The cultic-compact space miracle

Actually not a miracle at all, but a technical masterpiece: the compact body of the TOURER VAN inspires with innovative solutions for maximum comfort and living space for up to 4 people. The magic word: multifunctional solutions, such as the Xpand bathroom or the Face‐2‐Face seating group, with which we make every centimetre in the TOURER VAN ready for your holiday miracles.

  • Multifunctional Xpand bathroom and rear garage in the 500 MQ
  • Face‐2‐face seating group with space for 6 in the 500 LT
  • State‐of‐the‐art Truma heater allows supply with 5 kg gas cylinder
  • optional sliding bed in the front with 2 additional beds
Der KNAUS TOURER VAN - Teilintegriertes Reisemobil auf VW Basis
Living Cooking Sleeping Care Materials

Compact space miracle

Turn compact into spacious: in the TOURER VAN we use every centimetre for amazing ideas and clever solutions. This is the only way to create a VAN class that makes very big holiday dreams come true in very small dimensions.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ KNAUS TOURER VAN Interieur - einladender Wohnraum mit Bett, Küche und einer Dinette mit Platz für bis zu 4 Personen
Inviting living area

The modern interior inspires with its light and friendly materials, open lines of sight and well thought‐out floor plan solutions.

TOURER VAN 500 LT Ein Einblick in das Interieur des KNAUS Tourer VANS
Sense of space redefined

Thanks to the innovative floor plan design with a face‐to‐face seating group that can be converted into a double bed, the 500 LT offers enormous comfort and storage space in particularly compact dimensions.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ KNAUS TOURER VAN mit kompakter Monositzgruppe mit Platz für 4 Personen und drehbaren Sitzen
Space for 4

Thanks to the swivelling table extension and rotating cab seats, the compact mono seating group in the 500 MQ offers space for up to 4 people.

TOURER VAN 500 LT Ein Einblick in den Innenraum des TOURER Vans
Spacious face-to-face seating area

Two opposing benches and rotating cab seats offer comfortable space for up to 6 people in the 500 LT. You can enjoy plenty of headroom under the retracted slide bed.

Culinary-cult moments of indulgence

Plenty of space, maximum efficiency: this is the ideal compact kitchen for culinary, iconic moments of indulgence! The kitchen in the 500 MQ and 500 LT impresses with its practical organisation, fully‐fledged equipment and functional solutions for fantastic dishes in a small space.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Die Wohnmobilküche im KNAUS TOURER VAN
Space‐saving compact kitchen

The spacious kitchen offers a well‐organised kitchen unit with side‐mounted compressor fridge, 2‐burner hob, sink and plenty of storage space.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Das neue Interieur des KNAUS Tourer Vans
Outside is the new inside!

For short distances and particularly cool refreshments, the side‐mounted refrigerator can be opened both from the inside and the outside.

TOURER VAN 500 LT Der KNAUS Tourer Van mit seinem Küchenbereich im Close-Up
Truly compact

The compact kitchen in the 500 LT impresses with its well thought‐out layout and the refrigerator on the front, which is easily accessible from inside and outside.

Heckquerbett im KNAUS TOURER VAN 500 MQ

Sleep comfort to dream

Whether in the spacious transverse bed at the rear, the ingenious slide bed at the front or the multifunctional seating group: a good night’s sleep is a top priority in the TOURER VAN. The innovative superstructure with its extraordinary solutions offers dreamlike conditions for this.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Das Slide-Bett bietet im TOURER VAN 500 MQ von KNAUS zwei weitere Schlafplätze
Extendable Slide Bed

The optional slide bed can be easily pulled out and offers up to two additional sleeping places in the front. This turns the compact TI for 2 into a motorhome for 4.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Der KNAUS TOURER VAN bietet ein komfortables Heckquerbett
Comfortable transverse bed in the rear

Make yourself really long on holiday – that’s exactly what you can do in the large transverse bed at the rear of the 500 MQ with its generous lying area.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Das Interieur des Tourer VAN - Ein Blick auf das Einzelbett
Small in size, big in impact

The optional sliding bed is also available in a single bed version – giving you more storage space and elbow room.

Room for four

Two innovative bed solutions: In the 500 LT, the Face‐2‐Face seating area is transformed into a spacious lounging area in no time at all. Together with the optional slide bed, this creates 4 full‐size sleeping places.

TOURER VAN 500 LT Die Dinette des TOURER VANs
Versatile seating group

In the evening, the face‐to‐face seating area can be converted into two full‐sized sleeping places in just a few simple steps.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ KNAUS TOURER VAN 500 MQ mit kompaktem Kleiderschrank
Compact wardrobe

Under the rear transverse bed is a compact wardrobe with a practical clothes rail, many shelves and a large shoe compartment.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Interieur im TOURER VAN mit Slide-Bett mit großem Panoramafenster und SMART TV-Gerät mit HD-Tuner
Best View

Whether from the large panoramic window or the optional 27“ SMART TV with HD tuner: from the slide bed in the bow you always enjoy the best views.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ KNAUS TOURER VAN Interieur mit schwenkbarem SMART TV mit HD-Tuner

The optional 27“ SMART TV with HD tuner can be easily viewed from the seating area, the slide bed or the rear transverse bed thanks to its clever suspension.


Completely new: the Xpand bath

You will be amazed in this bathroom! The height‐adjustable shower in the 500 MQ can be pushed up to a standing height of 1.90 m in just a few simple steps.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ KNAUS TOURER VAN - Duschraum mit Faltwand über Bettbereich ausziehbar
In the twinkling of an eye

The shower compartment can be pulled upwards with the practical handle. The folding partition folds out backwards into the bed area.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ Höhenverstellbare Dusche im Interieur des KNAUS TOURER VAN auf VW Basis
Clean and tidy

Fully extended, the shower is very spacious with a standing height of 1.90 metres. Thanks to the fixed shower wall, the rest of the room remains dry.

TOURER VAN 500 MQ KNAUS TOURER VAN 2022-2023 Interieur XPAND BAD mit seitlich verschiebbarem Waschtisch
Clever solution

The washbasin can easily be moved to the side, so the toilet can be used at any time – even when the shower is folded out.

TOURER VAN 500 LT Das praktische Bad im TOURER VAN von KNAUS
Fixed bathroom in the 500 LT

The swivel wall can easily be moved into the position you need at the moment. This gives you either a spacious shower cubicle or a generous washbasin.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your motorhome with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

TOURER VAN upholstery options

Das Tourer VAN Polster Innenleben in Blue Night Das Tourer VAN Polster Innenleben in Cool Grey Das Tourer VAN Polster Innenleben in Active Rock Das Tourer VAN Polster Innenleben in Active Royal Das Tourer VAN Polster Innenleben in Cream Nature
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
ACTIVE ROYAL (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.
CREAM NATURE (synthetic leather)
Available at extra cost.