More room for the entire family

Even if it is hard to see from the outside, our L! VE WAVE really offers sufficient space for the entire family underneath its high roof. The sporty roof scoop and the striking furnishings ensure the vehicle’s dynamic appearance. Excellent craftsmanship and many practical detail sensibly round‐off the exterior of the vehicle.

  • Automotive rear design
  • Cat’s eye tail lights with LED technology
  • Comfortable service box
  • High‐strength GRP roof


The extra high roof does not only create room for a lifting bed, but with 215 cm standing height also ensures wonderful headroom.

The central service box contains all the important supply units from the power supply socket to the frost detector, thereby ensuring maximum user convenience.

No need to worry about poor weather: The high‐strength GRP roof is exceptionally resistant to hail. Turn to page 21 to discover why this is the case.

Automotive rear design.

Genuine KNAUS genes: the Cat‐Eye rear lights with LED technology.

The absence of visible screw fittings and the seamless transitions testify to the high quality standards.

The L!VE WAVE does without the characteristic wave form, but with up to 215 cm of headroom for grown‐ups.