The lightest in its class – and also the most beautiful!

Designing a compact motorhome is already difficult as it is – but that it still came out looking as good as it does is a testament to the master craftsmanship of our designers. From the front to the back, the exterior of our VAN TI convinces through its many exquisite details that enable the sporty and dynamic appearance of the compact, lightweight camper van to be fully realised.

  • Hail‐resistant GRP roof
  • Practical ServiceBox
  • Spacious rear garage
  • Sporty design
  • Best technology
  • KNAUS CATEYE evolution rear lights


With the curved roofline and the elegant mouldings on the rear, the VAN TI is definitely a top design among compact motorhomes.

Everything in sight thanks to the perfectly positioned rear‐view camera

Automotive rear end design, taillight carrier & maximised living space.

The longitudinally arranged gas locker enables a particularly simple & convenient exchange of the gas bottles.

Thanks to the 700mm wide body door, access is particularly convenient.

Roof hood with integrated insulation made of particularly light, highly stable & resistant LFI components.