The camper van with lots of storage space

Quite a lot of space in the parlour! Externally compact camper van, the BOXLIFE 630 surprises with its generous inner values. Whether it’s the gigantic loading volume of up to 2,350 litres or the extensive camping equipment with lifting bed in the rear, maximum living comfort and many practical details: the BOXLIFE 630 makes perfect use of every centimetre – for a camping holiday that includes everything.

  • Hand‐operated lifting bed in the rear – multi‐step adjustment
  • Numerous conversion options
  • Largest loading volume among camper vans
  • Optional open bathrooms
  • Diesel heating as standard with space‐saving installation
  • SoftClose ceiling cupboards
KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur mit Längsküche, Dinette und Hub-Einzelbetten

A family's best friend

With its variable concept, the BOXLIFE 630 ME is perfectly suited for relaxed family holidays. There is a favourite spot for everyone here and enough storage space for all of the luggage needed when travelling.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Ablagen und Stauschränke über dem Fahrerhaus im Camper Van
Lots of light and even more storage space

The large Midi‐Heki ensures a bright ambience with plenty of natural light. The shelves and storage units above the driver’s cab and dinette provide lots of extra storage space.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur mit Stauraum im Boden des Camper Vans
Storage space in the floor

The extra compartment is particularly handy for shoes and the like.

KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur Längsküche mit Blick nach Draussen

Everyone will eat happily here

After all, the fully equipped kitchen has plenty of space for storage, preparation and, of course, enjoyment. Turn even a short break while en route into a treat for all the family.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Längsküche mit praktischer Zuziehhilfe im Camper Van
Galley kitchen

With the help of the practical closing a id, the door can be closed very easily, even if you have parked on a mountain slope.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur Oberschränke mit Rüttelkante
Everything in its place

Thanks to the slide guards, nothing comes your way when opening the wall units.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 mit Schubladen mit Vollauszug
Securely stowed

The large drawers with full extension can be safely locked during travel.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur Kompressorkühlschrank mit Frosterfach und flüsterleiser Nachtabsenkung
Large refrigerator

With an optional 150‐litre volume, 30‐litre freezer compartment and whisper quiet night time noise reduction system, the compressor refrigerator offers constant cooling and ensures a relaxing night’s sleep.

KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur optionales Raumbad mit separater Duschkabine

More options for even more space

The Williams family enjoys the optional open bathroom, which offers even more space thanks to the separate shower cabin and also ensures that the rear longitudinal beds in the BOXLIFE 630 ME are up to 80 mm longer.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur mit Hub-Einzelbetten, Leselampe mit integriertem USB‐Anschluss
Lifting-single beds

As variable as the BOXLIFE itself: The gooseneck reading lamp with touch function can be bent in all d irections. Thanks to the integrated USB connection, not only you but also your smartphone can be charged overnight in a relaxed manner.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur Raumbad mit Verlagerung der Duschkabine
Open bathroom

The bathroom can be efficiently organised by moving the shower cabin into the passage.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur mit zahlreichen Ablagen und klappbarer Wäschestange
Stowing and drying

There are numerous shelves for storage, while the folding laundry rail gives you a place for hand towels.

BOXLIFE 630 ME KNAUS BOXLIFE 630 Interieur mit Außendusche
Outside shower

Especially handy for outdoor enthusiasts: the water connection at the rear is ready to use in a few quick actions.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your camper van with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

BOXLIFE upholstery options

ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Genuine leather)
Available at extra cost.

Please note that some of the videos use footage of the FIAT DUCATO 7, a previous model of the current model generation of the FIAT DUCATO. WEINSBERG only uses the current generation of the FIAT DUCATO for its motorhomes and camper vans based on the FIAT DUCATO. We therefore ask you to inform yourself about the current model generation at your local KNAUS dealer before making a purchase decision.