Simply wonderful holidays!

No airs and graces: Our BOXLIFE is a real all‐purpose camper van. It is furnished for enjoyable holidays as well as adventure. It is equipped with everything that will make your camping life easier and designed to be able to handle all roads and campgrounds. Now you just have to let us know which one is the right one for you.

  • Light‐coloured décor
  • High‐quality HPL‐coated surfaces
  • Optional lifting bed
  • Optional open bath

Poor weather welcome

It is so beautiful in the BOXLIFE that you never want to leave. The optionally available Midi‐Heki ensures that lots of natural light gets through its 700 x 500 mm frame. In addition, the extremely scratch‐resistant, petroleum‐blue CPL surfaces ensures that your BOXLIFE will remain as beautiful as it was on the first day.

All's well that eats well

All very well. No doubt only very few will prepare a whole duck in a camper van, but generally speaking the kitchen in the BOXLIFE is ready for anything. Thanks to a large sink, the extremely sturdy countertop extension and a 90‐l refrigerator, there is nothing left to be desired.

The one-million-star hotel

Relax and count the stars at night. And that comes standard, since the 400 skylight above the bed is not an optional extra. Once you’ve finished counting the stars, you’ll find more than ample room on a spacious 194 x 144 cm (134 cm at the foot) sleep area to ensure pleasant dreams. We guarantee it.

The choice is yours

Permanent bathroom or in‐room bath? There are good reasons for both versions. The permanent bathroom (top right) contains our patented air vent shower curtain that prevents the shower curtain from sticking to your body. The optional in‐room bath (bottom right) uses the access to the bed to ensure sufficient range of motion.

Well done

Up until now, when it came to caravans, the choice was always between storage space and sleeping area. The BOXLIFE 600 and 630 have changed this equation. If something needs to be transported, the lifting bed in the back just needs to be elevated. It doesn’t matter whether on top, on bottom or somewhere in between. The bed is Fully Functional at any time. Good night.

BOXLIFE 600 upholstery options

Fresh Mint
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal
Las Vegas