Comfort: Check! Style: Check! Space: Check, check!

There is so much room that it’s hard to know what to do with it: In the DESEO, you can take everything with you that cannot be left at home. Whether it’s a motorcycle, surfboards or bicycles: Everything is well‐secured in the storage space. That the motorhome remains so comfortable – despite all of the luggage – is a result of the excellent work of our interior designers. We designed the vehicle in a highly flexible and really comfortable fashion, with excellent equipment and a sporty and cool style.

  • Up to 8 cubic metres of loading volume
  • Foldable seating area
  • Kitchen with two‐flame cooker
  • Up to 4 places to sleep

Your new base camp

The KNAUS DESEO is the adventurer of caravans. Pack the paraglider and drive off to the mountain. Has it been raining for days and created a real mudbath on the car park? No problem. The DESEO is not afraid of a bit of dirt.


Go from a hot stove to a warm lunch in just a few minutes. Only the highly flexible KNAUS DESEO is designed for that.

DESEO 400 LKK Interieur Heizungssteuerung

With the DESEO’s heating control unit, you will really be able to turn up the heat in the truest sense of the word.

DESEO Transport Interieur einklappbare Sitzgruppe

Maximal space: As long as the seating area is not being used, it is easily stowed away in the side panels. 

DESEO Transport Interieur Oberschränke

In the KNAUS DESEO, your sports equipment can be easily stored as well as everything else that you’ll need while traveling. 

Deluxe fireplace

Even eating Ravioli for three days that has been prepared in the shaky camping cooker will fill you up, but that is really not the best solution. For this reason, KNAUS DESEO offers a kitchen unit to make any rustic camping holiday more pleasurable. And because of the integrated sink and large storage space, you have everything you need.

Wellness oasis for adventurers

Regardless of where you are travelling, you always have your own personal refuge with you. The KNAUS DESEO has a comfortable toilet cubicle because this makes it easier to be independent. The main reason we built it was for places without conveniences.

Sleeping mat was yesterday

You can never have enough space, and certainly never enough berths. Would you have thought that two motorcycles and two people could sleep at the same time in such a compact caravan? The optional lift‐up bed makes it possible. And unloaded, four people even have room on two times 200 x 140 cm.

Large flap

Naturally motorbikes can also be taken on your travels. Thanks to the lashing rings countersunk in the floor and the sturdy holding device, they are securely held in place and at the same time enjoy superb travel comfort. Your sports equipment cannot be transported more comfortably.

DESEO Transport Interieur Führungsschienen

50 % mobile home. 50 % transporter. And yet no half measures. The guide rails are attached to the vehicle floor and, together with the lashing rings, make a professional loading system. This is exactly how it has to be.

DESEO Transport Interieur Klapptisch

The folding table disappears in the cupboard in no time. And above it there is additional room for clothes. Even at the risk of repeating ourselves: the DESEO is simply a genuine space wizard.

DESEO 400 Transport

The usage options for the KNAUS DESEO 400 TRANSPORT are almost unlimited. Good that we have the suitable fitting details available. You don’t really need a heater when you are underway in midsummer. Why pay for it then?

Basic modules

DESEO Transport Interieur Loungebett
Lounge bed

The 3 seating corner becomes a lounger.

DESEO Transport Interieur Toi-Raum

Separate toilet cubicle with bench toilet.

DESEO Transport Interieur Sitzgruppe
Seating group

Stowed in the side box in no time at all.

Additional modules

DESEO Transport Interieur Küche

Refrigerator, 2 sink, cooker, 15 l fresh water tank.

DESEO Transport Interieur Küche

With 60 l volume and freezer compartment.

DESEO Transport Interieur Hubbett
Lowerable bed

With comfortable crank operation.

DESEO Transport Interieur Toilettenraum mit Duschmöglichkeit

Separate toilet cubicle with shower option.

DESEO Transport Interieur Heizung

Suitable for Winter tours.

DESEO upholstery options

Criss Cross
Fresh Mint
Active Line
Active Rock
Active Line
Active Royal