Small but excellent!

The BOXLIFE 540 is a true all‐purpose camper van with compact dimensions. Despite its small size it is equipped for lots of holidays and adventures. It offers everything that makes camping life easy for you on the road and conjures up a pleasantly cosy living atmosphere. It is quite astonishing how much room for holidays can be realised with an outside length of only 5.41 metres.

  • Hand‐operated lifting bed in the rear – multi‐step adjustment
  • Integrated kitchen with 2‐flame cooker
  • Optional open bath
  • Diesel heating as standard with space‐saving installation
KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur mit Kompaktküche und Hecktüren

All set for adventure

With the BOXLIFE 540 MQ, Lisa and Alexander can up and do whatever takes their fancy. The Vario rear has plenty of space for their stand‐up paddles and they can easily get to the nicest places thanks to the manoeuvrable 5.41‐metre external length.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur mit Kompaktküche, Dinette und Hub-Querbett
Maximum variability

Even in the most compact BOXLIFE layout you still enjoy a great sense of space. How does it work? With multifunctional solutions that define the entire interior.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur mit maximalem Stauraum mit Soft‐Close Klappen
Maximum storage space

There is plenty of room for luggage above the driver’s cab and dinette. The especially quiet soft‐close doors ensure everything stays in place while you are on the road.

KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 mit viel Stauraum

New freedom of choice

The fun of barbecuing or fresh crudités from the farmers’ market? There is plenty of room for all things delicious in the spacious kitchen cupboards. So you can decide what to plate up as the mood takes you.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur Kompaktküche mit 75 Liter Kühlschrank inklusive flüsterleiser Nachtabsenkung
Compact kitchen

The 75‐litre refrigerator including silent night mode is as versatile as the BOXLIFE itself.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur Spülen & Kochen mit dem 2‐Flammen‐Kocher mit klappbarer Glasabdeckung und zusätzlicher Ablagefläche
Rinsing & Cooking

The high‐quality sink is seamlessly integrated into the worktop for durable quality. The twoburner hob provides additional safe storage space when not in use thanks to the hinged glass cover.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur Kompaktküche mit Arbeitsflächenverlängerung
Worktop extension

Get extra space for preparation in one simple action.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur Kompressorkühlschrank mit Doppelanschlag
Compressor refrigerator with double opening

Can open in either direction, depending on where you are standing.

KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 mit Heckhubbett und Hecktüren

Best view for relaxing nights

That is freedom that inspires! Simply open the rear doors and enjoy the view. Depending on how much storage space they need, Lisa and Alexander can vary the height of the rear lifting bed to suit themselves.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur mit Hub-Querbett und Lautsprechern in der Seitenwand
Transverse lifting bed

Here we have integrated speakers into the side wall. So you can also enjoy your favourite music in bed. For an even more outdoorsy feel, you can get even larger frame windows for the rear doors as an option.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur Kompaktbad mit verschiebbarem Spiegel und drehbarer Toilette
Compact bathroom

Every centimetre is put to best use here with the moveable mirror and rotating toilet. In spite of the compact dimensions, you still enjoy a great sense of space and plenty of room to move.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur praktische Ablagen mit Metallkante als Rausfallschutz
Practical shelves

Integrated into the side wall and with a metal edge to prevent objects falling out.

BOXLIFE 540 MQ KNAUS BOXLIFE 540 Interieur mit ein‐ und ausklappbarer Wäschestange
Dry cloths

The laundry rail can be easily folded in and out.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your camper van with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

BOXLIFE upholstery options

ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.

Please note that some of the videos use footage of the FIAT DUCATO 7, a previous model of the current model generation of the FIAT DUCATO. WEINSBERG only uses the current generation of the FIAT DUCATO for its motorhomes and camper vans based on the FIAT DUCATO. We therefore ask you to inform yourself about the current model generation at your local KNAUS dealer before making a purchase decision.