Take everything with you & do not compromise on anything

Highest living comfort is the standard for KNAUS motorhomes. we have taken the level of interior design and detail solutions to a whole new level. So you do not have to do without anything, no matter where you go.

  • Optimised lines of sight
  • Comfort bathroom with swivel wash basin wall
  • Dimmable ambient lighting
  • Linkable on‐board electrics
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials
Der VAN TI PLUS von WEINSBERG - Gemütliche Sitzgruppe im Interieur

Living comfort PLUS

Sitting in the cosy seating area, Cora and Tino can talk about their many impressions of the trip. And immediately plan their next destination.

VAN TI PLUS 650 MEG KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Vernetzte Bordelektrik
Networked onoard electrical system

Everything can be controlled centrally via our KNAUS smart CI thanks to the networked on‐board electrical system. For you, this means: No long searching, but quick and easy adjustment according to your wishes.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF L-Sitzbank im Seitensitz - KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Interieur
L-Bench with side seat

The single‐column lifting table offers plenty of legroom. In addition, it can be moved particularly easy and far down for conversion into a guest bed.

Bench 650 MEG

Thanks to ergonomic seat cushions and rotating cabin seats, you can spend comfortable hours here with two or four people.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF Versenkbarer TV im KNAUS VAN TI PLUS 700 LF
Retractable TV

The optional 32“ SMART TV not only offers the best entertainment thanks to video‐on‐demand, but can also be easily retracted and extended. So it is safely stowed away during the journey.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF Multifunktionale Lounge VAN TI PLUS 700 LF
Multifunctional Lounge 700 LF

The cosy L‐shaped seating group offers plenty of space for company. An absolute highlight: it can optionally be converted into two additional belt‐secured seats in the direction of travel. And if the guests want to stay overnight, a comfortable guest bed for two people is just as easy to create here.

Durchdachte Küche im Interieur - VAN TI PLUS

Enjoy PLUS

With this sophisticated kitchen, you will want to cook using all the spices of the world. Fortunately, Cora and Tino have bought a decent amount of supplies at the market.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF VAN TI PLUS 700 LF - Durchdachtes Raumkonzept im Interieur
Best room layout

The well thought‐out room concept creates a modern ambience. The opposite position of the refrigerator allows quick access.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF Winkelküche im Teilintegrierten Wohnmobil VAN TI PLUS
Corner kitchen

Each corner is optimally used here. For example for extra storage space, a particularly deep sink or a highquality 3‐flame cooker with cast iron grate.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF KNAUS VAN TI PLUS 700 LF - Optionale Küchenrückwandverkleidung
High quality kitchen wall covering (optional)

In the same decor as the worktop, it fits harmoniously into the overall picture and is easy to wipe off. There is room for spices and more in the integrated dovetail nests.

Über 2 Meter lange Einzelbetten - VAN TI PLUS von KNAUS

Dreaming PLUS

Cora and Tino can sleep well and dream of new destinations in the more than 2‐metrelong single beds with super comfortable EvoPore HRC mattresses.


The clever layout creates extra space for a full‐length wardrobe. Thanks to several storage compartments and a clothes rail, you can stow everything comfortably here.

French bed

Perfectly integrated in the rear and with a pleasant soft‐touch wall panelling, you will find a restful night’s sleep here.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF Die Lounge zum Gästebett umbauen - VAN TI PLUS 700 LF
Guest bed

The lounge can easily be converted into a comfortable guest bed. Lower the single‐column lift table, insert the cushions and relax.

Hecklängs- oder Komfortbad - KNAUS VAN TI PLUS - Teilintegriertes Wohnmobil

Bathroom comfort PLUS

Whether longitudinal rear bath or comfort bath: optimum use of space is standard equipment here. Just like high‐quality fittings and extra storage space.

VAN TI PLUS 700 LF Hecklängsbad im VAN TI PLUS 700 LF
Rear longitudinal bathroom

Thanks to a separate washbasin perfectly integrated into the living area, the bathroom with toilet and shower cubicle can be used simultaneously. A full mirror cabinet offers plenty of space for all cosmetics.

VAN TI PLUS 650 MEG Komfortbad im VAN TI PLUS 650 MEG
Turn 1 into 2

A clever swing wall in the comfort bath ensures that you quickly have an extra generously sized shower cubicle. A smart magnetic closure simply seals the shower door watertight.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your motorhome with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

VAN TI PLUS upholstery options

KNAUS VAN TI PLUS Polstervarianten ENERGY KNAUS VAN TI PLUS Polstervarianten COOL GREY KNAUS VAN TI PLUS Polstervarianten ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) KNAUS VAN TI PLUS Polstervarianten ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line) KNAUS VAN TI PLUS Polstervarianten CREAM NATURE
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (Echtleder)
Available at extra cost.