frame window SEITZ S7--
Roof hood (lift-tilt) 70 x 50 cm with insect screen and blackout, clear with lighting (bow)8-
Materials / Vehicle Graphics
TVT (Top Value Technology) construction--
High-quality foil graphics with elements in carbon look instead of standard foil graphics--
KNAUS emblems front and rear, black/chrome--
Living / Sleeping / Upholstery And Fabrics
L-shaped seating group incl. telescopic single-column lifting table (table top movable in all directions)8-
ISOFIX system for standard seat bench, usable for one infant seat5-
EvoPore HRC mattress incl. WaterGEL overlay, fixed beds only6-
Bed extension in foot area, layouts with F-bed2-
Fitted sheet set - to fit mattress shape - for 4 or 5 beds (fixed and bunk beds)1-
Upholstery selection: TURIN (FIAT)--
Upholstery selection: BLUE NIGHT--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROYAL--
Upholstery selection: ACTIVE ROCK--
Upholstery selection: CREAM NATURE (genuine leather)--
Package PEACH3-
Package STONE3-
Package AVOCADO3-
Package AQUA3-
Package MAGNOLIA3-
Package EARTH3-
Floor mat set in driver's cab in KNAUS design2-
Carpet floor in living area6-
Heating / Air Conditioning / Gas Supply / Water Supply
Remote display DuoC (Ice Ex integrated) (Dependency: ABH2152)--
TRUMA MonoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH2154)1-
TRUMA DuoControl CS (incl. gas filter) (Dependency: ABH2154)1-
TRUMA LevelControl (for 1 steel gas bottle) (Dependency: ABH2156)--
Smoke detector--
Gas detector--
External gas socket1-
Heating TRUMA Combi E (Dependency: ABH2258)15-
ALDE hot water heating incl. booster (Dependency: ABH2402, Note: H160)41-
Electric underfloor heating8-
Heating control panel ALDE LCD (Dependency: ABH2240)--
TRUMA CP-Plus digital heating control panel (Note: H149)--
TRUMA iNet system (Dependency: ABH15706)1-
Insulating hood waste water tank, heatable2-
Cab floor mat with hot water heating (Dependency: ABH2240)2-
Air conditioning DOMETIC Freshjet 2200 (OEM) (Dependency: ABH13446, ABH2160, Note: H145)29-
"bluuwater" water filter system1-
Electronics / Multimedia / Safety
Touch-Control-Panel with intuitive operating concept of networked components, incl. indoor and outdoor temperature sensor instead of standard Control-Panel (Dependency: ABH2434)--
Intelligent charger with 25 A charging power--
USB socket in the rear (1 pc.)--
Ambient lighting incl. kitchen back panel cladding in worktop decor3-
230 V SCHUKO socket, additional 1 pc. in kitchen1-
Additional board battery (Dependency: ABH13448)24-
Lithium-ion on-board batterie (instead of standard battery) (Dependency: ABH14487, ABH13448)-8-
Additional Lithium-ion board battery (Dependency: ABH17660, ABH14483, ABH13448)12-
Battery sensor for on-board battery (Dependency: ABH17662)--
Solar system (100 W) (Dependency: ABH14179)13-
Solar system (200 W) (Dependency: ABH14181)21-
Complete antenna system Oyster 60 Premium, Twin incl. 27" SMART-TV (Dependency: ABH2266, Note: H145)22-
27" SMART TV set with HD tuner incl. holder (Dependency: ABH2270, ABH2269)7-
21.5" SMART TV set with HD tuner incl. holder, in sleeping area (Dependency: ABH2272, ABH2269)6-
Pre-cabling for TV in the sleeping area1-
TV holder3-
Alarm system "Cobra CAN AK 46 PR-C" with interior monitoring, deactivatable; radio siren with emergency power supply and door sensors4-
Gas sensor as addition to the alarm system (Dependency: ABH2180)--
Velocate® GPS tracker (hardware without personal tracking function, theft tracking for an additional fee) (Note: H146)--
Velocate® LIFETIME license with unlimited, personal, EU-wide tracking (Dependency: ABH2182)--
Velocate® sensors (gas, temperature, motion) (Dependency: ABH12635)--
Awning / Awning Accessories
Awning 355 x 250 cm, white28-
MOT and registration document--
MediKit voucher: Voucher for an extensive medication set (includes among others wound spray, disinfectant spray and various pharmacy drugs) (Note: H137)--