Comfort: Check! Style: Check! Space: Check, check!

There is so much room that it’s hard to know what to do with it: In the DESEO, you can take everything with you that cannot be left at home. Whether it’s a motorcycle, surfboards or bicycles: Everything is well‐secured in the storage space. That the motorhome remains so comfortable – despite all of the luggage – is a result of the excellent work of our interior designers. We designed the vehicle in a highly flexible and really comfortable fashion, with excellent equipment and a cool style.

  • Up to 8 cbm load capacity
  • Foldable seating group
  • Kitchen with 2‐flame cooker
  • Up to 4 sleeping places
  • Lifting bed with revolutionary duct
  • Retractable LED TV
Gemütliches Interieur im KNAUS DESEO

Big door for a fresh breeze

On the go all day, but still haven’t seen enough. With the rear door open, you can sit back and enjoy an after‐dinner drink inside, but still feel like you’re outdoors.

DESEO 400 TR Versenkbarer LED-TV im DESEO Wohnwagen KNAUS
Retractable LED-TV

So that it is not damaged during transport and only uses a small amount of space, the 24‐inch Full HD TV disappears elegantly in the side panel.

DESEO 400 TR Geräumiger Kleiderschrank im DESEO 400 TR
Spacious wardrobe

Lots of room for storing several weeks’ worth of clothing.

DESEO 400 TR Zusätzlicher Stauraum im Wohnwagen DESEO
Additional storage space

Even the space underneath the seating area is perfectly used in the DESEO.

DESEO 400 TR Insektenschutz am Wohnwagen DESEO
Maxiumum variability

The optional insect screen can be closed completely from both sides. Alternatively, both parts can be closed up to the middle of the vehicle or to any other position.

DESEO 400 TR Wohnkomfort im KNAUS DESEO mit klappbarer Sitzbank
Living comfort without compromises

You can also rely on high living comfort in the transport version and use the folding bench as an additional sleeping place.

DESEO 400 TR DESEO mit klappbarem Tisch
One table – many options

The folding table can be stowed away to save space when not in use and can be also taken outside when the weather is fine.

DESEO 400 TR KNAUS DESEO - Ein echtes Stauraumwunder
Here everything fits perfectly

The stylish stools are not only comfortable and flexible – they are also real storage wonders and offer space for helmet or other equipment.

Wohnwagenküche im DESEO - 2-Flammen-Kocher

Cooking for two

The 2‐flame cooker is optimally suited for this, since it is aligned in such a ways that it optimally uses the space and offers sufficient space for the preparation of your favourite meals.

DESEO 400 TR Praktische Orga-Box KNAUS DESEO 400 TR
Practical organisation box

There are lots of little helpers in the kitchen such as the innovative Orga‐Box. It creates tidiness and ensures that everything stays in its place during the journey.

DESEO 400 TR Moderne Ausstattung DESEO 400 TR
Modern equipment

The wall niche is designed to accommodate a coffee machine. High‐quality blinds (optional) fit in perfectly with the stylish overall picture and provide pleasant darkening.

Bequemes Sofa und gemütliches Bett im Wohnwagen DESEO

Unique space wonders

A comfy sofa one minute, a cosy bed the next: thanks to its clever design, the practical sofa bed can be converted in no time at all.

DESEO 400 TR Bequemes Bettsofa im Wohnwagen DESEO
Comfortable Sofa Bed

The bench can be converted into a comfortable double bed in just a few easy steps.

DESEO 400 TR Der Wohnwagen DESEO ist besonders raumeffizient

This makes particularly efficient use of the living space and offers plenty of room of movement and transport space in daytime mode.

DESEO 400 TR Optionales Hubbett im KNAUS DESEO
Optional lifting bed

When the lifting bed is not needed during the day, it can be easily raised. At night it offers maximum sleeping comfort thanks to high‐quality EvoPore HRC mattresses.

DESEO 400 TR Bis zu vier Schlafplätze im KNAUS DESEO
Up to four sleeping places

Thanks to the enormous tailgate you lie in the DESEO practically in the middle of nature and thanks to the optional insect protection door without annoying visitors.

Bad im Wohnwagen DESEO von KNAUS

One bath, many options

The compact bathroom offers not only a wellness area with numerous shelves and extra storage space, but also a place to dry towels thanks to the practical folding clothes rail.

DESEO 400 TR Innovativer Duschvorhang im KNAUS DESEO
Innovative shower curtain

With the optional shower extension, you receive the innovative KNAUS shower curtain in addition to the extendable shower head including holder. Thanks to a guide rail on the ceiling, it can be opened and closed particularly smoothly. An integrated air chamber turns the curtain into a shower cabin and thereby keeps it from touching your body.

DESEO 400 TR Geräumiges Wäschefach im DESEO 400 TR
Spacious laundry compartment

Again a practical detail which provides for tidiness in the DESEO. In the compartment beside the toilet you can store worn laundry or fresh towels optimally so that you have more space in the large wardrobe.

DESEO 400 TR DESEO 400 TR mit zahlreichen Ablageflächen im Wohnwagenbad
A bathroom with practical features

The spacious bathroom in the DESEO 400 TR with folding laundry bar, numerous storage compartments, an extended washstand and an easy to clean bench toilet.

KNAUS DESEO Interieur - Wohnwagen 2021

Large flap

The 170 X 186 cm‐wide tailgate and the stable access ramp make loading the vehicle especially easy.

DESEO 400 TR Platz für 2 Motorräder im Wohnwagen DESEO von KNAUS
Transport Plus‐Package

If you choose the optional Transport Plus‐Package, you will receive a ramp, two sturdy motorcycle brackets and 10 lashing eyes. In order to be able to transport everything safely, the package also includes a load increase of up to 2,000 kg (chassis).  For the living area, the transport version includes a particularly space‐saving folding bench seat and the otherwise optional lift bed.

DESEO 400 TR Wohnwagen DESEO - Tisch abbauen und mit nach draußen nehmen
Comfortable and flexible

For those who only want to take a motorcycle with them and do not want to do without the comfortable bed sofa, the standard version can also be equipped with a motorcycle bracket. Especially practical: You can also use the variable table outside thanks to the lightweight resistant aluminium frame.

DESEO 400 TR Heckgarage Wohnwagen KNAUS DESEO
Safely stowed

Whether in the standard or transport version: all variable furniture can be securely fastened to the side wall while driving. So everything has its fixed place and you have enough space for bikes and more.

Die COZY HOME Polsterstoffe für Ihr KNAUS Freizeitfahrzeug

The COZY HOME packages

You would like to be even more beautiful and comfortable? Extend the comfort of your caravan with the cozy pillows, blankets and table runners from our COZY HOME package.

DESEO upholstery options

KNAUS DESEO Polstervariante OBSIDIAN Polstervarianten TALOS im KNAUS DESEO ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line) Polster im KNAUS DESEO Wohnwagen
ACTIVE ROCK (Active Line)
Available at extra cost.